Travolta has gone to the center of countless rumors surrounding his an individual life, do it incredibly hard to store up with his romantic entanglements. But the actor has recently do a big announcement to collection things straight, once and for all…

John Travolta ended up being rich and successful without ever before receiving a high college diploma! He started his high school education at Dwight Morrow High School but ended up dropping out as a junior when he was just 17 years old. An additional notable alumnus of the same high school was Sex In The City favorite sarah Jessica Parker. However, due to the age gap between the two, lock did not attend in ~ the very same time. That wouldn’t take long prior to Travolta’s fortunes turned around…

Kelly reputation met man Travolta earlier in 1987 while they to be filming The Experts.

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The timing to be off for the future couple because Kelly to be still married at the time. Then in 1990, both actors were filming separate movies in Vancouver, Canada and decided to provide the partnership a shot. Kelly was divorced and also both adult were ready. Travolta proposed and Preston eagerly accepted. 26 years ago in 1991, the pair flew come Paris to acquire married at the Hotel de Crillon.

Travolta additionally had an amazing romantic past before her met and also married Kelly Preston. During the filming the The boy in the Plastic Bubble back in 1976, Travolta dropped madly in love through Diana Hyland, who played his mom in the film. She was 18 year older than him. A year after ~ they started dating, Hyland to be diagnosed v breast cancer. 22-year-old Travolta was through her in her final moments prior to she passed far at the young age of 41.

Kelly Preston also dated a slew of amazing men before she married the love of she life, man Travolta. Preston was married once prior to Travolta to actor Kevin Gage. Also though the couple has a lavish wedding in Hawaii, the marriage only lasted two short years. She was additionally in a serious partnership with George Clooney for two years from 1987-1989! Clooney even gave her a pet pig called Max that Preston acquired to store after the pair called it quits.

Back in high school, Travolta to be not well-known or a ladies guy like he is today. Unfortunately, the actor did not fit in. In an interview with The Phoenix, Travolta shared, “Not too numerous of mine friends identified with what ns was doing. Ns participated in football and also basketball and did what they were doing, yet not many kids understood my going to acting studios in ~ night.” Sadly, acting separated Travolta native peers during school and also he often uncovered himself alone.

John Travolta and also actress Kelly Preston had actually to resolve marriage problems right after ~ their first wedding! The couple first officially bound the node in 1991 in a small ceremony in France. A French Scientologist minister officiated their wedding in France, however upon returning residence to the united States, Travolta and also Preston discovered out that their marriage was no legal. Soon after their an initial wedding, they determined to acquire married again a few days afterwards Daytona beach in Florida. This time the marriage was legal.

Tragically top top January 2, 2009, 16-year-old Jett Travolta, John and also Kelly’s youngest son, happen away. The Travolta household was ~ above a family members vacation in the Bahamas when Jett experienced from a seizure at the family members vacation house at the Old Bahama bay Hotel. Jett fight his head top top a bathtub that morning and also was declared dead soon after. The devastating death left John, Kelly, and also sister Ella totally heartbroken. The family attorney called People, “To ask your son is the worst thing you can ever do.”

John Travolta had actually an amazing upbringing, as he to be the youngest of 6 children. The family grew increase in Englewood, new Jersey. His dad, Salvatore Travolta, was a semi-professional soccer player and also a tires salesman while his mom, Helen Travolta, was an actress. Every one of his siblings, Joey, Ellen, Ann, Margaret, and Sam, acted at some suggest in their stays or determined acting, directing, or creating as a career. Ellen Travolta is likewise well known for her function in Happy Days as Fonzie’s aunt.

Travolta loves plane so much that he got a personal pilot’s license. Not just is he a experienced pilot, he additionally owns a fleet the planes. The Grease star owns 5 private planes consisting of a Boeing 707 aircraft the he loves to take his friends and also family around the world on. John even built a house in a residential airpark in the Jumbolair Aviation mansions that has a runway directly to his front door for this reason he have the right to fly turn off whenever that wants.

