Kenny Chesney delighted followers at close up door night’s 56th yearly Academy of nation Music Awards when he brought out on-stage with Kelsea Ballerini. The pair verified high-quality chemistry together, which has left enthusiasts, as quickly as again, questioning Chesney’s love life.

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The 53-year-old every I desire To understand singer has had actually a chequered previous once it proceeds to romance; unhappily, his musical progression regularly hasn’t been taken into relationship progress.

Chesney’s most high-profile recent beau was once actors Renée Zellweger, who he wedded in may 2005, at a role on a Caribbean island. At the time, people had been amazed as they’d specifically met 5 months previously.

Kenny Chesney and also Renée Zellweger Marriage 

Sadly, the total element got right here crashing down simply a few months later when they introduced it provided to be all over in September, and also the marriage was once to it is in annulled. Zellweger began up countless when she declared “fraud” as the cause for the divorce.

In a later conversation with Oprah Winfrey, Kenny claimed that the partnership finished due to the fact that he “panicked.” He likewise alleged the his demanding schedule and ardor for track claimed he didn’t have actually much time for relationships.

ya'll. Ya'll. Remember as soon as Kenny Chesney to be married come Renee Zellweger, and she looked choose this? #cmaawards2014

— Kristin Boehm (

On his late partner, Chesney stated, “she’s a liquid soul, no doubt around it; hence, I merely wasn’t prepared.”

Following your marriage, there have been rumors that Chesney would perhaps be gay. However, each singer and Zellweger thrust aside these rumors. Renée later defined that the expression “fraud” in their annulment paper used to it is in genuinely felony language and did no much more extended mirror on Kenny.

After the marriage, Chesney you are bothering yourself in a sequence of relationship that didn’t quantity too much. These covered nurses and also Miss Tennessee 2005 Amy Colley and also ESPN broadcaster Jenn Brown, who made records as soon as she thrived to be the very first woman correspondent for within The NFL.

Mary Nolan: Kenny Chesney’s Girlfriend

Thankfully, Chesney has been in a steady relationship considering the in 2012 v a mysterious female dubbed Mary Nolan.

The pair has saw a couple of prize functions collectively, and also she provided to be i found it kissing the after he gained the Pinnacle award in 2016.

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Almost nothing is publicly recognized about Mary Nolan as the pair has stayed very secretive around their relationship, and also she refrains native standing in the limelight. She doesn’t even show up to be characteristic top top his Instagram feed.

see this write-up on Instagram

A write-up shared by Kenny Chesney (

The pair have actually now been together for number of years. Hence, the looks as even though neither demands to speed into a marriage. We will have to pause and see if there are any wedding consciousness bells in the future.

Final Words

I hope you prefer this post around Kenny Chesney’s dating life. Remain tuned with us for much more news!

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