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After work of trying to recognize what the authors were reasoning with this pregnant arc, I’ve come to the sad conclusion the they weren’t thinking much at all.The legacy would have actually been a perfect chance to display character growth, yet instead we got silly jokes about IKEA assembly instructions and also Fred Flintstone vitamin bottles.Except for a handful of scenes scattered over 9 episodes, the baby didn’t also seem come exist for Jane. Offered that this was supposed to be a Jane-centric arc, her function in this was actually rather insignificant.In retrospect, the infant was a meaningless plot point. We didn’t watch it, us didn’t attach with it, and once we eliminated it, we commemorated with pizza and beer. Tamaro created this mess, however Nash made that worse.

I don’t case to have actually a perfect equipment (and I’m not getting paid to come up through one), however at the very least in my mind, the pregnant arc happened as described below. Scroll further down for a brief fanfic to resolve the finishing of 5x09:

5x01: Jane’s nightmare of turning into her mom was a rare minute of brilliancy and also a poignant way to start Season 5. Her subsequent conversation through Maura additionally has the appropriate tone — the pregnancy doesn’t feel real yet, and they joke around hormones and boobs and whatnot. However, this time, Jane involves her senses and realizes the she was never in love v Casey yet only with the idea of being in love. He dumped her as soon as again and ran off to his army. This is whereby he truly wants to be, and also Jane will need to fight her battles alone. Maura assures her that she isn’t alone, and after a serious minute that confirms their loyalty, the mood gets light again as soon as Maura takes far Jane’s coffee and Angela mirrors up — similar to in the really episode.


While jane & co. Investigate the instance of the missing baby, Angela (who knows about the engagement and break-up) notices the something is wrong through Jane. She put the ideas together, and driven by she maternal instincts, she talks to Maura. However instead of all this hand-reading nonsense, Angela expresses her worry that woman will need to raise the baby alone and that it will be daunting with she job and also everything. Reluctantly, Maura confirms Jane’s pregnancy between the lines (so she won’t break she promise come Jane), and also the two women agree to aid Jane as best as they can.

The case of the main is solved, but this time, Jane/Angie doesn’t go crazy end the baby. Instead, she is hesitant, and when the pair asks her to hold their baby for a moment, it lastly dawns top top her: The next time she’s stop a baby, the will probably be she own. She really is pregnant, and her whole life is around to change.

But before she gets a opportunity to process it, the news that Frost’s fatality brings an ext shocking change.

5x02: This illustration really is around Frost and also shouldn’t it is in overshadowed by anything else. The only difference is that the pregnant is mentioned more often so we won’t forget around it. Also, Frost’s fatality makes Jane realize how breakable life really is. What deep inside, she currently knows the she’ll have to change her habits, and also she symbolically throws away a cup the coffee rather of drinking it.

5x03: in ~ the OB/GYN, through Maura taking Casey’s place, jane is make painfully aware again that he dumped her. Also, instead of making mrs look choose a stupid teenager who doesn’t know about birth control, we learn that they walk use defense but, girlfriend know, shit happens, and Jane complains around getting screwed after, uh, acquiring screwed.


When mrs feels overwhelmed by everything, Maura assures her the she and Angela will help, in order to unintentionally revealing that Angela already knows.

At BPD, Jane and also Angela lastly talk. Jane urges her mommy to keep quiet around it. And also for a while, Angela does save quiet, yet then her problem grows too strong, and she talks to Frankie to enlist his aid in she mission to to convince Jane to switch to desk duty. Once Jane finds out, she is pissed but eventually understands that Angela is worried and also accepts she mother’s promise to protect against meddling.

We scrape the nonsense v Angela and also the eastern dude in the café as well as the meaningless scene through Tommy and the AAs. Jane merely mentions to Maura the she said Tommy and that he was happy for her.

Instead, we usage that display screen time for a meaningful conversation in between Jane/Maura after ~ the skype chat v Casey. Obviously, jane is upset when Casey desires to “digest” the news — it’s the final nail in the Jasey coffin. She finds comfort at Maura’s, and also they additionally talk around how Maura is handling Frost’s death — after all, she is mourning, too.

Later, Jane additionally tells Korsak about her pregnancy; that is open minded happy for her.

