JetBlue Airways is among my favorite domestic airlines through a solid product in both economy and business. Most likely the ideal transcontinental organization class endure you have the right to get. However, JetBlue does charge for bags on your cheapest fare and also it does add up.

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In this article, I’ll discuss the particular baggage fees for carry-ons, confirm bags, and also international flights and also show you some means to stop these fees. I’ll also talk around special scenarios such together overweight baggage, pet policies, and also military privileges.

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Table of Contents

How have the right to I prevent the package fees?Credit CardsJetBlue Airlines an individual item and carry-on restrictionsJetBlue Airlines checked baggage feesJetBlue airline baggage fees for international flights

What are the JetBlue airways baggage fees?

JetBlue permits one cost-free personal item and carry-on luggage but charges flat checked baggage fees depending on how countless pieces the luggage you desire to it is in checked.

Bags bought on or prior to January 15, 2020, will have slightly cheaper checked baggage fees than bags bought on or after January 16, 2020. I will certainly go into detail below.

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How have the right to I avoid the package fees?

There space a few different means that you can avoid baggage fees through JetBlue.

JetBlue Mosaic

JetBlue’s one tier commitment program is dubbed Mosaic which is an extremely straightforward contrasted to other commitment programs. To acquire Mosaic status, you require to accomplish one the the complying with bullets below:

15,000 trip points30 segments and 12,000 flight pointsSpend $50,000 on the Barclay JetBlue add to Card

Mosaic members obtain 2 free checked bags on any kind of JetBlue flight and also many various other benefits prefer expedited security, early on boarding, and cost-free alcoholic beverages onboard. You have the right to read more about Mosaic condition here.

Fare options

Blue Basic, Blue, Blus Plus, Blue Extra, andMint space the various fares JetBlue permits you to choose from if booking. The difference between these fares space the fees, emergency security, and also seat. Blue fare, JetBlue’s cheapest fare, comes through no checked bags. Because that Blue Plus, Blue Flex, and also Mint it goes as follows:

Blue Plus: 1 free checked bagBlueFlex: 2 complimentary checked bags (fare not being sold anymore)Mint: 2 cost-free checked bags

Each fare is priced in different ways on every route and changes every day depending upon the seat left for that fare on the route and on that day.

Blue add to fares are usually $27 more than Blue fares, yet there is a significant downside, JetBlue got rid of Blue add to from plenty of of that routes.

Credit Cards

You deserve to utilize certain credit cards to get a free checked bag, reduce, or get rid of your baggage fees top top JetBlue

JetBlue to add Card

JetBlue airline baggage fees for international flights

JetBlue dues the same baggage fees as any type of domestic flight. JetBlue provides it simple for package fees, unlike various other US carriers that have actually fees the vary between different international destinations.

The prices listed below are for one-way flights, no roundtrip, and must not exceed 62″ (157.48 cm) in in its entirety dimensions or exceed50 pounds (22.68 kg)

Do note: Dominican Republic, Haiti, Peru,and Trinidad & Tobago have details requirements for checked luggage. It’s ideal to refer to their webpage around international travelfor the most accurate information.

JetBlue airlines excess checked baggage fee

Overweight bags and/or bags that exceed the dimensions will obtain an extra fee:

Bags that weigh 51 lbs (23.13 kg) come 99 lbs (44.91 kg), the fee will be $150 per bag.Bags that exceed size of63″ in (160 cm) come 80 in (203.3 cm)(including wheels and also handles), the fee will certainly be $150 every bag.

When can I check-in bags because that JetBlue Airlines?

You deserve to check-in as early as 6 hrs prior come the scheduled leave (depending ~ above your exit city). Because that airports that only serve one JetBlue flight a day, the check-in counters frequently only open up up 3 hours prior come the scheduled departure.

Bags should be confirm in at the very least 40 minutes before the scheduled departure on residential flights. For international flights, bags must be checked in at least 60 minutes before the booked departure.

Can i travel v smart luggage (smart bags) ~ above JetBlue?

You are permitted to travel with smart bags top top JetBlue but youmust have actually the lithium battery eliminated from the bag and the battery brought in the cabin.

The bag (without the battery) deserve to be transported as a carry-on or checked bag.

JetBlue Airlines military baggage fees

If you’re energetic duty in the united state military, your bags deserve to fly for totally free in the adhering to circumstances:

Active duty traveling for leisure: 2 bags freeActive duty traveling for duty: 5 bags free

Any dependents top top the exact same PNR (passenger surname record) as the energetic duty passenger will obtain the same baggage waivers.

For leisure travel, you will be compelled to present DoD Common access Card in ~ the check-in respond to to have actually the package fees waived. While travel on orders, you must show both DoD CAC and travel orders in ~ the check-in counter.

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Sports equipment and also special items on Jetblue flights

JetBlue has a sporting equipment and also special item webpage detailing each item and also how to fill them.

Some equipment and items they permit are together follows:

BicyclesBaseballBowlingSurfingDronesFishingGolfingScubaSkateboardsSkis/SnowboardsKitesurfingWindsurfingand other equipment

JetBlue airlines pet policy

Pets deserve to travel on JetBlue because that $125 every way. JetBlue recommends paying in advancement at booking or call 1-800-538-2583. Girlfriend can additionally pay in ~ the “Full Service” check-in counter and add your pet come the flight, however there is a restricted amount of pet on every flight.

Pet carrier count in the direction of one carry-on bag. Pet carriers cannot exceed17″L x 12.5″W x 8.5″H and also a total weight the 20 lbs through the pet carrier. You must have actually ID tags, pet license, approved pet carrier, and vaccinations with documentation.

At the airport, check-in her pet at the “Full Service” counter. At defense remove your pet and carry or walk that while the pet transport is x-rayed. When onboard her pet need to stay within the carrier.

Pets can not take trip to Jamaica, Barbados, St Lucia, Cayman Islands, and also Trinidad and Tobago. Pets aren’t allowed on interline flights, i m sorry are partner airlines.

When girlfriend travel with your pet, you will certainly earn 300 TrueBlue points on each segment.

What if mine bags are lost or damaged?

If her bags are shed or damaged make sure you report it come JetBlue. The is imperative to do the claim in person, yet you deserve to still call JetBlue after leaving the airport within 4 hrs of landing.

You have the right to either go to baggage services at the plane or contact the customer Baggage Assistance center at 1-866-538-5438.

What if ns lost an object on JetBlue?

You can call JetBlue lost and also found by filling the end their online form here, however it is ideal to uncover a crewmember at the airport prior to leaving and also reporting the lost item come the JetBlue crewmember.

Final word

JetBlue go provide complimentary amenities like an excellent wifi, many legroom, and limited seatback entertainment, they have to charge somewhere, and it’s through checked bags.Luckily loyal JetBlue Mosaics and also JetBlue Plus map holders have the right to have bags fly for free. However, Jetblue is just like any US airline, and bags don’t paris free.

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