Travis Bacon is one American musician and actor, better known together the boy of veteran gibbs Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. Adhering to in the footsteps of his parents, Travis began his career together a son actor and also later make a job in music. He holds a degree in sound engineering. His compositions screen a unique mix of technology and music. The has functioned as a live sound engineer with various organizations and also has offered as a guitarist in a couple of rock bands. Travis owns a sound-recording studio the specializes in creating heavy music such as punk, metal, hardcore, and also rock. This entrepreneurial venture is the result of his enormous love because that this certain genre. He has composed the soundtrack for his mother"s directorial venture, ‘Story that a Girl.’

Being the son of gibbs parents, Travis was supposed to follow in your footsteps. He began his career as a boy actor, v the role of ‘Lenny’ in the 2005 flick "Loverboy." He, however, later on turned towards music and shaped a successful career in the same.

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Travis commenced his music career by functioning as one assistant engineer v the record agency "The Wild Arctic." Simultaneously, he performed at "The Acheron." Travis has also performed in ~ other famous venues, namely, the "Union Hall," "Club Europa," and "St. Vitus Bar."
Travis is additionally the member of a rock–punk–funk band called "Idiot Box." In enhancement to this, he is linked with several various other bands and also groups. Till 2015, the was among the members that the punk-rock and heavy-metal band "White Widows Pact." The adhering to year, Travis join the American black-metal band "Black Anvil," i m sorry was created in 2007 with three members, Paul Delaney, Gary Bennett, and Ralph Glicken.
He own the sound-recording studio "Broken box Recording Company," situated in Bushwick, Brooklyn, brand-new York. He likewise serves as the head technician of the studio.
Travis likewise composed the soundtrack the the TV movie ‘Story the a Girl,’ which to be directed through his mother and also starred his father and also sister.
Travis was born ~ above June 23, 1989, in Los Angeles, California, US. That is the first-born son of the actor and musician Kevin Bacon and also his actor-turned-producer wife, Kyra Sedgwick. He flourished up v his younger sister, Sosie Ruth Bacon.
Travis earned his BA and audio engineering degrees from the "Evergreen State College," Olympia, Washington, US.

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As a newborn, Travis experienced a near-death case due come his father’s carelessness. Kevin once left Travis in his locked vehicle with the keys inside the car. The moment he establish what he had done, he started panicking. Thankfully, a person broke the car window and pulled Travis out. Travis was panting through then, however he recovered a if later.