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At long last, JetBlue will begin flying come London later this year!! start Aug. 12, 2021, you have the right to fly between brand-new York and also London Heathrow. And also beginning Sept. 30, you have the right to fly between brand-new York and London Gatwick. You can book these flights together of today.

That means you deserve to finally publication JetBlue Mint across the Atlantic through points you earn from few of the best travel credit transaction cards — detailed the coronavirus lockdowns ease up by then.

JetBlue’s first class cabin is much better than an initial class. The Mint. This cleverly called cabin is a premium take trip experience, but seats are only obtainable on select JetBlue Mint routes. While the isn’t constantly worth it to update to Mint class using miles, making use of points or cash to score a chair is absolutely worth your while. There truly is no place like Mint, and also here’s why. 

What is JetBlue’s Mint class?

Mint course is JetBlue’s premium cabin and, arguably, the best seats you’ll discover on an airplane. But, Mint course is not available on every flights, for this reason be certain to examine out theJetBlue Mint routesbefore friend book. If you are lucky enough to be on a trip that offers Mint class, you have the right to expect a deluxe travel experience.

Inside JetBlue’s Mint class, you will certainly be met through the longest completely lie-flat chair on any domestic premium flight. This seats recline to a full 6’8” and have adjustable firmness cushions to add a massage feature.

Inside the JetBlue Mint cabin. (Photo courtesy the JetBlue)

And, if you desire to take it the endure to the following level, you deserve to upgrade to a suite seat with a door for extra privacy.

JetBlue Mint class suite seat. (Photo courtesy the JetBlue)

In addition to having actually the largest bed on any domestic premium flight, JetBlue Mint seats also boast the largest TV on any kind of domestic trip at 22” (on some flights) and also 17” or 15” on various other routes. Every TV has complimentary on-demand movies, shows and also live TV.

JetBlue Mint course TV. (Photo courtesy the JetBlue)

As if this already wasn’t enough, JetBlue is upgrading their Mint suites on select flights beginning this year. In the brand-new Mint suites, there will not just be a lie level bed and also TV, however there will additionally be an extra seat because that a guest and also a workspace all inside the suite. This new, mini apart-mints will be available on flights from the U.S. To London and also select JFK-LAX routes.

Plus, Mint passengers will eat generous portions of delicious, restaurant-quality food on all JetBlue flights, many thanks to JetBlue’s partnership v Delicious Hospitality Group. And bonus, this partnership additionally brings an open up bar and also curated alcohol list!

You won’t walk hungry with these parts in JetBlue Mint class! (Photo by Keith Rosso/Million Mile Secrets)

To do a lengthy story short, JetBlue’s Mint class is merely a really cool, luxurious way to travel.

How do I take trip in Mint class?

If this is every sounding pretty great to you, you’re probably wondering how you can travel in JetBlue’s very first class, Mint. Your an initial step to traveling in Mint course is to make sure it’s accessible on the trip you’re trying come book due to the fact that only choose routes have Mint. In regards to actually booking, you have the three traditional options: booking with points, booking through miles, or paying cash for a Mint seat.

It’s crucial to note that JetBlue doesn’t have actually the timeless award graph you might be provided to see on other airlines. Instead, the price you salary in points or mile is tied to the seat’s cash price. This system has actually positives and also negatives. ~ above the pros side, there are no blackout days on JetBlue, therefore if you can publication a seat v cash, girlfriend can likewise do it with points or miles. On the flaw side, you have the right to only use one kind of payment for her ticket. If you want to update to Mint and also you payment in cash, you need to upgrade in cash. The same goes for if girlfriend booked in JetBlue points. If cash prices are (understandably) pretty high for Mint and also your miles have the right to likely be provided a better way, JetBlue points room a an excellent way to score a Mint seat.

The easiest way to knife JetBlue points and book a trip on Mint class is by acquiring a JetBlue credit transaction card. Great option because that earning is the JetBlue add to Card. This credit transaction card comes v a welcome bonus that 40,000 JetBlue points ~ spending $1,000 on to buy in the an initial 90 days. Plus, you’ll knife 6X point out on JetBlue purchases and 2X points for grocery store and restaurant purchases.

The info for the JetBlue add to Card has been accumulated independently by Million Mile Secrets. The map details top top this page have actually not to be reviewed or detailed by the card issuer.

Perks of travel in JetBlue’s Mint class

The perks of JetBlue Mint course are extensive and impressive. Here’s just a few to acquire you excited for your future luxury travel.

The ideal seats top top a domestic airline:Every single seat in JetBlue’s Mint cabin extends completely back come a an extensive 6’8”. Every seat additionally comes with adjustable firmness cushions and also a massage feature. Plus, on every flights, Mint cabin travelers will acquire a Tuft & Needle-designed comforter and also pillow. And, if you want extra privacy, you have the right to even publication a suite seat through a door. Room you top top cloud nine yet?

Gourmet, restaurant quality, food and also drinks:JetBlue has partnered with Delicious Hospitality team to bring brand-new York City restaurants on board their aircraft. Part featured restaurants encompass Charlie Bird, Pasquale and also Legacy Records. Mint’s rotating food selection of small plates currently features delicacies choose lobster, beef tenderloin, and also chocolate opera cake. Together if that wasn’t great enough, the partnership likewise extends come alcohol to include an artisan wine list and hand-shaken cocktails. Yum!

Quality entertainment:With one of two people a 22”, 17” or 15” TV at her seat, Mint class will feel choose you’re quiet in her living room. The Mint entertainment systems feature hundreds the on-demand movies, TV shows, preserve content, and also even live TV. The systems also have meditation and sleepscapes because that those red-eye flights. And, each guest will gain noise-isolating headphones indigenous NYC’s understand & Dynamic!

Personalized business just for you:One of the finest things around a an initial class pilgrimage on any type of airline is the personalized experience. JetBlue’s Mint course is no exception to this rule, together there will be a trip attendant dedicated to this class. Under passengers per flight attendant instantly make for much better service, however JetBlue walk an extra mile beyond that. With tiny touches favor wellness and also snooze kit for every passengers, parting touchdown treats, and also a do Not annoy button, you’ll truly feel favor royalty in Mint class.

An easier airport experience:The high-end of Mint class doesn’t start as soon as you get on the plane; it starts before. Through two free checked bags, expedited check-in, priority boarding and also lounge access while awaiting her flight, the pampering starts as soon as you enter the airport.

COVID and also Mint customers

Luckily because that Mint passengers, the JetBlue very first class experience has not readjusted much because of the pandemic. While many other airlines have limited or stopped their enjoy the meal service, the Mint cabin still uses a complete rotational menu to all travelers. Their comfort experience hasn’t changed either, with all Mint travelers tho receiving a comforter, pillow and pre-packaged snooze kit. Even though the Mint endure is the same, their plans have obtained a lot safer with the pandemic.

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For starters, JetBlue conducts daily temperature checks, request masks and also providing paid sick leave for every employees to ensure those offer you space healthy. The airline additionally requires every passengers to wear masks while onboard and has upgraded your air filtration solution on every planes. Plus, passenger must likewise complete a wellness declaration type before boarding and also use touchless checkpoints throughout the boarding process.

Bottom line

JetBlue’s Mint class is the height of plane luxury. With personalized touches and extra thought placed into whatever from the seat to the food selection to the entertainment, girlfriend honestly can’t go wrong with Mint class. Next time you’re flying JetBlue take into consideration booking yourself a chair in the Mint cabin. You certainly won’t regret it, and you worthy it!