After their instance ends with the chase with the woods and also Jane’s incident, she and Maura don’t talk about what the felt prefer to shoot that male (as they did on the show) but about the effects for she baby. Mrs is conflicted. She knows about the dangers of her job, yet tragedy can strike outside of work, also — all it takes is a automobile accident (see Frost). Plus, if she switched to workdesk duty, someone rather would need to do she job. And that other person can be a parental already, or it might be a younger detective who still has his whole life come live — and also Jane would feel selfish for putting someone else in danger. Maura understands yet asks her to be much more careful from now on. Jane agrees and admits the she’s thankful because that Maura’s assist because she can’t perform this alone. Maura promises that mrs will have her village.


5x04: Forget about the queerbaiting rubbish (”she is a lesbian”). This scene had actually zero relevance. Instead, this episode opens up with woman & Maura in a baby store (or comparable setting). While Jane still isn’t completely on board through this pregnancy, she is ready to execute what’s essential to be a an excellent single mother. And this has getting one idea of every the points she will need to buy and of all the formalities she will need to deal with. And also of course, Maura will aid her — and also entertain she with many fun facts.

Then we focus on the Scooby-Doo case for a while. It to be actually quite entertaining.

I’m not certain what the point of the motorcycle was, but fine, let’s save those scenes, too. However we’ll enhance the dialog so the Maura doesn’t come across like an idiot who thinks you have the right to drive top top the sidewalk (WTF?).

When the publication shelf explodes, Jane and also Korsak talk around his retirement but also about how long Jane intends to continue to be in the field. We use this conversation come enlighten every those viewers that think the every pregnant cop instantly switches to desk duty. This is nonsense. Cops (even patrol officers) often keep working during the an initial trimester and also longer. Also, the is not Jane’s ceo who makes that call however her doctor. Otherwise, Jane can sue BPD for discrimination.

After the explosion, Angela and Jane have their conversation in the break-room, and it can practically remain the way it was except that we fine-tune Angela’s lines to provide some foreshadowing the Angela’s revelation around her own miscarriage. She is simply worried and also wants to defend Jane from comparable hurt.

When the detectives and the SWAT unit smoke the end the killer in ~ the end, mrs symbolically take away a bulletproof vest and also puts the on — she has learned she lesson ~ 5x03 and the shelf explosion.

The episode ends v Jane asking Maura come take treatment of her son if something taken place to her. Yet this time, mrs is now better informed around the legal instance (in line through my changed opening that this episode). Maura guarantees to make sure that Jane’s son will be fine taken care of (especially if the kid has to live with Casey).


5x05: The pregnant parameters have actually been set, and also we emphasis on other storylines (especially on Maura). The pregnancy will certainly still be pointed out though and not be forget completely. We likewise don’t require the crap v Angela going to Jane’s doctor’s appointment. As well as the truth that it’s a ridiculous violation that patient/doctor privilege, it likewise serves no further suggest here.

Since the writers insisted on having actually Jack in Season 5, we use the display time we gain for a an ext meaningful advent of his character.

5x06: The pregnancy is still in the background but we include one crucial scene the is essential for the audience to create an emotional connection to that baby. And also that is a step in which woman looks at the very first ultrasound picture. Due to the fact that Jane/Angie didn’t gain any kind of weight (we didn’t also know how much along she was!), we require some various other visual proof the the baby actually exists. By the finish of this episode, it’s clear the this pregnant is an extremely real, and Jane is gaining used come the idea.


5x07: This is the quiet prior to the storm, and also we have all the moment in the human being to emphasis on Maura and Paddy. The pregnant has practically become a regime by now, and we feeling a specific (false) feeling of security.

The main difference is the we cut the crap with Angela and also her stupid happiness cookie. She doesn’t rest up v Sean but instead she tells him the she desires to focus on helping Jane v those an overwhelming times. She asks Sean because that his understanding and also suggests to placed their partnership on hold. And also Sean reacts through the very same patience that he displayed on the display — except that this time, us won’t feeling the have to slap Angela.

5x08: The episode opens up with a more meaningful interaction in between Jane, Maura, and Jack. We then obtain a few glimpses that normalcy before all hell division loose. Instead of conversations around coffee-stained baseballs and bubble baths, we view one critical time just how everybody is looking front to the baby. Jane is staring at it s her in the mirror, looking for first signs of a infant bump (the point being that her abdomen is quiet immaculate, vice versa, it will be bruised and battered by the end of the episode). Maura buys the very first book for Jane’s child. And Angela browses catalogs through baby stuff. Everyone is on board v this pregnancy.

Unfortunately, that isn’t intended to be. Even though jane takes every the crucial precautions (she wears she bulletproof vest, tries to wait for backup, etc.), circumstances force her right into that warehouse and also into the fateful confrontation with the killer (see my readjusted version). At the end, the infant is gone.


