June 11, 2019 to be a date that forever changed Kevin Durant"s NBA career. After absent the first four gamings of the NBA Finals through a calf injury, KD went back to the court for game 5 in Toronto yet tore his Achilles" tendon in the 2nd quarter. The Warriors would go on to lose the series in six gamings to the Raptors, and also Durant departed this previous summer in cost-free agency for the Brooklyn Nets.

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While sitting out the 2019-20 season, KD became one that the an initial NBA football player to test confident for the coronavirus (COVID-19) in March. Durant recently captured up through The Undefeated"s Marc J. Spears to comment on his restore from both injury and illness.

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"I was shocked. And also then ns was curious," Durant said around getting the coronavirus diagnosis. "I want to recognize what that meant. What is the virus about? I started to acquire information around it more and more. The calmed me down. … i was just more curious come what i was dealing with and how I can fight that myself.

"I feel good. I didn’t have any kind of symptoms so ns am good. Ns couldn’t leave the house. I knew points would change. The unknown to be definitely daunting to deal with. However other 보다 that, i was great."

Durant"s Nets are among the teams returning come the court this summer, but he maintains that he will be sticking v his initial setup to sit the end the whole 2019-20 season.

"My season is over. I don’t plan on playing at all," Durant said. "We decided last summer when it first happened that i was just going to wait till the adhering to season. I had no to plan of play at all this season."

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When it comes to the rehabilitation from that Achilles tear, KD says things are on the right track because that a go back to the court following season.

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"I’m act well. Working out every day. I’m moving. I’m feeling prefer a regular player again. I’m just in my summertime routine. I’m working out every day and going to the gym in the morning. So, i feel good."

Kyrie Irving and also Durant with each other at 100 percent could make for a dangerous mix in Brooklyn following season.