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Juliet Huddy ( full name Juliet AnnMarie Huddy ) is an American speak radio host, podcaster, and additionally a previous news anchor. Currently, Juliet co-hosts the mid-day 12-3 pm show on 770 WABC based in new York City. She as well hosts a podcast on the OG Podcast Network recognized as “Juliet: UNEXPECTED”.Before that, she worked as news and an entertainment anchor because that the Bernie and Sid present in the morning drive.

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The show also aired top top WABC in new York City. Prior to that, Juliet offered as a co-anchor of great Day wake Up on Fox 5 NY WNYW. She organized the show alongside Ben Simmoneau. She formerly hosted The Morning show with Mike and Juliet on Fox News. Additionally, Juliet served as one anchor because that the Fox News Channel.

Juliet Huddy Age

She to be born top top September 27, 1969, in Miami Beach, Florida, United states of America. Juliet is 51 years old.

Juliet Huddy Height

She is a woman of above-average stature. Juliet stands in ~ a elevation of 5 ft 8 in ( Approx 1.73m).

Huddy’s photo

Juliet Huddy mommy | Family

She was born to her father John Huddy and also her mom Erica Huddy on September 27, 1969, in Miami Beach, Florida, united States. John is a tv producer by profession while Erica is a singer and performer.

Juliet Huddy Brother

Her brother John Huddy Jr is a previous Fox reporter. On may 1, 2021, it was reported the he was handling the coronavirus native the view of president Trump’s temporary immigration ban. John Huddy was terminated from his place as a Jerusalem-based correspondent for Fox News top top October 23, 2017. He but strongly pushed back on the network’s insurance claim that he to be dismissed as a an outcome of his function in a “physical altercation.” Currently, Jonh lives in Florida v his Israeli wife and also their daughter.

Juliet Huddy Husband

Currently, Juliet is married come her fourth musician husband called john Fattoruso. Fattoruso is a member of number of bands together as black Water Rising, transformed Vision, Wardance, I4NI, and additionally 5ive Year State. That is likewise a guitarist native the band Zire’s War. He was born ~ above April 20, 1971, in new Jersey. His parents are Fredrick Fattoruso and Geraldine Fattoruso.

Juliet Huddy Education

She attended and graduated from Langley High School located in McLean, Virginia in 1987. Later, Juliet went to additional her studies at the college of Missouri. She i graduated from the University through a level in political science and a boy in sociology.

Juliet Huddy Wabc Radio

She joined WABC in 2018. There, Juliet offers news and entertainment updates on “Bernie & Sid in the Morning”. In 2019, she teamed up through Curtis Sliwa to organize the midday program referred to as “Curtis & Juliet”. While still a college student at the university of Missouri, she interned at regional ABC affiliate KMIZ-TV. In 1998 Juliet got her big network tv break as a national news correspondent for FOX NEWS in Miami, before relocating come Los Angeles.

She was moved to FOX HQ based in new York City after the 9/11 attacks. There, she held “FOX & Friends”, “DaySide”, amongst other shows. In 2007, Julie released her very own talk present “The Morning display with Mike and also Juliet”. During the show, castle interviewed everyone from Condoleeza Rice come Metallicas James Hetfield.

In 2012, she came to be the morning news in ~ FOX 5 in NYC prior to launching her very own music website, “Blonde & Crossbones” Julie focused mainly ~ above interviews through rock and metal superstars and up-and-comers. 

Juliet Huddy top top Fox News

After her formal education, Juliet started her news journalism career at age 23 by functioning as a reporter/producer for KARO-FM’s morning newscast based in Columbia, Missouri. Later, Juliet went to Ventura, California to occupational for she parents’ terminal KADY-TV She initially functioned as the station’s promotions manager before becoming the executive, management producer. Later, she turned come report at the Ventura county News Network.

While serving as a promotions director, Juliet won plenty of ADDY awards. After functioning for an ext than five years in California, Juliet relocated come Jacksonville, Florida wherein she worked for WAWS as their general-assignment reporter because that nightly newscast. Additionally, she worked as a news anchor because that WFYV-FM’s morning radio regimen The Lex and also Terry Show and also a regular showing up on The KiddChris Show, at WYSP/Philadelphia.

Juliet became component of the Fox News team in march 1998. She joined the terminal as their reporter in ~ the Miami bureau. However, she later moved to the brand-new York studios wherein she gift a variety of news programs such as Entertainment coastline to Coast. Occasionally, Juliet filled in for E.D. Hill on Fox & Friends. She additionally served together a rotating co-host that Fox and also Friends very first before becoming a long-term co-host that Fox & friends Weekend together Mike Jerrick and also Julian Phillips.

In 2005, Juliet began co-hosting DaySide through Jerrick. She also started a blog top top the DaySide homepage, called Juliet’s DaySide Dish. Juliet functioned for the Fox channel until September 2016 as soon as she announced her departure.

Juliet Huddy bill Oreilly | Settlement

Bill O’Reilly is a former Fox News host. He was accused through multiple women of sexual harassment and ultimately got to legal settlements. In 2016, a longtime Fox partner of Bill’s to be fired in ~ Fox ~ accusing him of sexual harassment. Her settlement required her silence however Juliet alleged the Bill dubbed her when masturbating. When she rubbish his sexual advances, bill retaliated against her professionally.

Juliet Huddy and also Curtis Sliwa

She became part of WABC in 2018 adhering to her exit from Fox News in 2016. Juliet gives news and also entertainment updates on “Bernie & Sid in the Morning”. In 2019, she joined Curtis Sliwa where the pair co-hosts a midday routine called “Curtis & Juliet”.

Juliet Huddy Salary

She earns her earnings from her role as a talk radio hold at WABC Radio. Juliet’s mean salary is $69,536 every year.

Juliet Huddy network Worth

She has accumulated a decent wide range from she career together a journalist. Juliet has actually an approximated net precious of $897,565.

How Old Is Juliet

Juliet is a 51-year-old American journalist that was born on September 27, 1969, in Miami Beach, Florida, joined States.

What occurred To Juliet Huddy

In 2016, she to be fired in ~ Fox after accusing her co-worker invoice O’Reilly of sex-related harassment. Her settlement required her silence however Juliet alleged the Bill referred to as her when masturbating. As soon as she garbage his sex-related advances, bill retaliated against her professionally.

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Where Is Juliet Huddy Now

Currently, she functions at WABC Radio. Juliet became part of WABC in 2018 complying with her leave from Fox News in 2016. Juliet gives news and entertainment update on “Bernie & Sid in the Morning”. In 2019, she joined Curtis Sliwa whereby the pair co-hosts a midday regime called “Curtis & Juliet”.