U.S. One-of-a-kind Presidential Envoy because that Climate man Kerry was in the headlines over the weekend after ~ it to be reported he had flown via personal jet come attend former President Barrack Obama’s 60th birthday party top top Martha’s Vineyard. The State Department denied the claim, informing The Washington Examiner, “Secretary Kerry lives on Martha’s Vineyard, the did not travel there because that a party. He take it a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard; the did no fly advertising or private.”

While man Kerry was once again in the news for his usage of personal jets, friend too deserve to fly like the ... <+> former secretary of state. In fact, you have the right to charter his family"s Gulfstream GIVSP. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

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Kerry’s use of private aviation is a emphasis of conservative media and commentators who accuse that of hypocrisy. The previous secretary that state previously defended his personal flying, saying, “If you balance out your carbon, it"s the only choice for somebody like me, who is traveling the world to win this battle."

A Fox News report critical week provided 16 flights by N57HJ, the 1995 Gulfstream GIVSP owned by a company related come Teresa Heinz Kerry, the previous senator’s wife.

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Data indigenous FlightAware reflects the most recent trip by N57HJ to be Friday Aug. 6, native Martha’s Vineyard come Pittsburgh, departing at 1:34 pm EDT. Earlier in the day, it had flown native Logan international Airport in Boston come the island resort, arriving at 12:29 pm, a hop the took simply 19 minutes. Google Maps indicates driving have the right to take increase to 3 hours. Prior to that, it had actually flown from sun Valley come Boston ~ above Aug. 4.

Of the many recent 16 flights tracked by FlightAware, i beg your pardon date earlier to may 13, the Gulfstream jet landing or took off from Friedman Memorial airplane in Idaho 10 times, eight much more times native Logan and also Hanscom Field, an airport serving private jets near Boston, and five times in Boise. It also visited Los Angeles, san Francisco and Trenton, new Jersey.

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Like the Boeing company Jet president Joseph Biden used to gain to his inauguration in Washington D.C., the Kerry family’s private jet is available for hire.

FlightAware mirrors it being operated by executive, management Jet Management, a division of NetJets, Inc., i beg your pardon is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. If NetJets sells shares, leases and also jet cards ~ above a fleet that look-alike personal jets, EJM, together it is known in the industry, manages airplanes for well-off individuals and also companies the don’t want to have their own flight department.

When owners aren’t using their aircraft, they have the right to earn rental income by do them easily accessible on the charter market. Critical year, EJM ranked together the third-largest charter operator in phibìc America, follow to Argus TraqPak.

an ext FROM gendergeek.orgEverything You should Know around Booking personal Jet ChartersBy Doug Gollan

EJM doesn’t list certain aircraft top top its website, but when chartering a private aircraft via a management company the contract is often particular to an aircraft, therefore it’s possible to inquiry a tail number.

While the inner configuration of huge cabin jets choose the GIVSP can vary, a usual layout would have 13 to 14 seats. The mix varies through sets of 4 club seats facing each other, separated by the aisle, three-seat couches, and also a table v two-seat couches on each side, a bit like a booth you favorite diner.

Business Jet Traveler lists the variety as 3,880 nautical miles, enough to fly to Europe nonstop. Gulfstream stopped production this version in 2002, however when new, the perform price to be $33 million. Controller list a same-year version as the Kerry family jet v 8,558 flight hours because that sale in ~ $4.5 million.

In terms of the charter market, Denver-based OneFlight international offers the GIVSP in that jet card regimen at $15,417 every hour, including tax and also membership fees, if friend buy 25 hours. That consists of repositioning flights, therefore the rate is based on only the moment you space flying. When you charter on a flight-by-flight basis, your quote components in obtaining the airplane to wherever you are leaving from and also returning it to basic after you get off.

EJM likewise offers a jet card program, and also for that is “heavy” category, the hourly price is $13,491, back you i will not ~ be assured of paris aboard a particular aircraft.

If you carry out want come charter the Kerry’s jet, just having actually the money no enough. Most private jet owners, particularly of large-cabin aircraft, provide each charter request on a trip-by-trip basis. It’s not unusual for owners to turn down guys teams heading to las vegas or trips with lots of brief hops. Every landing and takeoff carry the plane closer come expensive maintain the owner have to pay.

The State room told Fox the former autonomous presidential candidate no on any type of of the recent flights, which can mean several of the flights were for charter customers.

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