John Cena is happily married come his gorgeous wife Shay Shariatzadeh! Learn much more about the stunning engineer here.

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WWE superstar John Cena shocked the civilization last year once it to be revealed that he had actually secretly married his girlfriend Shay Shariatzadeh in a private ceremony in Tampa, Florida. Learn more about the Canadian beauty that stole the heart of among wrestling’s many legendary stars.

John Cena and Shay Shariatzadeh

Now a family name, man Cena is widely pertained to as one of the greatest experienced wrestlers of all time. In WWE, he has earned a lining 17 world championships. On peak of his prolonged wrestling resume, Cena has actually now developed a formidable job in acting, bodybuilding, television presenting, and also even rapping. He’s currently a bonafide film star, showing up in large movies likeSuicide Squadand Bumblebee. HisSuicide Squadcharacter Peacemaker was such a hit, he’s getting his own HBO Max series.

Shay Shariatzadeh and now-husband man Cena attend the premiere of ‘Dolittle’ at the Regency village Theater in Los Angele on January 11, 2020. Photograph credit: AP.

A far cry from she husband’s prolonged career in the limelight, Shay learned Electrical and Electronics design at the university of british Columbia, whereby she obtained a bachelor’s degree in 2013 every LinkedIn. “I have always enjoyed math and physics,” she ongoing on Avigilon’s site. “My brother studied design in school, and also I remember at some point he came house with a project and it was an autonomous automobile — and also that was it! I made decision to research Engineering.”

Shay to be a product manager in ~ Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions agency in Vancouver, Canada. “I interviewed multiple Product managers to figure out exactly how they gained into their role, and I complied with their path,” she stated in a file on Avigilon‘s website. “Today, i take pride functioning in the video clip surveillance industry since our products assist keep people and their legacy safe, and also that’s my tiny contribution come our world.”

Notably, Shay has actually stayed connected to her alma mater wherein she proceeds to job-related as a mentor. Component of her dutiess incorporate developing and maintaining “connections come UBC and also contribute to initiatives to construct a more powerful industry and community,” and also contributing “to the future of engineering and modern technology by assisting the following generation of leaders,” according to she LinkedIn.

How did John and Shay meet?

John Cena and also Shay Shariatzadeh were with each other for a year and also a half before tying the knot. He first saw Shay if filming at a Vancouver restaurant where she was dining with a group of female friends and also had a love-at-first-sight moment. “There was one woman i was spring at and also I couldn’t take my eyes turn off her… that’s when it started,” John stated in one interview toEntertainment Tonight.

The couple began date in early 2019, and were an initial spotted having actually a romantic dinner date in her indigenous Vancouver in march 2019, when John remained in Canada to movie Playing v Fire.

Shay Shariatzadeh and also John Cena room seen shopping in Beverly Hills on Jan. 14, 2020. (Shutterstock)

The pair appeared to have actually plenty to talk about, as their very first outings as a couple were lengthy ones. Four hour dinners typically mean amazing conversation, and that clearly helped connect the wrestler/actor with the beautiful engineer.

His following project took him to mountain Diego, whereby she flew in to satisfy him while enjoy it a long-distance relationship. Man was such a gentleman, together he to be photographed personally acquisition her back to the airport after ~ the lengthy weekends together and passionately kissing she goodbye. Shay eventually got a tech job working remotely so the the pair to be able come be with each other all the time, and also that companionship is currently going to last a lifetime. We’ve got 5 things to know around Shay:

They finally made your red carpet debut ~ above Oct. 26, 2019 at the NYC premiere the his film Playing with Fire, whereby they to be both glowing together they smiled for cameras.

John Cena’s past Relationships

Shay operated in Vancouver, CA in an design position, much away native the limelight that was John’s ahead romance v longtime GF and also later fiance, Nikki Bella, 36. It seems that Cena opted for a more low-key romantic this time approximately after the extremely public nature that his relationship with other WWE star Bella, which finished in 2018. The two were in a high profile relationship that began in 2012. Man proposed come Nikki in April 2017, however, they never made it down the aisle — dividing in 2018.

Before Nikki, John had a few other high profile relationships through those in the wrestling community, consisting of Mickie James — who he date in 2007 — and Lisa Marie Varon for about a month. At the time, Lisa to be on a break from husband Lee Varon, that she was married come from 1994 until 2015. “One that those times that us separated, ns dated john for about a month. The was not in 2006 or 2007. It to be 2002. Ns was married yet separated. Man was single,” she explained.

John was likewise previously married toElizabeth Huberdeau. The former couple got involved in 2009, and married that same summer. John and Elizabeth were notoriously private about their relationship, an were rarely seen with each other over their 3 year marriage. The exes divorced in 2012.

Shay’s optimal Moments with Her Husband

John and Shay have kept their relationship relatively low profile, but the beauty has actually supported her husband in ~ a red carpet event or two! The pair looked for this reason glam as soon as they stepped out for their very first red carpet appearance ever at the NYC premiere ofPlaying v Fireback in Oct. 2019. Shay dazzled in a silver sequin skirt and also a black color top.

John Cena and Shay Shariatzadeh do their red carpet debut in Oct. 2019 in ~ the ‘Playing through Fire’ premiere. (MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

Just main later, the 2 were the end for another premiere — this time for his flickDolittle. Shay to be a red carpet pro by then, slaying she look with a stunning silver dress and also stylish side braid. She proud posed together John, who was beaming the entire time.

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John and Shay dazzle in ~ the ‘Dolittle’ premiere in Jan. 2020. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

While the COVID-19 pandemic placed a avoid to in-person premieres for some time, John and Shay were ago at that by Aug. 2021 for The suicide Squad in Aug. 2021. The pair happily smiled and posed for cameras, also sharing a kiss for the crowd!

Shay sustained John in ~ his Aug. 2021 premiere because that ‘Suicide Squad’ in Los Angeles. The pair also shared a kiss because that the cameras! (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Moving Forward

Thoughts of widening their family seem to it is in on horizon because that the couple. The Fast & Furious 9 star opened up up about possibly having youngsters in a new interview. “I’m a tiny bit older, a bit wiser. I’m realizing there is life and life exists and it’s beautiful — and I think part of that is gift a parent, so we’ll see,” the confessed in one interview through British outlet The Sun. This come as rather a surprise because of his strong stance versus having children with his ex-fiancée Nikki Bella, i beg your pardon ultimately contributed to the demise of their relationship.

Shay hasn’t publicly commented around whether or not she wants kids, yet she does have actually a an especially close relationship with her mother who has been a big source the inspiration. “The strongest and most tough working mrs I know is mine mother. The biggest lesson she teach me to be to be independent and fight because that the points I want in life,” Shay added in a past interview top top her previous employer’s website. “She is the factor I hit to it is in the best version of myself, to it is in kind and also to never offer up—because, despite all the hardship, she constantly smiled. She is my hero.”