This week marks the second one in a heat in which talk display host Kelly Ripa didn"t present up for her usual morning clues opposite Ryan Seacrest in the syndicated series Live through Kelly and also Ryan, and fans space understandably much more than a little confused by she extended and also largely avoided absence. Familiar encounters have filled in, and great times continue to be had actually by all, however that doesn"t describe why Ripa has actually been unable to do in the first place. Thankfully, the explanation drops on the much more innocent next of things.

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Without any noticeable forewarning, Kelly Ripa was changed by occasional guest organize Maria Menounos, who served as Ryan Seacrest"s co-host on both Monday, march 22, and also Tuesday, march 23. Not a lot of of insight was provided into the matter, and it to be slightly much more confusing when Ripa followed that up with an Instagram Stories write-up to celebrate nationwide Puppy job on march 23, but without mentioning being far from Live. ~ that, she offered her husband mark Consuelos part birthday love top top Instagram, i m sorry is a big clue because that what"s likely maintaining her busy.

As the happens, Kelly Ripa is no stranger to taking off the final two weeks in March as vacation, having actually done simply that for the past twenty years or so because that the objective of spending time v family. And for the previous ten, those vacations have coincided with the date of birth of her self-reportedly well-endowed hubby and also occasional Live co-host. The Blast reports that Ripa will certainly return come co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan when her vacation is complete, and also fans have the right to get back to your mystery-free the town hall routines.

Maria Menounos sat in for Kelly Ripa because that the first two job of the week, through guests that had Joe Manganiello, be afflicted with Grylls (and his mustache), and Jessica Simpson. Wednesday and also Thursdays episodes featured comedian Ali Wentworth and also guests Lauren Graham and Holly Robinson Peete. Finally, take care of Connick Jr. Fill in together guest host on Friday"s episode, through Grey"s Anatomy star Chandra Wilson together the guest.

As for the 2nd week the Kelly Ripa"s yearly vacation, viewers apparently won"t be watching another lineup the celebrity guest hosts. Instead, regional affiliates will be airing daily repeats that episodes that aired in February. The producers obviously couldn"t get Mark Consuelos come take her place, see as exactly how he"s a big part the why she"s out in the very first place, so the wouldn"t have actually been a successful way to handle. Still, it"s always fun to see who they lug in throughout times of need, do repeats the worst kind of requirement a TV present can have.

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Meanwhile, here"s hoping Kelly Ripa and also Mark Consuelos have a beloved time celebrating his <redacted number> birthday!


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