We have to think about whether or no we desire to invest ours time in personalities or a series that can be ripped away from us at a moment's notice.

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Being addicted come a television show can be hard sometimes. In a world of quick and easy cancellations, we have to take into consideration whether or no we desire to invest our time in characters or a series that could be ripped away from us at a moment's notice. Us usually do it anyway, then uncover ourselves hoping our beloved present gets one an ext season. Unfortunately, that doesn't constantly work out. Such is the situation with the 4 shows below. In these instances at least, the showrunners have readily available up what would have happened had actually these four wonderful program continued beyond cancellation.

A&E infuriated viewers once it abruptly cancelled The Glades at the end of Season 4, v Detective Jim Longworth lied in a pool of blood after being shot. The display ended on august 26, 2013, and we had to find out from the show's creator Clifton Campbell that Jim would have survived and the fifth season would have focused on finding the shooter. Campbell added something the let us understand we weren't the just ones take away aback through the cancellation, too:

The cancellation took us all by surprise.

Though this present ended in 1997, faithful fans are still asking about that infant that unexpectedly appeared. Just how did it obtain into the Lois and also Clark story? through so much fan speculation focused on the child, Brad Buckner, the executive, management Producer of seasons 3 and also 4, was kind sufficient to describe some the the thinking. He provided an interview to Kryptonsite in 2003, comment the burning question: What would have happened in Season 5?

Lois and also Clark became very attached to the small boy who began to prosper at an abnormal rate, turning into a pre-teen in a issue of a couple of months. He also began to build super powers, not all of which he provided responsibly, because he was a troubled kid. Turns out he to be Kryptonian royalty, stashed by his mommy to save him safe from assassins. In the finish he had actually to (tearfully) leave the just parents he'd ever before known (L & C) and also return to conserve his imperiled people.

When Chuck finished in 2012, viewers tho weren't certain whether or not Sarah's memories had returned. Did she remember she life through Chuck? That's among the countless reasons fans space still demanding a movie and/or one more season. They desire absolute closure. Collection Creator kris Fedak, once speaking to TVLine, offered a different option.

I think it’s absolutely a happy ending, but I additionally think that we favor a tiny bit the ambiguity. Leaving it up to the lining fans to take their very own individual impression away.

When speaking about the fans, that went on come add:

But I perform hope they feel very satisfied. I think the ending has a little of magic to it. People should think in exactly how they wanted it come end.

Though some viewers take into consideration the ambiguous finishing of angel to be a good one; others want to know if Angel and Spike survived the battle. What viewers didn't recognize was that Joss Whedon caused the show's cancellation by a pushing the WB for very early pickup because that Season 6. Therefore the writers had actually to compose an ending befitting the show and also the characters. No all pan agreed the ending fit, however. They want answers, and also Joss Whedon offered them when the show was ongoing in a comic book, Angel: after ~ the Fall. In one interview with TV Guide, Whedon available his thoughts on the collection finale.

But the suggest of the present is that you're never done; no issue who go down, the fight goes on. Did I end it this method so that it can lead right into an exciting sixth season? Yes, yet this is still a final statement, if that's what it demands to be.

It was because of ours love for these mirrors that we wanted a clearer ending; however, v Angel, we understand now why it ended the method it did. They to be planning because that a sixth season, and that would have actually been a killer cliffhanger ending for Season 5. Still, the comic book gave united state closure.

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Fortunately, there is always hope for a movie or one more season come tie up loosened ends together in the case of The Glades and also Chuck. For Lois and Clark: The new Adventures of Superman, over there is constantly fan-fiction if that's your sort of thing. On the various other hand, if you're like I am, girlfriend can always write her own finishing in her head.