Over the years, man Travolta has actually made fairly a fortune because that himself. Native Grease to Hairspray, Travolta has actually made a name for self in Hollywood and racked increase a huge sum the cash. Ideal now, that is approximated that his net worth is about $170 million. The Saturday Night Fever star is one of the greatest paid gibbs in the business and he does not hesitate come flash several of that well-earned cash through his lot of mega homes and also airplanes.

In 1977, john Travolta recorded the audience with his remarkable dance moves in Saturday Night Fever. However, coming to be a killer dancer walk not occur over night. Travolta trained intensively because that nine months. Growing up, john loved to dance and also modeled his dancing because that the film after Soul Train. In one interview with Vanity Fair, he said, ” I preferred black dancing better than white dancing. I used to watch Soul Train, and what I want to develop was a Soul Train feel in Saturday Night Fever.”

Oprah Winfrey is obsessed with John Travolta and also says he is her favourite movie star. The two space so close, that john is always doing favors for Oprah. In 2010, Oprah do a large announcement top top the an initial episode the the last season the her speak show. She surprised her entire audience v an 8-day all-expenses-paid pilgrimage to Australia and also Travolta i agreeed to serve as the pilot because that the trip. Travolta worked with Winfrey for an ext than a year to plan the trip!

John Travolta and also Kelly Preston never ever seem come shy far from opened up around their personal life. Well, earlier in 1996 the couple shared the their son, Jett Travolta, was conceived one special weekend while lock were staying at the home of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, according to Premiere. The pair has likewise been an extremely candid about moments in their marital relationship that have actually been difficult. Both have actually opened up about their work-related with a Scientology marriage counselor.

16 months after the tragic death of their son, Jett, Kelly and John Travolta discovered out they were pregnant again v their third child! at 47 year old, Kelly can not believe that she to be expecting another child. The famous couple could not wait to officially announcement the good news, “it’s difficult to keep a an enig – especially one as wonderful as this. We desire to it is in the first to share this an excellent news v everyone that we are expecting a brand-new addition to our family.”

In 2011, man Travolta and also Kelly Preston introduced their 3rd son Benjamin come the world. Your miracle baby changed their lives for the much better after the terrible loss of your son, Jett. Travolta told Hello magazine, “He’s offered the house a put in order spirit and also purpose. He’s carried us a brand-new beginning.” having actually a brand-new baby was an extremely healing because that the family. Man continued, “for united state it’s to be uplifting, especially when the smiles in ~ me and also seems contented in mine arms.”

We can’t forget to mention that Kelly was additionally engaged to Charlie Sheen because that a short period of time in 1990. Her partnership with Sheen ended after she was shot in the eight accidentally. Follow to Biography, Sheen’s gun walk off as soon as Kelly was moving a pair of his blue jeans that had actually a gun in the pocket. ~ Sheen and also Preston called off the engagement, Kelly offered the 2.5 carat ring Sheen proposed with, and they decided to split the profit.

Just 4 days after ~ finishing filming v Saturday Night Fever, Travolta started filming for Grease, the highest earning movie that 1978. The time duration was particularly stressful because that Travolta together he was very busy and also had just lost his girlfriend, Diana Hyland. The stress was for this reason distracting the the actor maintained lip-syncing “heap lap trials” instead of “heat lap trials.” follow to the director, Randal Kleiser, Travolta struggled v the step after he read an article around Hyland’s death.

In 1984, Travolta check out for the male lead duty in the famous film, Splash. Unfortunately, Travolta’s agent discouraged him from taking on the role which eventually went come Tom Hanks. It is straightforward to check out a resemblance in between the two actors. Interestingly, Travolta was no the only significant actor to turn down the role. Actors Chevy Chase, bill Murray, Dudley Moore, and Michael Keaton every turned under the part of Allen Bauer too. The 1984 film came to be a large hit in package office.

John Travolta came to be the “Ambassador-at-Large” because that Qantas Airways, the airline that Australia in 2001 ~ the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. The actor want to encourage human being to travel and also fly ~ 9/11. Travolta to be fascinated by aviation at a young age and impressed by “Qantas’ safety record and the fact that that flew the longest courses in the world,” according to Qantas website. Eventually, John even purchased among their planes, the ex-Qantas Boeing 707, after extensive training with the airline company.

