Emmy Rossum no in Shameless Season 11. However, the doesn’t avoid fans indigenous reminiscing about Fiona Gallagher’s connection with Jimmy-Steve (Justin Chatwin) earlier in the series. It turns out that the writers did not tell Rossum the Chatwin was returning in season 5. She was as surprised viewers were when Fiona’s ex walked earlier into she life. 


Actors Emmy Rossum and Justin Chatwin that ‘Shameless’ | Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

‘Shameless’: What taken place to Jimmy-Steve?

At the end of Shameless Season 3, plenty of fans believed that Jimmy-Steve was dead. Jimmy’s wife, Estefania (Stephanie Vanessa Fantauzzi), was deported because that failing to impress the immigration department. So, she father, Nando (Pêpê Rapazote), recorded him and took him the end on his boat. Numerous viewers believed that Nando eliminated Jimmy, and he’s lacking for the entire fourth season of the series. 

However, a section of fans assumed that Jimmy was no dead due to the fact that they go not view Nando shoot him.

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Jimmy ultimately returned because that the season 4 finale however didn’t see the Gallaghers. After ~ the closeup of the door credits, he traction up in prior of the Gallagher family with an unknown woman. However, he wasn’t ready to go within yet.

In season 5, Jimmy returned and also visited Fiona at Patsy’s Pies. He showed up in a few episodes whereby the two recorded up and fell right into their old means of sleeping together. However, in the end, they wished each other a an excellent life.

Emmy Rossum asked the ‘Shameless’ authors to lug Jimmy-Steve back

WhileShamelesswas airing, Rossum often live-tweeted v fans. She discovered that many human being did not believe that Jimmy-Steve was dead.

“I feeling like civilization are separation into two really identified camps,” Rossum told Collider. “People who space really all set for that to it is in over, and people the felt it was unresolved. Being on Twitter, live-tweeting some of the episodes, i get straight feedback from people. A many of world felt like, if lock didn’t check out him shooting in the head, and they simply heard gunshots off-camera, the he no dead.”

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Rossum shared fans’ opinions on Jimmy-Steve v the writers and also producers of Shameless.

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“They definitely didn’t bring him ago because i asked,” she added. “But ns think my putting a bug in their ear, every when in a while, helped.”

Emmy Rossum had no idea the Jimmy-Steve to be returning in ‘Shameless’ Season 5

Although the actors gained their scripts prior to filmingShameless, the writers hid Jimmy-Steve’s return indigenous Rossum.

“So, when they punked me and also brought him back without me knowing, it blew my mind,” Rossum admitted. “I was very surprised by his storyline this year, and also not in a shock value way. Ns was simply surprised by how their relationship has adjusted and grown.”

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Chatwin to be equally as shocked the his personality was no dead.

“I assumed he to be dead,” Chatwin said The Hollywood Reporter. “I had made a head cast, i beg your pardon is when they’re most likely going to blow off her head or chop off your head, so ns was 100 percent specific that my character to be deceased.”