chairman Biden cursed to gift a champion because that LGBTQ+ people every work in the White House, and also he’s off to a historical start. Indigenous protecting civilization from discrimination to addressing the epidemic the violence against trans people to ensuring a for sure future because that LGBTQ+ youth, there’s therefore much an excellent we can do together. We’re tracking every action taken through this White house to defend our communities and expand our rights.

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June 30, 2021 - White House creates Interagency working Group focused on Safety, Inclusion, and Opportunity because that Transgender Individuals

chairman Biden announced the facility of an interagency working team led the end of the White residence that will coordinate plans to breakthrough safety, economic opportunity, and also inclusion for transgender people. The working group will incorporate participants from the departments of Justice, Housing and also Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Education, countryside Security, Labor, Interior, Veterans Affairs, and Defense. The room of State and also USAID will likewise participate to strengthen their initiatives to safeguard transgender people from violence and discrimination roughly the world.The production of this working group aligns with references outlined in’s 2020 Blueprint for hopeful Change.

The Biden–Harris administration announced the the U.S. Department of State will start the procedure of including a non-binary gender marker and have modernized existing needs for updating sex markers ~ above United claims passports — a policy that will influence millions of individuals in the U.S., including 1.2 million non-binary adults, 2 million transgender people, and also as many as 5.5 million world who were born intersex. This new policy aligns with recommendations outlined in’s 2020 Blueprint for confident Change.

During an occasion at the White House, president Joe Biden signed into law the Pulse nationwide Memorial, which will certainly honor and remember the victims and also survivors that the Pulse Nightclub massacre through designating the space a national memorial.

June 17, 2021 - room of Justice moves To defend Transgender Young People versus Discriminatory State legislation in West Virginia & Arkansas

The Biden Administration’s department of justice filed two statements of interest in litigation an overwhelming state legislations that hurt the legal civil liberties of transgender young people. In one statement, the room of justice asserts that West Virginia’s regulation prohibiting transgender women and girls from playing on teams regular with their sex identity (WV HB 3293), spread in April the 2021, violates commonwealth law. The various other statement of interest asserts Arkansas’ legislation (AR HB 1570) that prohibits medical providers from offering transgender youth with details medically crucial care, spread by the legislature in April that 2021, violates the Constitution.

The department of education issued a an alert of interpretation that location IX prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and also gender identity, a reversal that the trumped administration's stance the LGBTQ students space not safeguarded by the law. The Department quote the can be fried Court's judgment in Bostock the federal civil rights regulation prohibiting differentiate on the communication of sex protects LGBTQ people.

Vice chairman Kamala Harris go in the resources Pride Walk and also Rally in Washington, D.C., making history as the an initial sitting Vice chairman to march in a pride event. During the march, Harris delivered quick remarks to the crowd, advocating for the Senate to pass the Equality Act.

June 1, 2021- chairman Biden Restores legacy of Recognizing proud Month in official Proclamation

President Joe Biden formally declared June together Pride Month and reiterated his pledge to defend the rights of the LGBTQ community.

The State department updated its policy to recognize the U.S. Citizenship of babies board overseas to same-sex couples, regardless of whether an American parent is biologically related. Under the brand-new policy, children born come same-sex or heterosexual couples abroad v in vitro fertilization, surrogacy or other reproductive modern technology will be well-known as U.S. Citizens at birth as lengthy as at least one of the parental is American.

President Biden officially known the global Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, and reiterated his commitment to LGBTQ rights about the world. IDAHOTB is well-known internationally and brings attention to the ongoing need because that equality for every LGBTQ people.

POTUS): "Everyone is entitled to dignity and equality, no issue who castle are, who they love, or how they recognize — and we will continue to engage with allies and partners to advance the human rights of #LGBTQI+ people." #IDAHOTB

— Reggie Greer (

The Biden administration announced it would certainly enforce federal plan to defend LGBTQ world from distinguish in wellness care based on gender identity & sexual orientation through section 1557 the the Affordable treatment Act. Trump had actually previously search to piece those protections in 2020, however the roll-back was blocked v a preliminary injunction approve in an answer to a lawsuit filed through the human Rights Campaign against the administration.

BREAKING: The Biden administration will force federal policy to defend LGBTQ civilization from differentiate in wellness care based on gender identification & sexual orientation.We successfully sued the trumped admin because that stripping health care protections far from LGBTQ people.

— human Rights project (

The Biden-Harris administration announced Gina Ortiz Jones as its nominee for Undersecretary that the waiting Force. Jones, one openly lesbian Filipino-American who offered in the air Force and also overseas in Iraq, would end up being the very first woman of shade undersecretary if confirmed.

Gina Ortiz Jones has proudly served our country and also will proceed to perform so as our following Undersecretary because that the air Force. Congratulations ~ above this historic nomination,

April 23, 2021 - room of Justice advocates for Fair therapy of Incarcerated Transgender Individuals

The department of righteousness announced in a explain of attention in litigation the under the 8th Amendment, incarcerated trans civilization must it is in housed according to their sex identity and detailed gender-affirming care.

The department of Justice has announced that under the 8th Amendment, incarcerated transgender human being must be housed appropriately and given access to gender-affirming care. Https://

— human Rights project (

The Biden-Harris administration announced plans come nominate 2 LGBTQ officials in ~ the department of Defense. Shawn Skelly will be nominated for Assistant Secretary the Defense for Readiness, and also previously made history as the an initial trans veteran appointed by a U.S. President under chairman Obama. Brenda Sue Fulton, a lesbian West allude graduate and former military officer, will certainly be nominated because that Assistant Secretary of Defense because that Manpower and also Reserve Affairs.

