July 23, 2021 - 14:44 BST Hannah Hargrave Katy Perry surprised fans once she common a picture alongside she sister but they look at nothing alike

Katy Perry delighted fans once she common a photo alongside she older sister, Angela Hudson, top top Thursday and also they sported two an extremely different looks.

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The singer to be celebrating her work-related with charity, Baby2Baby, and also posted several photos come Instagram, consisting of one alongside she sibling - but they"re much from lookalikes.

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Katy tucked she platinum blonde hair in ~ a crocheted cap while Angela wore her gorgeous red locks in cascading waves.

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While some of Katy"s fans claimed they shared the exact same smile and also pose, many commented the they didn"t realise they were sisters.

The star explained what they to be doing in the subtitle which read: "So honored to join the coolest society of being an point of view for
coming to be a mommy made me mindful of the countless everyday needs of our beautiful blessingsand exactly how sometimes those needs are difficult to fulfill for part families.

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baby2baby procedures in! Yesterday I got to get involved in your back2school event with my sister Angela and we assist kids acquire ready because that the year ahead v all the gear!!! Loves it!"

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Katy is incredibly close to she sister and also even helped deliver her babies.


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