The multimillionaire owns dwellings in California, Florida, Maine, and Hawaii. His main house is in Ocala, Florida whereby he own his biggest house, which likewise doubles together an airport. Kelly and also John purchased their extravagant home in the residential airpark therefore they might use their 5 airplanes anytime. The home has two runways that lead best to the former door. Travolta told Australia’s Today, “We draft the home for the jets and also to have actually at our access the civilization at a moment’s notice.”

Travolta is passionate about flying planes, and nothing is far better than sharing your passions v a friend. Travolta has already been able come fly v Marlon Brando, however he has actually some more people on his bucket perform to co-pilot with. Sadly, his dream co-pilot experiences will remain dreams, as they themselves currently kicked the bucket. His height two space Howard Hughes, the OCD-ridden genius depicted in The Aviator by Leonardo DiCaprio, and also Charles Lindbergh, who made the an initial lone, non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s no surprise that man Travolta and Kirstie Alley are ideal friends, considering they both love Scientology. They obtained to recognize each other when they both starred in Look Who’s Talking and have stayed close since. Prior to they to be besties, Alley had actually romantic feelings for Travolta the she could not plot on because she was married come Parker Stevenson the time. In one interview with Howard Stern, Kristie revealed, “It took me years to not look at john as a romantic interest.”

Even though most fans would assume that Tom Cruise and also John Travolta are great friends, the is not the case. Follow to Leah Remini’s tell all book Troublemaker: surviving Hollywood and Scientology, also though both actors room committed Scientologists, they room not close in ~ all. Apparently, Tom Cruise walk not favor Kirstie Alley either. Remini mutual that she heard “that Tom didn’t favor them,” and also Travolta and also Alley were not invited to Tom Cruise and also Katie Holmes’ wedding back in 2006.

Before Jett Travolta tragically passed away at the young age of 16, John and also Kelly had actually a really normal household life. Ella Bleu, the couple’s just daughter, to be eight year old when her brother passed away after enduring a seizure. Work after the tragedy, John and Kelly put out a statement the said, “Jett to be the many wonderful boy that 2 parents could ever ask for and lit increase the resides of everyone he encountered.” Both parents said they think about Jett every day.

After Travolta and also Kelly shed their son, they received support from friends, family, and fans which assisted them move forward in their lives. The pair shared on their website that receiving one outpouring the love “has supposed so much to us. It is a beautiful reminder of the natural goodness in the human spirit that gives us hope because that a brighter future. The couple’s third child, Benjamin, was born in Florida on November 23, 2010. He to be a healthy and balanced baby and also weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz.

John and also Kelly opened up up around how they do their marriage work in Closer Weekly. Travolta common that he and also Preston are always working on your 25-year marital relationship to do their relationship stronger. In one interview with Closer, Travolta shared, “We really treatment deeply about each other and also we defend each various other — and we store approximately date” Kelly agreed and added, “Keep checking in and also keep growing and also changing. Save doing things, just the two of you.”

Daily Mail revealed man Travolta is a complete pushover v his kids. Kelly shared, “Daddy says yes come everything. He is the dad.” Travolta comment with, “You have to! worse through Ben .” Kelly continued, “They involved me first. pertains to me and says, “Can I have actually ice cream?” at midnight and also I say, “No, no, you need to go come bed” — and, psychic you, it’s midnight and he’s 5. And also Dad’s like, “Sure! execute you want hot fudge top top that?”‘

While most actors in the organization are not too fond of their kids getting associated in Hollywood, Travolta does not have actually a difficulty with his daughter Ella Bleu ending up being an actress. John and Kelly’s earliest daughter, Ella is currently 1a young adult and ready to come to be an actress. While in ~ the 2017 sag awards, john was inquiry if Ella should pursue acting and he said, “Yes, I desire her to since she is so good at it. She is together a an excellent performer.”