POTUS is proceeding to construct an administration reflective of our nation's people and also rich diversity.Representation matters. Congratulations to both Shawn Skelly and also Brenda Sue Fulton ~ above their historic appointments. Https://

— human being Rights campaign (

April 22, 2021 - department of real estate & Urban advance Withdraws Trump-Era Proposal to Gut Equal access Rule

Secretary Fudge announced plans to withdraw Trump-era proposed transforms to the Equal accessibility Rule. The Obama administration’s policy ensures non-discrimination protections in HUD-funded housing and programs based upon both sex-related orientation and also gender identity. It also protects LGBTQ families and ensures civilization seeking emergency real estate are housed safe in accordance v their sex identity.

HUDgov has withdrawn trump era proposed alters to the Equal accessibility Rule, reaffirming non-discrimination protections in HUD-funded housing/programs ~ above the communication of sex-related orientation and also gender identity.Housing is a human being right and should be cost-free of discrimination.

— human being Rights project (

April 13, 2021 - department of housing & Urban advance Announced Plans to Restore housing Protections

The room of real estate & Urban advance issued a notification of intent to gain back both the Affirmatively Furthering Fair housing rule and also the disparate influence rule. Both rule were formerly gutted under the Trump management and would promote equality for historically marginalized populations, including LGBTQ people.

Following president Biden’s executive order affirming the supreme Court’s decision in Bostock vs. Clayton County, the room of Justice authorize a memo determining the Title IX prohibits discrimination on the communication of sexual orientation and gender identity. This ensures complaints of differentiate LGBTQ college student in federally-funded schools will it is in investigated by the department of Education.

March 31, 2021 - room of Defense Releases thorough Directives top top Reversing Transgender military Ban

The room of Defense released thorough directives come formally roll earlier the ban on transgender armed forces service set in ar under Trump. This actions followed President Biden’s earlier executive bespeak repealing the discriminatory ban.

president Biden issued a statement celebrating global Transgender work of Visibility. This significant the first time a sit president identified the day committed to lifting up trans voices, stories and also the continued fight for full equality.

Transgender rights are person rights — and I’m phone call on every American to join me in uplifting the worth and also dignity that transgender Americans. Together, we have the right to stamp the end discrimination and deliver ~ above our country promise of freedom and equality because that all. #TransDayofVisibility

— chairman Biden (

March 30, 2021 - Secretary the State Blinken Rejects Conclusion top top the commission on Unalienable Rights

Secretary the State Blinken rebuked the trump card administration’s findings within its commission on Unalienable Rights, i beg your pardon tried to assert some person rights problems took priority end others. The conclusion was an attempt to undermine initiatives to strengthen the legal rights of LGBTQ people and women.

March 24, 2021 - Dr. Rachel Levine confirmed as Assistant Secretary for health and wellness at the department of health & person Services

Dr. Rachel Levine was confirmed as the next Assistant Secretary for health in the room of health & person Services, ending up being the first-ever open transgender official shown by the Senate. She represents just one that the countless historic appointments under the Biden-Harris administration.

History made: Dr. Rachel Levine to be just confirmed as the following Assistant Secretary because that Health, becoming the first-ever open minded transgender commonwealth official evidenced by the Senate. Trans world are leaders, innovators and also change-makers — and we worthy a seat at every table.

— human Rights project (

Following president Biden’s executive order, the consumer Financial defense Bureau (CFPB) released an interpretive dominance enforcing the same Credit possibility Act come prohibit discrimination on the communication of sex-related orientation and gender identity. The dominance will for sure LGBTQ human being do not face discrimination when accessing financial solutions such as loans or credit.

chairman Biden issued two executive assignment commemorating global Women’s Day. The very first called for the development of a White House gender Policy the supervisory board to advance gender equality in domestic and also foreign plan development, combat systemic bias and also discrimination, emphasis on boosting female participation in the labor force and also decrease wage and also wealth gaps. The 2nd order directs the room of education and learning to review all of its regulations, orders and guidance, consisting of Title IX, to ensure they are continuous with the administration's job-related aimed at avoiding sexual violence ~ above campuses nationwide.

At chairman Biden’s direction, the department of Veterans to work announced that would start reviewing its plans to ensure they room inclusive the all sex identities and also gender expressions. This consists of a plan to finish the ban on gender-affirming treatment for infectious diseases world fashion veterans.

DeptVetAffairs announced brand-new policies that will usher in systemic changes expanding support because that LGBTQ veterans.One significant change: castle will begin planning to end the ban on gender-affirming treatment for infectious diseases worldwide veterans.

— human Rights project (

After reintroduction of the Equality action in the House, chairman Biden shared his assistance for the legislation and called on conference to swiftly sign it into law. The Equality action would create sweeping protections because that LGBTQ world in housing, education, health care and more. The White residence later placed out its main statement of management policy supporting the legislation.

The Equality Act offers long overdue commonwealth civil civil liberties protections because that LGBTQ+ Americans, preventing discrimination in our housing, education, windy services, and lending systems. Ns urge congress to quickly pass this historic legislation.

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— president Biden (

The department of Housing and also Urban Development, in ~ the direction of chairman Biden, announced it would certainly enforce the Fair real estate Act come prohibit discrimination against LGBTQ people, a step toward addressing the housing challenges many in our community face.


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