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The Nashville musician speak to ET"s Lauren Zima ~ above Thursday in her very first on-camera interview because coming forward around her connection withBachelorettefrontrunner Jed Wyatt. Earlier this week, Stevens publicly asserted that Wyatt to be her boyfriend of four months when he headed off to film the alphabet dating series, and also alleged the he plan to go back to her ~ the show.

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Stevens saidWyatt -- who admitted ~ above a previous episode of The Bachelorette that he came on the series with the intention of fostering his music job -- left because that the show and never called her again. Now, she has a blog post for the mrs he"s dating on TV.

"Be true to yourself," Stevens said. "She"s confident, she"s hosted her very own from everything I"ve seen and heard and read. She is holding her own."

"In the short bits of things I"ve seen about Hannah, she is really freaking strong," the singer said ET, revealing the she"s proficient some that what she imagines Brown has actually dealt with, as much as hateful comments on society media. "People comparing and also just questioning she decisions... She has actually handled it with grace and also strength and also stayed true to herself, for this reason I have actually no doubt in my mind the she took treatment of in what method was finest for her."

According to Stevens, Wyatt called her three weeks right into their partnership that he remained in the casting process for The Bachelorette; the allegedly defined that he only planned to make it to the optimal five. In an exclusive screenshot of she alleged message conversation v him as he"s leaving to Los Angeles to start filming, that tells she he loves her and also says that it"s "always working out."

Stevens claimed she feel "embarrassed" when Wyatt went back from filming there is no contacting her. If she remained in love with Wyatt, a fellow Nashville musician, and also was left heartbroken by the situation, she said ET the she understands how he could form a link with Brown.

"I said, "You can really loss for this person,"" Stevens stated of her alleged conversation through Wyatt before filming, tearing up. "This is a person I"m really much in love with, telling me, "I love you, I"m no going to autumn for her." and in hindsight, there space so plenty of parts of this that... This to be the an initial person i had ever said i love friend to."

The musician stated she just came forward in an effort to tell she story. "My message in this is not in any means negative towards anyone or make the efforts to be hurtful come anyone. It was specifically that world were speak they to be going come tell my story -- me, genuine girl, genuine life -- and also I wasn"t going to have any type of control of that. That didn"t seem fair that nobody to be going to wake up for me here," she explained.

Watching Wyatt on The Bachelorette has actually been painful for Stevens, that is make the efforts to heal from her heartbreak and channel her emotions into new music. She has stayed away from lot of the season."Somebody rather asked me, "Do girlfriend think it"s real? If they"re together, perform you think it"s real?" ns really, yes, really hope therefore -- and also I hope the he was honest,"" she shared.

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"This is a human that ns loved that could just be involved to someone else, so, that"s not easy, however if they are , ns hope it"s real and also I hope it"s right," Stevens added. "That"s yes, really all I have the right to say."

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