It"s been rather the year because that Katherine Heigl and her family. The Firefly Lane actress isParents" April cover star, posing because that the magazine alongside her husband, mockery Kelley, and also their three children for their unique pets issue.

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ET exclusively debuts Heigl"s cover,and inside the mag, she it s okay candid around what it"s been prefer raising her children over the critical year. Heigl adopted 12-year-old Naleigh from south Korea once she to be 9 month old, and adopted Adalaide at birth below in the U.S. She and also her husband the 13 years, mockery Kelley, are additionally parents to 4-year-old boy Joshua.

"They execute have much more questions together they gain older," she says of Naleigh and also Adalaide"s questions around their organic parents. "We have said to them, this is her story. We don"t have any type of information about your biological fathers, but we do have actually a bit around your organic mothers. If you men want come talk more about them, you can have as much or as tiny information together you want. Tell us what you"re comfortable with knowing."


Heigl"s sister Meg was embraced from Korea three years prior to she was born, and also as the actress tells Parents, "looking beyond skin shade was the norm for me."

"I just believed that love is love -- that doesn"t issue what we look like," she shares. "But then once I asked mine sister, Meg, if she had been cure one means when she was the end in public through our parents and a different means when she was the end by herself there is no them, she said, "Oh yeah, every the time!" the made me realize the I had been for this reason naive."

"At first, I gained angry. Yet I had actually to patience down and realize, okay, this isn"t around how it makes me feel. It"s around how I need to protect my daughters and also prepare them for the world, because I can"t change society in one dropped swoop," she adds.

Heigl penned one emotional short article on society media last summer around how she would describe George Floyd"s death to her black daughter. While her and also Kelley"s home base ~ above a Utah ranch has defended their youngsters from certain things choose the harsh Hollywood spotlight, they"re still very much conscious of others.

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"The other day, Adalaide came house from school and also acted the end what she heard from her friends. Like, "Omigosh, her dad’s music! her mom’s movies!" She’s like, yeah, i know. Mine parents room famous, I acquired it," Heigl says. "And because that Naleigh, i think it’s a tiny bit embarrassing. However the nice thing is the we’ve to be a component of this community for 12 years, and also our kids get to see us live similar to everybody else, away from the hoopla and the paparazzi."


Heigl"s son, meanwhile, is obsessed with various other things choose Spider-Man and also the Hulk. And between 3 kids and also the dogs and cats she"s rescued, Heigl says her family is complete.

"Before the pandemic, I believed that we needed one an ext child to complete this home. Ns wasn"t certain if we would certainly go the foster-care path or adoption or maybe one more pregnancy," she shares. "But now I have fully changed my mind. Ns am an extremely content through my three!"

"This is the longest period I have consistently invested with mine children," Heigl admits. "At very first I loved food preparation inspired meals, however now I"m like, "Kids, simply make yourself a sandwich."