It’s no secret that man Travolta is high maintenance v his hair. From dice it various colors to adding in weaves, Travolta cares about how his hair looks. When it pertains to facial hair, the actor is no afraid come experiment v different and also interesting formats on his face. That loves to rock exciting facial hair. To be fair, we have actually to provide him the benefit of the doubt, due to the fact that many the his facial hair selections were favored for acting roles.

In 1985, when at chairman Reagan’s White residence gala, john Travolta got the possibility of a lifetime. Princess Diana inquiry him because that a dance! In one interview with Good Morning America, Travolta said “Yes, ns danced v Princess Diana in 1986, ns believe. The was among the highlights of mine life.” Nancy Reagan stated that Diana wanted to, so Travolta asked her to dance and they “were off for 15 minutes of dancing. I’m so honored that ns was may be to experience it.”

One of Travolta’s most beloved on-screen crushes was Australian singer/actress Olivia Newton-John. The pair’s many memorable hour came when they starred together Danny Zuko and also Sandy Olsson in the musical Grease. Rumors spread bordering the pair’s potential off-screen relationship. This was not silenced by their numerous collaborations in other movies such as Two the a Kind. Nowadays though, Travolta and Newton-John stay close friends and also keep your friendship completely plutonic, hanging the end at countless Hollywood events together.

After starring the movie Urban Cowboy, Travolta’s adhering to roles to be failures native both a commercial and crucial standpoint. As a result, his reputation as one of Hollywood’s finest was dented considerably. And also despite being readily available roles because that multiple box office stop hits, the wrongfully turned castle down. It would certainly prove to be a quiet, complicated few years because that Travolta. However, the gibbs would at some point reclaim his mojo and also be earlier in the spotlight as soon as the nineties come around…

Travolta’s renewal was kickstarted through his role alongside Kirstie Alley in 1989’s Look Who’s Talking. ~ making $297 million at package office, it became Travolta’s best movie due to the fact that Grease. After a couple of sequels, the “John-aissance” remained in full result when that starred together Samuel L. Jackson in Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 classic Pulp Fiction, i m sorry granted the an Academy compensation nomination for finest Actor. But this was just the begin of Travolta’s newfound success and an ext fortune to be to come…

Pulp Fiction to be the an initial in a long line of A-list movies because that the actor. He starred in numerous hit nineties movies, starring as a loan shark in Get Shorty, one FBI agent alongside Nicholas Cage in Face/Off and also as an lawyer in A polite Action. Also, before the rotate of the millennium, Travolta depicted a presidential candidate reminiscent of bill Clinton in the political drama Primary Colors. The procedures that Travolta had to walk to for this function are absolutely staggering…

In 1998, when John Travolta signed on to act together the command in the movie Primary Colors, a movie about former President invoice Clinton’s an initial presidential campaign in 1992, the actor was encouraged to obtain thirty pounds to play the character, Jack Stanton. The heftier variation of Travolta was a stark contrast to the thin and fit body kind he shown in Grease. In stimulate to put on weight for the role, john ate many of cheeseburgers. Travolta admitted, “it’s to be fun gaining it.”

When it comes to the Oscars, Travolta is recognized for his awkward moments. In 2014, the actor obtained a many flack after he presented Idina mesh gel as “Adele Dazeem”. The incident obtained a lot of attention native comedians. Travolta apologized to the singer and sent she flowers. Mesh gel was a good sport and got revenge in ~ the Oscars by presenting him together “Glom Gazingo.” Then as soon as Travolta joined she on stage, the excessively touched she face and also embarrassed himself again!

After the Idina mesh gel embarrassing moment, john Travolta had one more Oscars mishap. If Scarlett Johansson was taking images on the red carpet, john Travolta surprised her with a kiss result in really awkward feather photos. Also though the internet criticized John, Johansson was fast to defend. The actress told AP, “The picture that is circulating is an unfortunately still-frame native a live-action encounter the was really sweet and totally welcome. That still picture does no reflect what preceded and also followed if you see the minute live.”

