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Thinking you’ll acquire a complimentary bag on your next JetBlue flight? Think again.

Airlines have actually turned luggage fees right into a cash cow end the critical decade, raking in billions the dollars a year. And JetBlue baggage fees space no exemption – in fact, they’ve gotten even worse in the previous year.

Curious what you’ll pay to check a bag on your following JetBlue flight? want to recognize what you’ll be allowed to carry as a carry on? want to find ways to conserve on JetBlue package fees – if not stop them entirely?

We’ve got it every covered.
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Current JetBlue baggage Fees

When it concerns checking a bag, JetBlue baggage fees room far much more straightforward than you’ll discover on other airlines.

While the cost to examine a bag v Delta varies based upon where you’re flying to and also from, that’s not the instance with JetBlue. The brand-new York-based airline dues a level rate whether you’re flying within the U.S., across the country, or down to the Caribbean or southern America.

Here’s a look in ~ the current JetBlue package fees, which can vary based on what type of fare you buy or even if it is you hold JetBlue mosaic status – and also how many bags you have to check. This charges use each way, so double them for a round-trip flight.

Fare TypeFirst BagSecond Bag
Blue Basic$35$45
Blue PlusFree$45
Blue Extra$35$45
MintFree (up come 70 lbs)Free (up to 70 lbs)
Mosaic MembersFreeFree
JetBlue credit CardFree$45

JetBlue newly upped the charge for your very first checked bag indigenous $30 come $35 per bag – but there’s a catch. If you pay for her luggage digital (or via the JetBlue app) at least 24 hours before departure, you’ll save $5 and also pay simply $30 for your bag.


Need even an ext than two bags? you will do it pay dearly. JetBlue charges $150 every bag beginning at the third piece of confirm luggage. And even with the appropriate fare or JetBlue status, yes sir no escaping that extra cost.

Overweight & Excess baggage Charges

Like most airlines, JetBlue has some strict borders on exactly how much her bag can weigh prior to you need to pay extra.

All confirm bags must be no an ext than 62 straight inches and also a best of 50 pounds – uneven you’re paris JetBlue Mint, in which case the maximum load is 70 pounds.

Have a bag between 51 and also 99 pounds? You’ll have to pay $150 each. And also bags over 99 pounds space not accepted on JetBlue, period.


Concerned about oversized baggage? JetBlue will likewise charge $150 apiece for bags in between 63 and also 80 straight inches. And bags bigger than 80 linear inches room not allowed, either.

JetBlue’s Carry-On Bag Allowance

Packing in simply a carry-on bag? It’s gaining much more complicated when paris JetBlue.

JetBlue will no longer permit travelers that bought a Blue an easy fare (the airline’s name for simple economy) to bring a carry-on bag onboard. the policy adjust is set to begin for JetBlue flights top top July 20, 2021, and also onward for tickets purchased beginning Feb. 25, 2021.

That method flying with a JetBlue basic economy fare will only get you a backpack or other little bag to stow under the chair in front of friend – naught more. That puts JetBlue in line v United for having some the the many punitive restrictive basic economy restrictions. Delta, American, Alaska, and also other carriers all still allow travelers v a simple economy fare to bring a carry-on bag.

And unlike v United, carrying a JetBlue credit card won’t permit you to bring a carry on – just JetBlue Mosaic standing will carry out that. If girlfriend buy a Blue simple fare and purchase an Even much more Space seat assignment with extra legroom, you will do it be permitted to bring a bring on.

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Bring a carry-on come the door anyway? JetBlue states it will charge you a chuck $65 come gate-check her carry-on bag. 

Sports Equipment, pet & More

JetBlue details the expense of checking in much more uncommon items for her journey, from skis to golf clubs to musical equipment and also even surfboards, over there are numerous items listed with the cost and whether lock are embraced as carry-on and/or checked luggage.

In general, anything end 100 pounds will certainly not be embraced as confirm luggage. Be certain to double-check the specific policy related to your assorted luggage. 

