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West and also Swift in ~ the 2009 VMAs. Jason DeCrow/AP photograph

Swift win Beyoncé to win an award because that "You Belong v Me" in the ideal Female video clip category. Unhappy through the results, West went onstage and said "Yo Taylor, I"m yes, really happy because that you, I"ll let girlfriend finish, yet Beyoncé has one the the best videos of all time. One of the ideal videos of every time!" leaving Swift and the audience perplexed.

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The following day, Trump speak to TMZ and also said, "He couldn"t treatment less about Beyonce. It to be grandstanding to acquire attention." He added that he wanted to "boycott" West to protect against a repeat that the incident.

The White House and West"s to represent did no respond to company Insider"s inquiry for comment on Trump"s comments around the incident.

Trump's feelings towards West appeared to have readjusted by 2014 when, throughout an figure on Mario Lopez's "Extra," the complimented West and Kim Kardashian on your upcoming wedding.

Kim Kardashian and also Kanye West in ~ the 2019 Met Gala. Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty images

West and also Kardashian West acquired married in a lavish consciousness in Florence, Italy, in might 2014. When the pair kept the TV cameras out of the actual ceremony, a good chunk the the days leading as much as the event were televised because that "Keeping Up with The Kardashians."

In early on May, Trump said actor and TV hold Mario Lopez that he knew the pair "well" and thought they were both "very nice people." He said he "wished them the finest of luck" and that he hoped "they do well."

A year later, West won the video Vanguard Award during the 2015 MTV VMAs. He shared plans to operation for chairman in 2020 during his 13-minute lengthy acceptance speech. Trump called his speech and also declaration "interesting."


Kanye West accepts the video clip Vanguard compensation onstage throughout the 2015 MTV video Music Awards. Jeff Kravitz/MTV1415/FilmMagic

During his august 2015 VMA acceptance speech, West said, "It"s not around me. It"s around ideas. Brand-new ideas. Human being with ideas. People who believe in truth. And also yes, as you probably could"ve guessed through this moment, ns have decided in 2020 to run for President."

This take it place about two months after Trump had actually announced his bid for the Republican nomination because that the 2016 Presidential election.

At the time, rolling Stone"s Lauren Kelly asked Trump about West"s sweeping VMAs speech and announcement, to which he responded that "he"s a nice guy" and that he really hopes to run against him someday.

West states he did no vote in the 2016 presidential elections but if the had, that would have chosen Trump over Hillary Clinton.


Hillary Clinton and also Donald Trump. AP

"I told y"all i didn"t vote, right? however if i would"ve voted, i would"ve voted because that Trump," West told concert goers in California in November 2016. The audience did no hold ago from booing him.

Kanye's announcement remained in stark comparison to his wife's political opinions.

I gained my selfie!!! ns really loved hearing her speak & listening her goals for our country! #HillaryForPresident

A write-up shared by Kim Kardashian West (
kimkardashian) on Aug 6, 2015 at 8:40pm PDTAug 6, 2015 at 8:40pm PDT

In September 2016, Kardashian West announced she would be voting because that Hillary Clinton.

She had actually previously common that a conversation v Caitlyn zener — that is a Republican and supported trumped in the 2016 choice — had actually left her undecided on who to poll for. She said Jenner had urged her to research which candidate aligned much more closely v her political beliefs.

The pair posed for a selfie with Clinton in august 2016.

West saw Trump Tower because that a meeting v the president-elect in December 2016.

West and also Trump in ~ Trump Tower in new York City in 2016. AP Photo/Seth Wenig

West arrived in trump Tower at a little after 9 a.m. And told reporters they discussed "life."

Per a brand-new York time report ~ above the visit, hope Hicks, former White house director of Communications and also current Counselor to the President, said that the meeting had been asked for by West.

Kanye tweeted that he met trump card to talk about "multicultural issues." His tweets about the meeting were later on deleted in 2017.

In April 2018, West sent a collection of tweets to express admiration for Trump, including that he to be his "brother" and they both have "dragon energy."

man Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian. Jeff Kravitz/MTV1415/FilmMagic

"You don"t have to agree through trump however the mob can"t do me not love him. We space both dragon energy. He is mine brother. I love everyone. Ns don"t agree with whatever anyone does. That"s what renders us individuals. And also we can independent thought," one of his tweets read.

Trump responded to his tweet saying, "Thank you, Kanye, an extremely cool."

Fellow musicians man Legend and also Chance the Rapper additionally got involved, through each giving their take.

Legend reached out come West directly, urging him to reconsider "aligning with Trump." Kanye posted a screenshot that their message exchange ~ above Twitter.

Legend"s wife Chrissy Teigen jokingly tweeted "are us still law dinner Friday or no lol" in ~ Kim Kardashian West. Teigen"s Instagram story from the weekend suggested that castle were, indeed, tho on for dinner.

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Chance the Rapper initially involved West"s defense, tweeting "Black human being don"t need to be democrats." He later on apologized.