Showtime’s Shameless premiered in at an early stage 2011. The show has tackled its own irreverent, distinct spin come the storyline the dysfunctional family dynamics, regardless of originally gift an adaptation of its british TV namesake. With its 11th —and final—season right now on the air, it’s Showtime’s longest-running scripted series. Shameless has introduced many controversial characters and also shocking plotlines over its decade-long run. And also one suggested conclusion for a significant character was particularly gruesome.

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Why did Steve leave ‘Shameless’?

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Actor Justin Chatwin play Jimmy Lishman, who additionally goes by the names “Jack” and also “Steve Wilton.” The character an initial appeared in Shameless in its first season, and he continued to sporadically pop up in the series’ initial five seasons. He’s presented as a wealthy, rebellious womanizer who is an extremely interested in courting Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum), the earliest Gallagher child and arguably the leader that the Gallagher family.

“If you’ve ever shipped a pair of television characters, you understand the ache of the one that got away, the agony that will-they-won’t-they, and the struggle of the love interest who can’t it seems ~ to remain away, yet isn’t the type to commit,” reports Refinery29. “Shameless, not to be outdone, has actually a character the combines all of those traits and who stays a mystery.”

As Fiona dug into her lover’s past, she uncovered that not only was Jimmy-Steve walk by many names, but he’s additionally involved in complex criminal networks. In ~ one point, audience were also led to believe he’d to be murdered by the daughter that a south American drug lord. And also that’s no the only surprising aspect of Jimmy-Steve.

Jimmy-Steve nearly got beheaded

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At the end of season three, Jimmy is led onto a boat and it’s implied that he’s eliminated while onboard. Jimmy doesn’t appear at all for the entirety of season four, solidifying the theory that the character had actually been murdered. That theory quickly unraveled in ~ the finish of Shameless‘ fourth season. After ~ the credits rolling on season four’s finale, a quick clip airs the a mysterious male pulling up to the Gallagher house. The guy turned the end to it is in Jimmy — plainly still an extremely alive.

According come TVLine, even Shameless command star Rossum didn’t know around the shocking twist. But Jimmy’s storyline could have turn out an extremely differently. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, also Chatwin states he believed his character had been written off the show. “I had actually made a head cast, i m sorry is once they’re probably going to blow off her head or chop off her head, so i was 100 percent certain that mine character was deceased,” that says.

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What happened to Steve aka Jimmy on ‘Shameless’?

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The reason Jimmy’s storyline to be left open-ended to be by accident. Viewers to be actually claimed to view him eliminated on screen, uneven the ambiguous finishing of season three. “Wells revealed the filming allow for the dock expired prior to the scene could be completed,” defines TV Guide. “Because they didn’t clearly see his death, viewers concern whether Jimmy’s life has actually actually to be spared.” the wasn’t the intention for the character, however the producers finished up an altering the storyline at the critical moment.

called and also said had an idea,” describes Chatwin to The Hollywood Reporter. “I guess: v there had been a many rallying native Emmy and the actors to bring ago my character since felt favor something was absent — possibly some heart — that they felt ours relationship carried out in the story. And also I think there had been a rally from part fans who favored that character .” therefore Jimmy-Steve to be brought ago from the dead and reconnects with Fiona in season five for an unpleasant and also brief reunion.