Kaley Cuoco has absolutely made a surname for it s her in Hollywood. She starred in ABC"s sitcom 8 simple Rules, whereby she play the late john Ritter"s daughter, and also won 2 People"s an option Awards for ideal Comedic TV Actress for her work on the CBS struggle sitcom The big Bang Theory. In 2018, she was Forbes" 2nd highest-paid female gibbs on television. And, the course, she has actually an endearing bond through her younger sister, Briana Cuoco. And also if you follow either on Instagram, you"ve absolutely witnessed several of their charming sibling moments.

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Briana is a work shy that being precisely three years younger 보다 Kaley; many thanks to a leap year in Bri"s bear year, 1988, the two seemingly just missed sharing a birthday. Nonetheless, Kaley calls castle "November date of birth twins." prior to branching the end on she own, Briana operated as her sibling"s assistant, informing The Voice host Carson Daly (via Entertainment Weekly), "My sister understands that I have actually aspirations, the I have actually things that ns wanna do."

Even v Kaley coming to be a large Hollywood star she admitted in one Instagram short article she"s, in ~ times, envious the her small sister, writing, "You space so special to so many and also I"m continually in awe (and contempt jealous) of how cool you space ! love girlfriend so much ..you are on the brink the greatness!" read on to uncover the untold fact of Briana Cuoco.

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In July 2020, Kaley Cuoco"s Instagram followers observed The Wedding Ringer starlet and her small sister, Briana Cuoco, rocking corresponding leggings. Oh, yet they weren"t just any type of ol" leggings. Rather, they to be leggings from CULT, the Los Angeles-based clothing company that was founded by Briana. "Most streetwear brands space made by men, because that men," Briana said in a video clip promoting the line. "I wanted to begin a brand the was do by women."

Before the brand was released in so late 2019, Briana called VoyageLA that it was a difficulty starting the agency from scratch, saying, "I had literally zero idea what the hell ns was doing." She further told the outlet she was motivated to start this venture since "the entertainment business is unpredictable and you have small to no control throughout most of it." after attending company seminars and other mediums, that took much less than 2 years for her firm to launch. She listed that the takes "a team of civilization that have your earlier emotionally and also that girlfriend really trust to carry out their jobs" to make a clothing line happen. "I"m likewise really proud that the fact that we"re a company fully built and run by impressive women," she said. 

Briana created a task for herself while fulfilling a passion of hers, telling Jen Biddle, share a Smile, "I to be really into boys clothes and making the look sexy for a woman."

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Just like sister Kaley Cuoco, Briana Cuoco began performing at a young age. On a 2020 illustration of Jen Biddle, share a Smile, Briana claimed her parental realized early on that she could carry a tune. "So, they put me in singing lessons and also then musical theater happened," she said. Briana added that her family was not in the music business, but her parents" love of music shaped her in a large way.

In 2019, Cuoco called VoyageLA that together a youngster she likewise did both print and also commercial work and also progressed together she gained older. By the moment Cuoco to be in middle school she specifically locked in on dancing and also continued that with graduating high school up until she started booking skilled dancing gigs. "I operated briefly as a dancer top top shows prefer Glee and America"s got Talent but I conveniently realized gift a dancer wasn"t what ns was meant to do, my heart was v singing and acting," she told the magazine. Clearly, this career adjust has worked out for the triple threat. 

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In 2012, The huge Bang Theory cast and also crew perform their first infamous flash mob throughout a live taping of season 6 episode "The 43 Peculiarity." in ~ PaleyFest in 2013, Kaley Cuoco mutual the story around how her sister, Briana Cuoco, had a hand in creating "the finest moment of entirety life."

Kaley called the cast about her idea that the flash mob, however there to be one problem. "I didn"t know how we were going to traction this off," she recalled. But many thanks to her sister, that "happens to be an significant dancer and choreographer," Kaley had the ability to make she flash mob dream come true. Thirty minutes after Kaley reached out, Briana had "the entirety thing" mapped out. From there, the remainder was history.

The large Bang Theory creator and also executive producer, lining Lorre, referred to as up Briana come choreograph a succession in Two and a half Men"s music episode, "Grab a Feather and Get in Line." Lorre additionally Briana in ~ PaleyFest saying "she killed it" as soon as she organized a team of 50-some strange dancers top top Two and A fifty percent Men"s set. Lorre added, she"s one "amazingly talented woman." It"s no wonder The big Bang Theory had Briana choreograph their last flash mob ahead that the series finale.

