The model fiancee of actor Jason Statham posed for a selfie through her farming baby bump on Instagram.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is having another babyCredit: Instagram

How many youngsters do Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Jason Statham have?

Rosie stays in LA v her Hollywood star fiancé Jason and three-year-old Jack.

They just have actually one son, so their new baby will certainly make your brood approximately two.

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In 2020 Rosie spoke about raising your son throughout lockdown admitting entertaining their toddler was tough.

Writing in her Distancing Diary on her Rosie Inc. Blog, she explained: “I invest my time make the efforts to number out exactly how to game a 2-year-old indoors, i beg your pardon is a actual challenge, I must say."


She shares three year old kid Jack through Jason StathamCredit: Instagram

When room the gendergeek.orguple expecting their 2nd child?

On august 20, 2021, Rosie mutual a gendergeek.orgllection of stunning photos and surprised fans through one final pic of she cradling her baby bump.

She shared: "Taaa daahhh no