Jimmy Fallon is the lovable king the late-night television. The feels prefer the girlfriend you desire to invite to every the barbecues. He"s that guy who have the right to effortlessly distinguish between funny and offensive; the everyman who bridges the gap between the stars and the remainder of us. It"s simple to forget the the self-deprecating host of The tonight Show is rich and famous too, and also beneath his well-tailored fit and huge grin, Fallon reportedly has actually a darker, rougher, more troubling side. Is he leading a dual life? check out on and also decide for yourself.

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In February 2014, Jimmy Fallon"s Saturday Night Live co-star, Horatio Sanz, claimed the affable comic had a penchant because that booze. " to be superfunctioning alcoholics, definitely," Sanz told Vulture. "They speak that kind of works together with SNL, some kind of substance-abuse issues, since it"s therefore stressful girlfriend easily find yourself blowing off steam a lot." Sanz didn"t intend to actors a shadow on his friend, but as Fallon"s fame proceeds to grow, one increasing number of folks have argued that drinking can be negative undercutting Fallon"s "superfunctioning" abilities.

Fallon"s alleged drinking exploits aren"t just relegated to stories by his friends and also former castmates, however. A Manhattan bartender dished some dirt come the New York Post about the moment in 2009 that Fallon pertained to the Whiskey River and partied until 5:30 the next morning. "He"s a mess. Ns love him," she said. "Everything you"ve heard is true."

Fallon denied that he has a drinking difficulty in a 2017 interview with The brand-new York Times. "I might never execute a day-to-day task if ns was drink every night," he told the record (via Entertainment Tonight). "That"s just kicking you once you"re down."

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Jimmy Fallon directly escaped a bar brawl in the East town while partying through friends ~ a display in 2014. A spy told Page Six, "There was some hostility from some civilization at the bar. Jimmy was no the aggressor, however he was recorded up in it. It was damaged up and Jimmy and also his friends automatically left." The following night, the tab reported that Fallon partied until the wee hrs at a various bar, ordering vodka shots for everyone.

Former Saturday Night Live co-star Horatio Sanz has additionally waxed poetic around Fallons" fighting skills. "Yeah, we got in a pair of brawls," Sanz called Vulture. "I"ve seen Jimmy clock a few people." that recalled the moment Fallon supposedly poured beer on someone"s hat, thinking it belonged to Sanz"s friend. It didn"t. As soon as the guy the hat belonged to faced Fallon, "Jimmy simply punched him," Sanz claimed. "He wasn"t that hurt; he just walked into a tornado of drunken stupidity. Yeah, Jimmy could fight. Ns don"t recognize where that learned, yet he definitely scrapped with the best of them." While it"s no mystery that Fallon likes come unwind after ~ work, his possible penchant for winding up argues that the lovable late-night hold may be hiding a average streak. 

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Jimmy Fallon"s previous injuries read like those that a toddler hyped up on hill Dew. He apparently severed a finger at house in June 2015. "I tripped and also fell in my kitchen on a braided rug the my mam loves, and also I can"t wait to burn it to the ground," the comedian told audience on the night he went back to work. "My ring got caught on the countertop as soon as I to be going down, and also stuck there and also pulled my finger off." Fallon post a Twitter picture of his bandaged hand, quipping "#drugged" and also "#blessed." The injury landed him in the ICU for 10 days and required six hrs of surgery. Months later, he chipped a tooth trying to open a seasoned of scar tissue gelatin for his hand.

Fallon injured his other hand in October 2015 when he apparently tripped in ~ a party ... Through a bottle of Jägermeister. "He just fell on it," a witness called Page Six. "We all assumed he did that on purpose." Fallon later on told Tonight Show audiences, "I threw the bottle and then ns landed on broken glass. There pools the blood everywhere."

Is it negative luck or bad behavior that"s tripping Fallon up? The New York Post reported that NBC is "worried that Fallon"s drinking has end up being excessive." one insider asserted Fallon"s off-screen antics amongst network execs have "gone from a whisper to a chatter."

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Sam Jones photographed Jimmy Fallon and fellow late-night TV hosts because that a September 2015 spread out in Vanity Fair title "Host-to-Host Sensation." In the story"s accompanying photograph, ten hosts room gathered together, all dressed in suits with a drink in their hands. The gaggle has Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, and also more. Fallon is the only human being sans beverage.

"The Jimmy point was a little interesting, since I don"t understand that everyone gained the memo that us were going to have drinks," Jones told the New York Post. "We ended up shooting the a few different methods and...in the end he decided, "I don"t want to have actually a drink in the picture."" Some viewed that decision as a shady attempt to cover-up Fallon"s drink antics beneath a squeaky-clean photograph shoot.

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A Tonight Show insider called the New York Post the Jimmy Fallon may be privately struggling through the success that his show. "There is so lot money at stake, the pressure is enormous. , they"re trying to find the next viral thing to hit. He has to do calls through affiliates and also sponsors. He has actually no outlet. He"s young. He"s quiet learning. You forget he hasn"t been doing this 10 years."

If Fallon is top a dual life, he wouldn"t be the first late-night organize to do so. "There"s a sort of loneliness to gift a so late night host," photographer Sam Jones said the New York Post.

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previous Late Show hold David Letterman was notoriously private about his personal life till a sex scandal and also extortion attempt compelled him to talk about his difficulties on air. Fallon is a married man and father that two, so suggestions that he might be life some kind of shady dual life could simply reflect a desire to preserve some boundaries in between his personal and skilled lives.

In Feb. 2019, comedian Nick Cannon took to Instagram to slam number of white comedians because that donning blackface. The article included Jimmy Fallon that wore the on Saturday Night Live to impersonate chris Rock. "Happy "BLACKFACE" background Month!!!" the caption read. "I"m certain we deserve to expect some much more "Apologies" through Monday..."

In a follow-up post, Cannon described why the exercise is therefore offensive. "BlackFace and also Racism room rooted in and also are byproducts the the Institutionalized be oppressive of a put down people," he wrote. "These current revealings of people painting themselves black or brown and also speaking in broken slang in an attempt to be humorous or have actually fun; as if our culture is some type of party trick or costume is unacceptable."

Fallon had one more cringeworthy moment while hosting the 2017 gold Globes with another awkward impression of chris Rock. "For some reason, Jimmy Fallon chose that the awards display was the right moment to execute a drunken impression of chris Rock telling a joke about The world v. OJ Simpson," Fusion"s Isha Aran created in her recap. "For some reason, NBC was right into the idea. For an excellent measure, the network reduced to a bunch the black civilization in the audience while Fallon to be doing his bit, as if to say, "It"s OK! Really!""