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Chatting with Jen Biddle, share a Smile in 2020, Briana Cuoco shared that she childhood dream was to it is in in Annie top top Broadway. Kaley Cuoco"s sibling might not have accomplished that feat, however nonetheless, she has been a star on stage.

Briana perform on phase assuming assorted roles in theatre productions throughout the mid 2010s. Leading approximately playing heath in Los Angeles" an initial production the American Idiot in 2015, Briana wrote for Broadway World, "I love being in rehearsals because that hours, ns love figuring the end the arc of the show as a whole and how her own personal story contributes." In 2016, Briana played a character based on real life axe-murderer Lizzie Borden in LIZZIE: The Musical in Los Angeles. She had a ball performing in the production, informing ET the year, "It"s rock, like hefty rock music, which i love singing, personally." Talking about the character, Briana said, "She"s for this reason fascinating, ns mean, she obviously has a tiny bit that screws loosened up in there, i m sorry is so fun to play." follow to she website, Briana additionally played lead roles in number of The UMPO series productions, including stage parodies of motion images such together Clueless, Mean Girls and also 10 things I Hate about You.

Bri"s job-related in theater has actually impressed she sister, Kaley, who, in 2016, post a picture on Instagram that she take it backstage in ~ a las Vegas stage production of BAZ v Briana and her castmates, writing, "Amazing show and also is past words! Go see it!!" 

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Briana Cuoco has actually forever secured her heritage in the DC Universe. On the 2nd season that animated series Harley Quinn, Briana join the cast"s roster once she was lugged on to carry out the voice for Batgirl. 

In a 2020 Cup the Cuoco video, Briana attributed her sister, Kaley Cuoco, for giving her the part of Barbra "Batgirl" Gordon. Kaley is not just the voice actor because that the location character on Harley Quinn, but serves together the program"s executive producer. However, Kaley denied the concept that she handed Briana the role of Batgirl, saying, "She auditioned for it. You guys, i can"t aid that she"s good." Briana deserve to be heard in 4 episodes showing the character and also may return for more, as HBO Max announced in the autumn of 2020 the the collection was choose up for a 3rd season. In addition to Batgirl, Briana likewise voiced boy characters. The Voice alum referred to as her role as Batgirl the "best task of every time" ~ above Jen Biddle, sharing a Smile.

On optimal of that, it has earned hopeful reviews: Entertainment Weekly gave the show an "A-" and wrote, "Harley Quinn requirements so many much more seasons." It"s a good gig, a well-regarded series, and also a chance for the sisters to work-related together. What much more could girlfriend ask for? 

The Voice fans may remember Briana Cuoco indigenous Season 5 the the hit to sing competition show. Following she debut ~ above the series, Briana called Extra that was her sister Kaley Cuoco who encouraged her to audition. And Kaley"s The Big Bang Theory co-stars to be rooting for Briana, too. As Jim Parsons told Access, "We provide Kaley a the majority of hell, like, "Oh, so lastly the people is walk to watch the yes, really talented Cuoco!"" (Obviously, this comment was all in good fun.) 

Briana"s talent impressed five-time Grammy Award-winner Christina Aguilera, who spun her chair during Briana"s remote audition to the song of Lady Gaga"s "Yoü and also I." country music symbol Blake Shelton eventually stole Briana before she to be bounced the end amidst the opened knockout rounds. Follow to her website, she finished up in the top 32 the 50,000-plus auditionees. "I am so sad to be leaving The Voice, yet it"s been a really great opportunity," she said (via TODAY).

In 2016, Briana called Craftversations! she was obtaining booked because that musical theater gigs, so her music career take it "a small bit of a backseat" in ~ the time. "I am, friend know, law videos for YouTube and trying to remain ... A little relevant," she added. Briana hasn"t posted lot on she YouTube channel because her 2017 covering of Demi Lovato"s "Smoke and Mirrors," but she occasionally shares videos on Instagram wherein she"s to sing at events with a band or solo.

In 2013, Briana Cuoco had a cameo in The huge Bang Theory ~ above Season 6 episode "The Tangible Affection Proof." ever since, she has actually been no stranger to acting on television. As her website notes, she"s showed up on reflects like The Mentalist, NCIS and Criminal Minds. In 2020, Briana rejoined with she sister in live-action type on HBO Max series The trip Attendant, i m sorry Kaley Cuoco stars together the lead character and is an executive producer.

