How many kids does Jason Aldean have? some years earlier when Brittany Kerr bound the knot with her husband Jason Aldean (Williams), she not only thought the she would certainly be his legitimate partner, but she would likewise be a mom and a stepmom.

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Jason Aldean was formerly married to high college sweetheart Jessica Ussery. The couple was blessed v two lovely youngsters while they to be still together, however, the marriage ended in 2013, and, castle both walk their separate ways.

Brittany Kerr and also Jason Aldean Marriage

Interestingly, Brittany Kerr and also Jason legally became a pair four years ago and good to know, their blended family members has get an impression even much more over the years. Now, the country singer and his wife have two youngsters together.


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When Brittany spoke through a representative native, she said, “Becoming a mom, in general, has been kind of a shock, just due to the fact that our way of life is so busy. Jason (her husband) is top top the roadway a bulk of the year so I’m just used come going in addition to him and traveling, and also kind that doing everything we want. So as soon as we had kids, every little thing changed. Yet being a mother is together an amazing thing.”

About Jason Aldean’s Children

Jason and also his lovely wife, Brittany simply welcomed second member into the family earlier this year. Their very first daughter together, marine Rome, was born on February 4, 2019.

After the pair struggled to acquire pregnant v their son, Memphis, Jason and Brittany started trying to have a second child as soon as possible. Brittany while speaking to CountryLiving stated her husband and also her want the youngsters to be close in age and she “intentionally” gained pregnant again as soon as Memphis to be just 5 months old. In her words, she said, “I guess that provides them ireland twins”.

That aside, the new mom made it clear the Memphis and also his little sister couldn’t be much more different. In fact, she emphasized that Navy Rome is so calm contrasted to Memphis, yet she (Brittany) is clueless if it’s simply a girl thing or marine Rome’s personality is just unique.

Nevertheless, she (Navy Rome) is so sweet and her demeanor is completely different, whereas Memphis has constantly been a wild man.

Jason’s Excitement around his 4 Kids

The nation music superstar Jason Aldean undoubtedly is a proud father of 4 lovely children. A while back before marine Rome came into the family, the father of three stated that – he was at the time thinking a very large chapter in his life may be comes to a close.

While share his thoughts v SiriusXM top top CMA Awards Radio, Jason said, “I think this is officially the finish of my baby-making days.

The couple has 3 beautiful daughters and also a handsome tiny son. His daughters Keeley (15) and also Kendyl (11), indigenous his previous marital relationship to high college sweetheart, have loved being huge sisters to Memphis, and also baby navy Rome.

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