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Nicole Kidmanalways wanted a huge family. In a cover story forMarie Claire Australia, the 54-year-old actress reveals the her one regret in life is not having more children.

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Kidman shares 2 daughters, Faith, 10, and Sunday, 13,with her husband, Keith Urban. The actress and also her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, are likewise parentsto 2 adult children, Connor, 26, and Bella, 28.

"I wish I’d had much more children, but I wasn’t offered that choice," Kidman says, alluding to her fertility struggles. "I would’ve loved 10 kids."

In 2018, Kidman opened up up about the first of twomiscarriages she suffered while married to Cruise, informing Tatler that the experience resulted in her "massive grief."

"There’s a huge, aching yearning. I recognize the yearning,"she said at the time. "And the loss! The ns of a miscarriage is not talked about enough."

Following the miscarriages, Kidman and also Cruise adopted their children. As soon as the actress married Urban, she provided birth to she elder daughter, and also later invited her youngest via surrogate.

While Kidman had hoped come welcome an ext children into her family, she"s thankful for the youngsters she does have in she life.

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" OK since I acquire to mother other children. I have six nieces and nephew and I’m godmother to 12," she speak Marie Claire Australia. "I love mothering, ns love kids: they’re quirky, funny and also unfiltered. And also then you get to view them grow and send castle on your way."

Kidman is likewise satisfied in her marriage to Urban, calling their love story "an absolute miracle."

"Two Aussies born in the exact same year, but living in various worlds and cities, just how did the happen?" she claims of Urban, who she wed in 2006. "It was expected to be."

Her professional life is additionally cause because that celebration, with the success ofBig little LiesandThe Undoing, and also the recent premiere the her brand-new series,Nine Perfect Strangers.

"I’m shocked and also astounded, but also incredibly proud and also grateful due to the fact that I understand what it way to gain here," she states of her career success. "Everything is hard-earned; no one of it’s handed top top a platter. Not for me, no one my husband. Keith constantly says that every brick in this home is a gig. We never forget that."


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Keith urban Talks Quarantining with Nicole Kidman and new Music video clip (Exclusive)

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