Richard Gere owes his exhilaration career to man Travolta due to the fact that Travolta turned down every function that Gere finished up certification in. For example, Travolta turned down the lead roles for the films Days of Heaven, American Gigolo, one Officer and a Gentleman, and Chicago. All that those movies that Travolta rejected ended up going come Richard Gere. American Gigolo placed Gere ~ above the map in Hollywood and his power in Chicago earned the a golden Globe compensation for best Actor!

Nick Young, a shoot guard who played for the Los Angeles Lakers native 2013-2017. Nick has actually some quirks, including a nickname called Swaggy P, which stands for “the Prophet that Swag.” One other significant quirk is that after he hits three-pointers, he will swing his hips and allude in the air. This came to him in a dream, where God instructed him come be, “a guy going ago and forth prefer John Travolta.” Travolta stated it to be “awesome,” and that that “loves it.”

2016 witnessed a resurgence of interest in OJ Simpson, through both O.J.: made in America, and The world v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story. Travolta play Robert Shapiro in the latter. Shapiro was among the lawyers on OJ’s so-called “dream team.” Shapiro himself said he “wish would have talked come ,” as the preeminent lawyer reportedly was not consulted in ~ all. Shapiro did not uncover Travolta’s portrayal accurate, and also it is a shame due to the fact that he stated he would have helped Travolta.

John loves not only flying planes but aviation in general. When astronaut Buzz Aldrin started ShareSpace, a non-profit focused on teaching science and also math, Travolta to be happy to help by being component of a celebrity auction. Travolta available to allow one lucky human re-create the iconic dance from Pulp Fiction that he and Uma Thurman lugged out. The bidding gained intense; eventually, one woman won. She had one caveat, though, she want bangs, favor Thurman’s character, therefore Travolta aided her cut her hair ideal then and there!

Travolta is going strong still in the movie business, through the starring role in Gotti, as john Gotti, head of the Gambino crime family. The movie has an A-list cast, as clearly no one of the scandals that sometimes plague Travolta in the push has influenced his role in Hollywood. The film additionally stars Stacy Keach from Prison Break. Gotti was one of the most infamous and powerful mob bosses ever, and the movie looks to be full of all the legal and also emotional drama that his life.

The Travolta family members has gone through awful tragedy when Jett sadly passed away. Man has had actually some exceptional resilience, yet this next awful news just included insult to injury. In 2010, the Travoltas flew into an airplane in Maine. The dogs were climate taken because that a go by “a liaison” on the tarmac, wherein they were accidentally struck by an airport truck and also sadly pass away. A city official said the “Airport has actually sent a floral arrangement and card come the Travolta” family.

The psychology that an actor is just amazing, as you need to embody a entirety other person. Together a veteran actor, Travolta has actually thought about this a lot, specifically when it involves playing protagonists versus playing antagonists. “Playing a poor guy is always a releasing experience, because you don’t have the very same envelope of limitations as you have playing a good guy. An excellent guys restrain themselves; they type of have actually their moral fiber cut out for them in varying degrees,” Travolta pontificated.

Many fans don’t know that the gibbs is also an author. ~ Travolta had leading functions in Grease and Saturday Night Fever, he determined to i announced a book in 1984, John Travolta staying Fit: His finish program because that reshaping your body through weight resistance maintain and modern dance techniques. His an initial book go well, therefore he decided to write one more book in 1997 about a young boy who desires to paris planes called, Propeller One-Way Night Coach, A Fable for all Ages.

Over the course of Travolta’s career, he has had actually incredible success. At least ten that John’s movies have grossed end $100 million in the US. Eight that his movies have grossed more than $200 million worldwide, making him among the many sought-after gibbs in the world. His main accomplishments were in movies such as Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Hairspray, watch Who’s Talking, Wild Hogs, Bolt, Phenomenon, Pulp Fiction, and Phenomenon. Shockingly, Travolta has actually never received an Academy Award!

