Many pan can’t imagine what Criminal Minds would certainly be favor without Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, that is play by A.J. Cook. The quick-thinking profiler was once the BAU’s former liaison v both the media and also police. Once she reverted in season 7, she ended up being the profiler we recognize her to be. But why did A.J. Chef leave Criminal Minds just to return again? check out on to find out more.

From media liaison to criminal profiler

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A.J. Chef | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

JJ is currently a criminal profiler, however that wasn’t exactly how it allbegan. She been about since the very beginning of the series and to be a fan favoritefor many. Afterseason 5, Cook’s contract no renewed and also it to be reported the it to be inan initiative to cut some costs. However, she didn’t just get cut completely. Cookstuck around to perform a few episodes in season 6 come tie up loose ends.

Fans didn’t desire A.J. Cook to leaving the present

Fans weren’t precisely on board for JJ come be gone from theirfavorite series. Cook was ultimately brought earlier into the fold and also came backfor season 7. She hasn’t left the present since, and also fans really seem to prefer JJ,at least for the many part.

TV GuideMagazine spoke v Cook around her return to the collection as well together herprior departure. “I had no idea it to be coming,” cook said. “None of united state did. I’dbe lie if I stated it didn’t hurt mine feelings, however I made decision to be me through thewhole thing. And that’s command me ago to where I started, however in a completelydifferent way.”

When request if she thought the fans to be responsible for herreturn come Criminal Minds, chef said, “Their outpouring of assistance reallyblew me away. That’s certainly the silver lining to gift let go. The fansreally let me know exactly how they felt, and I guess: v they yes, really let CBS know too.”

Fans no happy after that explosive season 14 finale

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CrimMinds_CBS) June 24, 2019

Now the the final season is almost here, fans have actually mixed feelings about JJ ~ she revealed some shocking info to Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) in the season 14 finale. JJ to be being hosted at gunpoint through a terrifying unsub and the press was on. Reid was there as well and also she had to expose a secret she had never stated out according to before.

“Spence, um, I’ve always loved you. And I was just too fear to speak it before. And now points are simply really too facility to to speak now,” JJ revealed. “I’m sorry, but you need to know.”

Reddit is complete of fans acquisition sides about whether or no JJ and also Reid should take their connection to the next level. The ton is overwhelmingly negative and points don’t look an excellent for Jeid going into the final season.

“When the finish is draw close they seem to just hastilycreated a required romance and also I don’t to buy it, that was never (well there space somebut it’s brief lived and it just happened naturally) in CM’s nature,” a Reddituser said.

“I dislike it,” one more user wrote. “It makes no sense and isjust developed for drama. That did have actually a like on her in the beginning but shenever reverted the feelings, she only ever before saw him together a friend/little brotherfigure, and also eventually his feel went far too.”

Thankfully, JJ will certainly be in the last season of CriminalMinds. Pan will obtain to see exactly how it every plays out v her and also Reid when season15 premieres on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, in ~ 9 p.m. E.S.T.