In 2020, Kaley said Extra she didn"t even know she sibling to be auditioning. "I was in reality watching spreading videos and also I observed her top top there and I was, like, couldn"t believe it," and added, "People think the I can just provide wishes and also be like, "You desire to be in it? Sure." Not how it works." The huge Bang Theory star explained that hers is one of "like 20 opinions," yet ultimately, her small sister winner "em over. "Everyone love what Bri did and also she in reality plays a very pivotal duty so ns was, i am thrilled for her," Kaley continued. "And we"re living together in Brooklyn, favor roommates. had actually a blast."

Kaley stated she personally referred to as Briana to notify her she won the role, and also then they broke the news to their parents via FaceTime. Oh, to it is in a paris on the wall of that definitely delightful FaceTime call!

Kaley Cuoco do headlines in 2016 as soon as she common on Instagram that she called into The Bachelor. Briana Cuoco posted that same video on her Instagram, writing, "Those d*mn twins take it our spot." That same year, Briana revealed come ET the she, Kaley and also their dogs watch The Bachelor together. The previous People"s an option Awards choreographer admitted that even though she is a fan, " would never ever want to it is in a contestant" ~ above the long-running truth series, however she wouldn"t entirely rule out every present in the franchise.

"I think I simply would desire to it is in The Bachelorette yet I think that"s more difficult ... Being the one person ... Oh, God. Ns think it would make me sad," Briana said. "Yeah, ns think it"s really daunting to execute that." She did shoot she shot v The Bachelor"s Ben Higgins, saying, "Ben, if you didn"t uncover someone this season..." and then, she gave the phone contact hand gesture and also mouthed, "You acquired my number." as soon as the finale rolling around, the sister sported practice leggings in one Instagram short article with the faces of the optimal two contestants on every leg: One pair check out #TeamJoJo because that JoJo Fletcher and also the other #TeamLauren for Lauren Bushnell, the last being the ultimate winner the Season 20.

In 2020, Briana revealed the town hall The Bachelor and also The Bachelorette is her optimal guilty pleasure, informing Jen Biddle, share a Smile, "It"s the only, really, reality present I watch ... It is some wonderful TV."

Much prefer her sisters Kaley Cuoco, who, as BuzzFeed noted, clapped back at trolls who took concern with her Instagram post about functioning out v a mask on, Briana Cuoco isn"t afraid to slam web critics.

According come The Blast, the Mean Gurlz phase thespian walk in top top someone that supposedly slide in she DMs and said, "Stop extending up in bulk, you are beautiful and confident woman." The outlet reported that Briana fired earlier at the key-board warrior—without identify the user or pointing out their grammatical flaws—in one Instagram Story, writing, "Those of united state that determine as woman don"t should dress in tight clothing to feeling beautiful, i was sure or sexy!! Personally, occasionally I feel my sexiest & many confident in clothes that room stereotypically made for identifying males and also that"s literally no one else"s issue or decision yet my own!!" In 2016, The Voice singer admitted that she backed up her sister once The huge Bang Theory actor to be under attack on social media, telling ET, "I shut lock down. My sister fangs come out, seriously. ... I"m thinking of two certain times and she actually text me, she"s like, "Sis, many thanks for having actually my back." i was like, "Of course.""

Briana Cuoco has tagged along with Kaley Cuoco in ~ numerous events, compensation shows and also red carpet appearances. Past supporting every other"s power arts careers the sisters spend a lot of time with each other — especially during the an international pandemic. In august 2020, the two shared in a Cup the Cuoco video that they quarantined together in upstate new York before they might get earlier to filming The trip Attendant.

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 And lock sure maintained busy end the summer: A month prior, Kaley post photos native a session with a trainer and also called Briana her "workout buddy."

Their link is a solid one, to say the least. Earlier in 2016, Briana called ET that Kaley frequently gives her advice around the industry, forward Kaley"s message, "Keep your feet ~ above the soil ... Don"t take it yourself as well seriously, don"t it is in a jerk, just be a great human and also work hard and also things will happen."

The relationship between these two talented sisters prove the adage "blood is thicker than water" is true. Through these two working with each other on HBO Max"s The trip Attendant and Harley Quinn, they room doing your father proud. Together Kaley said Extra, see his 2 daughters job-related together was his "biggest dream together a dad." Aww.