Jordan Spieth is having actually quite a fag year this 2021 in golf. After years of waiting for a go back to the height of his game, the Dallas, Texas indigenous is finally relevant again in the civilization of golf, together he winner his very first PGA TOUR occasion in 4 years once he rule the field in the 2021 Valero Texas Open.

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That win was symbolic because that Spieth since of a number of things, among which is the reality that he won it in his indigenous state that Texas. It’s likewise the first PGA TOUR victory for Spieth since getting married to his high college sweetheart. Through all the being said, it’s currently time for us to talk much more about the woman who’s make Spieth feel favor a winner every day. Ladies and gentlemen, Jordan Spieth’s wife: Annie Verret.

Jordan Spieth’s wife: Annie Verret


As mentioned earlier, Spieth married Annie Verret during his well-documented slump. Prior to his 2021 Valero Texas open up victory, Spieth’s last win remained in the 2017 open Championship at imperial Birkdale, where he edged Matt Kuchar by three strokes. Every little thing ahead of Spieth was looking fine. The felt choose a king of the sport, winning $1.85 million for his performance in the tournament.

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It all occurred in July. Month later, Spieth proposed come Annie and the 2 were involved on Christmas Eve.

JordanSpieth decided to provide his girl friend her existing a day early on