Jim Carrey painting in his studio. Courtesy that the artist.

Jim Carrey is not a male to execute things by halves—at least not when it concerns his art. For the last 6 years, he has thrown himself right into painting, functioning so prolifically the some might mistake his home for a museum. This weekend, the actor showcased the fruits of his labor in “Sunshower,” a solo exhibition in ~ the Signature collection Group‘s ras Vegas gallery.

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“There’s not a day that goes by the I’m not covered in repaint or something indigenous doing sculptures,” Carrey claimed in a current interview with magazine. “It’s all around that for me now—being fully involved, heart, mind, and soul. Sometimes it’s art, sometimes it’s performance, and sometimes it’s just talking come someone.”

The means Carrey talks around his work, arts sounds less like other he renders and much more like something that happens come him. “Making arts in general is no really a choice,” that said. “I’m being painted and I’m gift expressed and also I’m being created, and there’s small me involved.”

With the exemption of “Nothing to see Here,” a tiny show at Palm Springs’ pagan James fine Art in 2011, Carrey had kept his arts project relatively quiet. That is, till last month, once Signature exit “I needed Color,” a six-minute documentary showing the comedian at work-related in his studio. Speaking to W, Carrey admitted that he exit the film, in part, to reveal to his fans what he had been approximately in recent years, a time through relatively couple of acting jobs on his résumé.


The response to the video was explosive: It has now been perceived over 5 million times, and also the arts was savaged by Guardian art movie critic Jonathan Jones. Carrey made headlines again this month after giving a bizarre interview during brand-new York Fashion Week, telling E! gendergeek.org, “There’s no definition to any of this,” and that he “wanted to find the most meaningless point that I could come to and join, and also here ns am.”

In enhancement to his artistic pursuits, Carrey will soon be the subject of a documentary premiering top top Netflix, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond. The doc chronicles the filming the the 1999 movie Man on the Moon, and the actor’s appointment to technique acting in his portrayal that comedic great Andy Kaufman. Also in the works is a novel Carrey is writing with Dana Vachon, collection to come the end late this year or at an early stage next.

For the moment, though, the emphasis is top top Carrey’s painting. In Vegas, would-be collectors and also fans looking to to visit the opened were essentially asked to commit to buying an artwork increase front. “$10,000 per couple—that’s for two human being to attend. Whole amount used toward Jim lug artwork of her choice,” the gallery’s website advertised. That price likewise came through “cocktails, hors-d’oeuvres, desserts, and also live entertainment,” and also the opportunity to fulfill the Hollywood star in person.

“You can not have to think around Vegas and also art in the exact same breath,” Carrey admitted. “ut ns Iove the idea because it offers me an opportunity to not only let civilization who desire to invest money on art watch the stuff, but additionally real civilization who to walk in who might not enter the Gagosian or everything it is—not the I have that alternative yet.”


Jim Carrey paint in his studio. Courtesy the the artist.

There are, that course, a select few who acquire to view Carrey’s occupational at house in his studio. In enhancement to Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, Carrey shared that visitors have consisted of “a lot of an imaginative people” and “big athletes”—Lebron James tweeted in admiration after ~ the release of “I essential Color“—many of whom have actually purchased his works.

Those paintings are generally bright and colorful, with subjects such together Jesus reflecting the exhibition’s rather spiritual bent. The display title, “Sunshower,” claimed Carrey, is around witnessing things like sun showers that bring you “into awareness in this current moment, come that part of her consciousness that desires to prevent in time and also own it.”

See more works indigenous the exhibition below.

Jim Carrey, electrical Jesus. Courtesy the the artist.

Jim Carrey, This One Is Broken. Courtesy the the artist.

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