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Once top top a time, JetBlue wouldn’t charge you for your an initial checked bag.

Airline baggage policies because those work have end up being much worse. You’ll currently be charged as much as $35 because that your very first bag, uneven you buy a qualifying (more expensive) ticket the exempts friend from the fee.

There are still too many to love about JetBlue, like free in-flight to chat & Wi-Fi, an ext legroom, desirable snacks, and also cheap fares. There space a few ways to take it the sting out of JetBlue baggage fees(including simply holding particular airline credit transaction cards). You’ll want to fly the airline for its various other perks, for this reason let’s take it a look.

Don’t watch your luggage ~ above the carousel? Don’t panic. Photograph by Arina p Habich/Shutterstock.

Avoiding JetBlue baggage fees

On the majority of JetBlue’s routes, you have a choice of five fare levels as soon as you to buy a ticket:

Blue BasicBlueBlue PlusBlue ExtraMint (business class)

To gain a complimentary checked bag (or two), you’ll have to pay the an ext expensive Blue add to or Mint fares. If you purchase any other fare type, you’ll be stuck with a fee:

$30 each way to examine your an initial bag, $40 to inspect your second bag if to buy your checked baggage online an ext than 24 hours before departure$35 each method to check your first bag at the airport within 24 hours of departure, $45 to examine your 2nd bagThird bag prices $150

Note:Mint fares sell the first two bags free.

The cheapest blue fares don’t include a confirm bag.

Choose the appropriate fare

If you understand you’ll be checking a bag, you’re sometimes a littlebetter off purchasing a mid-range Blue plus fare instead of paying because that a bag separately. That’s since for part flights, the distinction in fare in between the cheapest Blue ticket and also Blue plus is less than $30.

All JetBlue fares include a carry-on bag and personal item, for this reason if you have the right to pack light, friend won’t have to pay extra at all.

Use the best credit card

On every JetBlue flights, those v theJetBlue PlusandJetBlue Businesscards obtain a freefirst checked bag for themselves and also up to three companions on the same reservationwhen using the map to pay because that the tickets.

If you have to pay because that a confirm bag separately, use a card the reimburses airline incidental fees, like:

Just remember, you’ll just be reimbursed if you salary the bag fee individually — paid airfare go not qualify for the credit.

Elite status

If friend qualify because that TrueBlue Mosaic status, you and also those on her itinerary acquire the first and second checked bags because that free. You’llqualify Mosaic as soon as you earn15,000 base flight points in ~ a calendar yearOR by flying30 segments plus 12,000 base flight points within a calendar year.

You’ll earn between one and three basic points per dollar you invest on the base fare the JetBlue-operated flights (depending on i m sorry fare level you buy):

Blue straightforward – 1 allude per dollarBlue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and also Mint – 3 points per dollar

Bottom line

On JetBlue’s shortest fares (Blue fares), you’ll pay$30for your very first checked bag as soon as purchasing virtual ahead of time — but you’ll salary an extra $5 if girlfriend wait to carry out it at the airport.

Often, you’ll save money by payment the next many expensive fare (Blue Plus), which has a totally free checked bag and also sometimes prices less 보다 $30. Yet if the fare distinction is $30+, you’re far better off paying forfor a bag separately. Insteadof paying because that a Blue to add or Blue Flex fare to have actually a checked bag included.

Thosewith choose JetBlue cards acquire a freefirst confirm bag.You could additionally consider making use of a card that reimburses airline incidental fees to pay individually for your confirm bag. Inspect out our write-up on all the means to prevent checked package fees for more details.

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