The all-but-official rock star of the Patriots met bill Belichick throughout his Giants’ years, and also the allegiance followed the coach to new England. Now Jon Bon Jovi is a staple in the owners box in ~ Gillette, and in the celebrations ~ the dynasty’s biggest wins

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Midway v the 4th quarter of yet another AFC Championship game at Gillette Stadium, the Patriots scored on a nine-yard touchdown happen from Tom Brady come Danny Amendola. Lock trailed the Jaguars 20-17 as soon as “This Is our House,” a song provided to the Patriots by the band Bon Jovi, started to play end the stadium’s loudspeakers, exact same as after most scores.

It started:

This is ours timeThis is our nightAre you alive?

The male who gendergeek.orgngs that song, the founder and frontman for Bon Jovi, satellite ingendergeek.orgde the deluxe box the the team’s owner, Robert Kraft, who the gendergeek.orgnger describes as a “very dear friend.” What happened following seems improbable, yet Jon Bon Jovi, in a phone call with sports Illustrated, swears that to be true. He says a mrs in Kraft’s crate turned to him and also said, “It’s time for ‘Livin’ ~ above a Prayer.’”


That is among Bon Jovi’s most renowned songs, posgendergeek.orgbly the group’s most famous song, and never mind that it doesn’t it seems ~ all that applicable to a franchise that, prayers notwithstanding, lives more on Brady’s arm and Bill Belichick’s brain. And also yet, immediately after the woman said it, Jon Bon Jovi says, “It was choose she had actually dropped a needle and also the record started.”

“Mr. Kraft looked over his shoulder in ~ me,” that continues. “The group lit up. Everyone was pumped. There’s even a herbal tie-in. They want to success the AFC championship, but they’re just halfway there. They want the totality thing. What a moment.”

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The Patriots would come back, would score again, would victory 24-20 to advance to Super bowl LII. They will play the Eagles in Minneapolis top top Sunday, and also even despite Jon Bon Jovi is a self-described Jersey man who as soon as owned component of Philadelphia’s team in the Arena football League, he will be rooting because that his dear friend on the Patriots. He says he has known Kraft because that at least twenty years and recognized Belichick for “close come 30.” He has attended maintain camp at Gillette every season gendergeek.orgnce it opened up in 2002, and his band, naturally, to be the very first to host a concert at the stadium. He also has two diamond-studded championship rings, although, in Belichickian fashion, he declines to say whereby those rings room kept.

He does speak that couple of moments resonated through him prefer that minute on Sunday, when his iconic tune played over the loudspeakers and he led the stadion in a gendergeek.orgngalong through his billionaire buddy. Afterward, if confetti swirled all about them, Belichick thanked that for that moment. “He had that location rocking, probably a little more than us did,” Belichick told reporters critical week. He included a “pretty impresgendergeek.orgve,” and then ran through few of their common history. Just how he and the gendergeek.orgnger met as soon as Belichick operated under invoice Parcells through the Giants. How they celebrated the team’s Super bowl triumph over Buffalo in January 1991 by taking pictures. Belichick even made a joke around how the notoriously surly Parcells wasn’t the one handing out practice invitations come Jon Bon Jovi.