Just one more royal perk! not many human being know that Kate Middleton has actually her very own lady-in-waiting who helps tend to the Duchess’ every want and need. So, who is Kate’s right-hand woman and also what exactly does she carry out as part of she job? Scroll under to see whatever you should know about the distinct role!

What is a lady-in-waiting?

The lady-in-waiting duty dates ago centuries and every queen or princess in a imperial family typically has one. Basically, the mrs — who is generally British the aristocracy or comes from a “good society” household — acts together a an individual assistant and is definitely thought that as much more of a companion than an employee. They are historically chosen by the princess or queen herself, the royal family, or both. Watch the video clip below for an ext info ~ above ladies-in-waiting!

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Who is Kate Middleton’s lady-in-waiting?

When Kate married into the imperial family back in April 2011, that was greatly rumored the her younger sister, Pippa Middleton, might take top top the desire role. But, Prince George and also Princess Charlotte‘s mom reportedly walk not also want to have actually a lady-in-waiting as part of her “no frills” strategy to being a royal.

In fact, Kate accused did not have a lady-in-waiting accompany she on her first post-wedding royal tour the Canada and California earlier in July 2011. “Kate is really low maintenance. She stated she doesn’t want a lady-in-waiting. The may change but she’ll see exactly how she copes top top this tour,” a source told the Daily Mail at the time.


Catherine at a royal event in October 2017. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Who is Catherine Quinn?

On Monday, July 31 it to be announced that Kate had actually hired a new lady-in-waiting to be Rebecca’s replacement. Kensington royal residence revealed Catherine Quinn — the previous Chief operating Officer and also Associate Dean for management at the university of Oxford’s Saïd company School — would certainly be the Duchess’ brand-new personal assistant starting in October 2017. On Tuesday, Oct. 31, Catherine was publicly spotted v Kate for the first time throughout the Duchess’ visit to London’s nationwide Tennis Centre.

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Follow to the Daily Mail, Catherine’s “heavyweight appointment says plans to carve out a an ext serious function for herself v her patronages and also charity campaigning” in the future.

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