All set! Jordin Sparks and Dana Isaiah don’t have plans to give their 2-year-old son, DJ, a sibling.

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“Yeah, I’m good with one. We’re both good,” the American Idol season 6 winner, 30, exclusively told Us Weekly ~ above Monday, august 17, while promoting her “Sounds choose Me” EP. “I can’t say those going to happen in the future, but I’m, like, really sure the it’s still gonna stay simply one.”

The singer go on come say that her toddler is “more 보다 enough” and also an “amazing” child.


“As a mom, learning myself and going v this because that the very first time, I’m simply like, ‘You recognize what? I desire to be able to keep my emphasis on DJ,’” the Arizona native explained. “Because make the efforts to split the attention from Dana come DJ to be a lot for me. I’m a giver. I love to it is in nurturing, and I simply don’t recognize if I’d have the ability to take care of myself as lot if ns expanded.”

The “Tattoo” singer gave birth to her baby boy in may 2018, and also the little one is reaching many brand-new milestones. “Being able to express what that wants has been really, really nice, especially in this time once he deserve to run about the park ,” Sparks said Us. “He sleeps through the night. He’s taken on choose a champ.”

When it involves the American Music award winner’s songs, DJ’s favorite of his mom is “Red Sangria,” although that calls it “Buddha.” Sparks called Us, “He’s been to sing . I just sit fascinated, looking in ~ this tiny ball the love that just makes me smile.”

The Grammy nominee’s new EP is called “Sounds favor Me” and is a “fun one,” she gushed to Us on Monday. “I’m a mom now, so I want all my mother friends come feel like they have the right to still have a an excellent time. It’s OK. They’ll have actually a an excellent time. I simply wanted to carry out something fun, and I wanted world to watch that as well with the video.”

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