All Jennifer Lopez superfans recognize this fact: The singer, dancer, movie star (from Hustlers to Selena), exercise champion, and also all-around modern Renaissance mrs calls her kids "the coconuts."

Technically, the 13-year-old twins’ names are Emme and also Maximilian (or Max) Muñiz. But in interviews and also on Instagram, Lopez typically refers to them through the name of the dry fruit. Speak to Jay Leno ~ above The Tonight display With Jay Leno, Lopez defined the nickname"s beginning story goes all the way back come the infant years.

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"When castle were tiny and in your cribs and they started farming hair, castle looked like coconuts. It simply stuck," she said. In the exact same interview, Lopez stated she was once given a necklace with two coconuts, engraved v the twins’ initials, as a Christmas present.

She can put the coconut necklace in her jewelry box next to the tradition necklace Ben Affleck gave her upon getting back together, almost 20 years after they called off your engagement in September 2003. Lopez wore the necklace in the series of picture she post on her 52nd birthday, which functioned as their official Instagram debut. Lopez was additionally spotted with a charm necklace with the letter "B-E-N." Clearly, necklaces organize sentimental meaning for J. Lo.

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With Affleck and Lopez’s reunion seemingly walk strong, Lopez soon may have more kids in she life. She and her ex-fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, combined their families. Affleck has actually three kids with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner: Daughters Violet and also Seraphina, and son Samuel.

Here"s what you have to know around Lopez"s kids, who Lopez credits for teaching her the "true meaning of love."

J.Lo realized she to be pregnant when on tour.

According come a video on her YouTube page, Lopez learned she was pregnant if on tour in Portugal. “I feel a flutter. Ns felt a little butterfly in mine stomach. I instantly knew I had actually life within me. Ns knew it,” Lopez told her kids. What she couldn’t predict was that she was having actually twins. “I just laughed out loud. I couldn’t believe it,” she said.


Their twins’ complete names contain recommendations to your ancestors.

The twins" middle names space David and also Maribel. David is a recommendation to Lopez’s father, David Lopez. Maribel was the name of Anthony’s sister, who passed away of mind cancer once she was nine, per People.

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As because that the meaning of the twins’ very first names? Lopez hasn’t opened up up about why she made decision Emme (pronounced "Emmy") and also Maximilian, however it can have to execute with she name. Emme is a different of the English surname Emma, and way "universal." Max is a Latin surname that way "greatest."

Emme and also Max’s dad is music legend Marc Anthony.

Lopez and Marc Anthony to be married indigenous 2004 come 2014. Despite they split up, Anthony is still present in his kids" lives. ~ above Instagram, Anthony post a photo of him and also Lopez walking, with Emme in between them. He captioned the photo, "Nothing but love between us."

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