Rumors and also accusations erupted everywhere the web in 2014 once Travolta’s previous pilot, Douglas Gotterba made cases that he had actually a six-year romantic connection with the Travolta. Gotterba mutual his story with the National Enquirer and alleged the the intimate relationship emerged while he was working for John’s aircraft company. Gotterba also claimed that he was not tied into any confidentiality commitment during his time v the actor. Because the allegations were exposed on National Enquirer, the Travolta camp has labeled the rumors as “ridiculous.”

Even though John prospered up roman inn Catholic, he convert to Scientology in 1975. In an interview v Good Morning America Travolta said, “Forty years for me, I’ve to be a component , and I’ve love every minute the it. My family members has done so well with it. It’s to be a beautiful point for me. I’ve saved resides with it and saved my own life number of times. Through my lose of my son, it assisted me every step of the means for two years solid, and also here i am.”

However, Travolta’s Scientology hasn’t always been kind to him. In 1991, Church that Scientology executive, management Director wilhelm Franks believed that the gibbs was careful to leave the institution. This is since he feared the Church would disclose details about his personal life. Various other Scientologist defectors such as Lawrence Wright and also Marty Rathbun asserted to have been connected with Travolta’s attorneys to make certain that his keys weren’t revealed to the press. His relationship with the faith is complicated, to say the least.

Despite his facility relationship with Scientology, the still defends it. Once asked his opinion ~ above HBO anti-Scientology documentary Going Clear, he claimed he can not speak out about the alleged an unfavorable aspects the Scientology. “I haven’t skilled anything that the hearsay has , therefore why would certainly I connect something the wasn’t true because that me?” that reasoned. Travolta stated that the world in the film were merely “disgruntled through their experiences” v the religion. Travolta says Scientology “been so beautiful for me, that i can’t even imagine attacking it.”

Once Travolta dropped out of high school, he chose to totally commit and also focus ~ above his acting career. The high school drop out moved to new York City to begin his career and scored a gig touring with a company of the musical Grease. Quickly after that toured with Grease, he scored an incredible opportunity on Broadway in the present Over Here!. Once man realized he can make the in the industry, he picked up and moved come Los Angeles to more his career.

In might of 2012, Travolta to be hit with one more scandal after ~ an cotton masseur filed a lawsuit versus him. The lawsuit had claims versus Travolta for undesirable advances. The report from the masseur come days after the very first allegations versus Travolta declare he had actually a partnership with a man. Two men, stood for by Gloria Allred, sued Travolta because that “assault and also battery” at a Beverly Hills Hotel in 2012 and also a hotel in Atlanta. Travolta’s lawyer confirmed the males fabricated the story and also eventually, both cases were dropped.

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Travolta cannot seem to avoid scandal. As soon as he was on a 2009 Royal Caribbean cruise, Travolta allegedly made unwanted advancements on one of the workers. Allegedly, he referred to as him “beautiful,” and that Travolta would “take care of” him. Travolta admitted he was on the cruise, but his lawyer said, “this is an additional ludicrous lawsuit with inane claims. That is evident that Mr. Zanzi and his lawyers are searching for their 15 minute of fame.” Eventually, prior to the trial, the cruise worker dropped the suit.

Jeff Conaway, a former co-star the Travolta’s in Grease, made headlines in 2012. Conaway, that played Kenickie, has actually an ex-fiancée called Vikki Lizzi. She claimed to the National Enquirer the Travolta made unwanted breakthroughs on Conaway throughout the 1990s. Apparently, according to Lizzi, this incident ended their friendship. Travolta’s lawyer refuse the claims, saying it was, “a malicious tabloid agenda to rise lagging sales by to run outrageous defamatory stories about my customer sourced by world seeking notoriety or a payday.”

Travolta hardly ever responds to around allegations about his romantic interests, yet after the lawsuit, he determined to stand up for himself. The actor told The daily Beast, “I found it many offensive through the ns of mine son. I felt like that was the shortest I’d ever felt.  stuff is constantly going to be interesting to somebody, however you stay away native family. This is every celebrity’s Achilles heel. It’s just about people wanting money. That’s all. It happens on plenty of levels.”

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