Who are Kelly Clarkson’s Children?

Seth Blackstock, Savannah Blackstock, Remington Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson, river Blackstock and Brandon Blackstock at the world premiere that ‘Ugly Dolls’ in Los Angeles top top April 27, 2019 .

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Kelly Clarkson share two children with Brandon and is the stepmother come his son and also daughter from a previous marriage. Kelly’s children are stepdaughterSavannah Blackstock,18, stepsonSeth Blackstock, 14, Kelly’s daughter v Brandon,River climbed Blackstock, 6, and also son with Brandon, Remington Alexander Blackstock, 4. Throughout their marriage, Kelly and Brandon made the initiative to show fans their household was incredibly united.

They would often show up at a number of events together, particularly film premieres for movies target to youngsters in their own kids’ age range. The household has additionally met major milestones, and also Kelly, who almost stepped into her maternal role when she married Brandon, has actually welcomed her very own children and also demonstrated her worry for protecting she children’s privacy, while gushing around them as often as she can.

Kelly has been reticent, however, to divulge specific details of she children’s lives with the media. In fact, she’s do the efforts to offer both the her 2 youngsters and also her stepchildren as common of an upbringing together possible. “I desire to make certain they come first,” Kelly stated in an respectable 2019 interview with People. “When us were law the schedule for <The Kelly Clarkson Show>, ns was like, ‘I have to drop my children off at school.’ and I’m always the one who puts them come bed. Girlfriend just have to prioritize and juggle and make people know it’s an important thing…And don’t feeling guilty about it.”

Kelly also previously toldGood Housekeeping the she wants her youngsters to have actually “a servant’s heart. We do community service as a family, and I likewise call them the end on points like obtaining impatient as soon as they stand in line — because they hardly ever before have to. However that’s just the reality of what they to be born into.”

Kelly Clarkson’s roadway To Motherhood

Kelly Clarkson performs remotely throughout the “American Idol” farewell season finale in ~ the Dolby Theatre top top Thursday, April 7, 2016, in Los Angeles .Kelly’s trip to coming to be a mother started in the beforehand 2010s. Clarkson and also Blackstock tied the node in 2013, do Kelly a maternal figure to Brandon’s son and daughter, both of who he shares v ex-wife Melissa White(néeAshworth). At the moment of the couple’s marriage, Seth would have actually been about seven years old, if Savannah was simply a couple of years away from coming to be a teenager. End the food of her marriage to Brandon, Kelly confirmed that she has a very special relationship with her stepchildren and also values her partnership with them. But it wasn’t long after she and also Brandon exchanged their vows that Kelly’s trip to welcoming her 2 youngsters v Brandon began.

But before coming to be a mom, even Kelly admitted that she was not in a good place. “I remained in a very dark location for a long time. It’s just so hard to have actually normalcy,” Kelly toldGood Housekeepingin 2016. However upon coming to be a mother, Kelly felt prefer she had fully “lucked out” when it involved her an individual life. “I’m so happy. The fact that I’ve managed to find a husband that understands and also respects every little thing I execute is astonishing. The fact that I have actually these four beautiful kids…I just lucked out. I’m wait for the floor to drop out from under me.

Kelly and Brandon invited their an initial child, daughter river Rose, at some time in 2014. Approximately two year later, their boy Remington Alexander was born and also their family was complete. The enhancement of her son and daughter additionally spurred a brand-new passion in Kelly — composing children’s books! In October 2016, Kelly made her authorial debut through the publication River increased & The miracle Lullaby. The book was not only called for her priceless daughter, it additionally featured Kelly’s love of singing. Around one year later, the follow-up to Kelly’s debut was released — River rose & The magical Christmas.

Does Kelly Have complete Custody Of she Children?

Brandon Blackstock and also Kelly Clarkson come at the 60th yearly GRAMMY Awards red carpet in ~ Madison Square Garden in new York City, NY top top January 28, 2018 .Although Kelly’s family members life appeared, native the outside, to be so extremely happy, over there were issues going on that which her fans were fully unaware. In June 2020, Clarkson filed for divorce. The was very shocking for her fans, considering that nothing had seemingly changed, although Kelly did offer her Los Angeles residence in May. As the months went on, much more details around Kelly’s divorce emerged, including whether or not she would retain major custody of her children.

It November, details concerned light the the divorce proceedings to be getting an ext difficult. Kelly at first would retain major custody that her and also Brandon’s children, so that they could proceed to live with their mother in Los Angeles, go to school, and also be with their friends. Brandon, however, filed to get $436,000 in spousal and child assistance — roughly $301,000 in spousal assistance with almost $135,000 in child support. Back Kelly does have primary custody of her children, gendergeek.org verified that the singer would certainly pay approximately $135,000 in son support.

“California has actually one the the greatest guideline supports in every 50 states, it’s based turn off income,” Los Angeles family lawyerKelly Chang Rickert shared withHL. “So yes, depending on Kelly’s salary (which should be in the millions), his request sounds about right. You deserve to still acquire child support if you don’t have bulk of the kids, if the other sides income is far, far greater.”

While all signs allude to Kelly keeping Los Angeles residence to continue work, music videos, engagements and also more, it appears that Brandon has actually other plans. Kelly’s ex make plans come live in Montana, and also likely thought that the couple’s two youngsters would have the ability to travel back and soon in stimulate to spend time with both parents. However, this go not involved fruition. “The court finds the the minor kids are not now and have no been occupants of Montana and also that California is their home state,” a referee ruled in paperwork obtained by HL. Together such, River and also Remington will continue to live in Los Angeles and also will view their dad on the first, third, and also fifth but on the weekend of every month.

How Kelly & Her kids Are doing Today

Remington Alexander Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson, River climbed Blackstock and also Brandon Blackstock arrive at the civilization Premiere the STX Films’ ‘UglyDolls’ organized at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on April 27, 2019 in Los Angeles .As Kelly’s divorce proceedings continue, the talk show host has used she platform to open up up around how she is coping through this daunting transition in her life. “It’s horrible,” Kelly confessed ~ above the December 1 illustration of The Kelly Clarkson Show. “There room so numerous hard parts. The hardest because that me is the kids.” yet Kelly knows the she is law the ideal thing because that herself, Brandon, and her children. “This isn’t happiness, and we both deserve better. The line therefore hit residence for me: ns don’t desire this for everyone in this scenario ideal now,” she said.

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Prior to the aforementioned December illustration of her speak show, Kelly additionally opened up toExtra around how her youngsters are coping v the divorce, and also how therapy has actually helped them uncover peace throughout this difficult time in your young lives. “It’s just one day once you’re like, ‘Wow, this has actually forever changed and it’s not just my heart has actually changed, there’s other small hearts, too,"” she shared.