If you’re traveling through a pet, JetBlue likewise has charted out what it will expense you, together with all the rules and regulations because that this. Generally, bringing a pet will run girlfriend $125 for each flight segment along with other stipulations. Familiarize yourself v all the rules related to traveling v pets if you intended to travel with a buddy. 

Pack in a Carry-On to avoid JetBlue package Fees

The very first way to protect against paying JetBlue package fees is totally free. Friend just have to pack a bit less.

JetBlue claims these bags have to be around 22 inches by 14 inch by 9 inches, i beg your pardon is a traditional carry-on size. And unlike some other significant international airlines, there’s no weight border on your lug on with JetBlue.

While it will save you money, packing into a carry-on bag can likewise save friend time and stress. There’s no much more waiting to inspect in your luggage or grab that from the package carousel. Friend don’t have to worry about the airline losing your bag no longer – it’s with you at every times.


Packing right into a carry-on bag once you’re supplied to acquisition a 50-pound bag ~ above every trip deserve to feel daunting, however we promise it can be done. Follow our tips and you will do it be a proud member of team lug on in no time.

Check out some of our favourite carry-on bags if you must pick one up.

Just beware: If you’re flying v JetBlue from July 20, 2021 and also onwards, you’ll must pay up because that a traditional Blue fare (or higher). Otherwise you i will not ~ be enabled to lug a carry-on bag onboard without payment a hefty fee.

Fly Mint for cost-free Baggage

JetBlue’s an initial class seats referred to as Mint have changed the game, through lie-flat chair and much better food and service than you’ll find on any type of domestic carrier.

And it comes v a bonus: No JetBlue luggage fees, either. Plus, JetBlue Mint passengers obtain two free checked bags every weighing approximately 70 pounds apiece. The the most generous luggage pin money you’ll obtain flying JetBlue through far.

JetBlue Mint cabin, photo courtesy of JetBlue

JetBlue flies planes equipped through Mint seats just on choose routes, favor premier transcontinental flights or part flights come the Caribbean. Examine out JetBlue’s course map to view where Mint is flying these days.

Free Bags through JetBlue credit Cards

JetBlue has actually two co-branded credit transaction cards: The JetBlue to add Card and the JetBlue service Card. Both are operated by Barclays, and both will gain you a cost-free bag top top every JetBlue flight. 

Not just that, yet you can get a free first checked bag for up to three other passengers booked on your reservation. But there’s a catch: You need to pay for your flights through your JetBlue card in stimulate to gain the totally free bags.

That’s much more restrictive than countless other co-branded airline credit cards, which obtain you a totally free bag just for holding the card. Still, it’s a pretty benefit.

JetBlue credit transaction cards come v some various other worthwhile perks that have the right to pay off if you fly JetBlue frequently, prefer earning 6x clues on every JetBlue purchases and the ability to swimming pool JetBlue points. Both cards bring a $99 annual fee.

Earn JetBlue Status

Mosaic is JetBlue’s top-tier status, and also it’ll gain you two totally free checked bags and also a free carry-on bag ~ above every JetBlue flight. along with a large array of other generous benefits, stop Mosaic condition is a solid choice to ensure girlfriend of never ever paying because that baggage fees.

And JetBlue has made upstream status less complicated to knife than almost any other major airline. There are three main ways to knife Mosaic status:

Earn 15,000 True Blue PointsFlying at the very least 30 segments a yearHold the JetBlue plus or company card and also put $50,000 of eligible spend on it every year.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, JetBlue has made that even simpler to earn status: They’ve halved numerous of those requirements!

Bottom Line

Baggage fees space a pain. Airline make billions that dollars a year charging because that what lock once included for totally free on each and also every ticket.

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And JetBlue has actually doubled down recently by charging even an ext to check a bag and banning straightforward economy passenger from bringing a carry-on bag onboard. Yet there room still easy means to conserve on JetBlue baggage fees – if not prevent them entirely.