5x09: This illustration — by chin — was in reality pretty good. The is an extremely much in-character because that Jane to hide she emotions and to seek distraction in she work. Everybody else likewise reacted normally. Boy adjustments would be vital to reflect my other transforms above, yet overall, this one stays as it to be — except for the ending.

Obviously, the writers wanted to have a symbolic gathering of Jane’s village. That was all nice and well done yet once again the finishing lacked any type of depth. Jane still didn’t have any type of real feelings, and also nobody talked about what the loss expected for Maura (who had actually been so invest in this entirety thing).

Therefore, imagine that everybody gathers at Maura’s house (scratch the quick convo between Jane/Maura), however this time, mrs isn’t cheerful but quietly leans back on the couch. A faint laugh plays on her lips as she realizes that she is surrounding by human being she loves and also who love she back.


And then the episode ends like this…

* * * * *

While Maura is still saying goodnight come Frankie, Angela, and also Korsak at her front door, mrs heaves it s her up indigenous the couch, grimaces at the dull pain in her abdomen, yet then gathers the north pizza boxes and beer bottles scattered end the couch table. Together Maura returns, she frowns in disapproval.

Maura: What perform you think you’re doing?

Jane: I’m… helping you clean up?

Resolutely, Maura get for part empty bottles herself and also tries to take it the pizza boxes out of Jane’s hands.

Maura: ns promised your doctor to make certain you’d acquire some rest.

Jane: Well, don’t make any type of promises you can’t keep.

With a teasing smirk, mrs escapes indigenous Maura’s reach and also carries the empty boxes come the kitchen area. Helplessly shaking her head, Maura grabs the continuing to be bottles and follows her.

When jane notices Maura’s recurring worried glances, she pauses and also smiles apologetically.

Jane: I’m fine, Maura. Really.

Biting back another comment, Maura nods. She knows better than to press the matter.

Maura: I placed your stuff in a drawer upstairs, and also I bought you several of that shampoo that you like. Friend know, the one v all the fruity-smelling chemicals…

Jane: But you stated that was choose washing mine hair with dry-cleaning solution?

Maura: Well, at least it’s favor fruity-smelling dry-cleaning solution…

Realizing that Maura method well, mrs stops she hustling and also bustling in the kitchen and also sheepishly glances in ~ the dinner remains on the counter.

Jane: You certain you don’t require any help down here?

Maura: Yes.

Jane: Hmm… alright, I’m gonna go upstairs… also though I’m fine. yet fruity-smelling stuff beats icky-smelling stuff.

Maura smiles v relief together she watches jane head because that the stairs.

Maura: Let me recognize if you need anything.

A mumbled “okay” is heard indigenous the stairs as Maura continues to be behind and cleans up she kitchen counter, puts far the north bottles and takes out the trash, climate locks the door and also turns off the lights.

A couple of minutes later, she walks under the hallway to she bedroom upstairs, yet as she passes the guest room, she spots Jane indigenous the edge of she eye. She pauses and also looks into the room, where Jane is standing motionless beside a chest that drawers, her ago turned to the door. Among the drawers is open.

Maura: Jane? Is every little thing okay?

When she doesn’t respond, Maura hesitantly beginning the room and also approaches the brunette. And as she procedures closer, she realizes what mrs is looking in ~ — the open drawer is filled with presents that Maura bought because that the baby the wasn’t expected to be.


Jane clasps a small baby Onesie in she hands and also stoically looks in ~ the Red Sox logo design embroidered on its front. Maura’s confront darkens as she remembers the item she spotted in a boutique a couple of days ago.

Jane: i was trying to find a towel…

Maura: I’m… I’m so sorry. I haven’t had the time yet… come take treatment of this.

Unsure what come do, Maura steps to Jane’s side, lets her eyes wander over the drawer filled through tiny infant shoes, stuffed animals, toys, and children’s books.

Jane: She would have loved the Red Sox.

Maura: She?

Jane: Or he… but… i was kinda hoping because that a girl…

Maura hesitantly brushes end Jane’s arm.

Maura: I’m sorry…

Jane: Why? It’s no your fault. I’m the one that messed up.

Maura: What carry out you mean? friend didn’t—

Jane: ns shouldn’t have gone into that warehouse.

Maura: Jane, you—

Jane: ns shouldn’t have actually dropped my gun.

Maura: yet you—

Jane: ns shouldn’t have—

Maura: Jane!

Maura finally gets the other woman’s attention and also insistently encloses Jane’s hand in her own.

Maura: the is no your fault. You had no choice.

Jane: that course, I had a choice. Frankie and Korsak to be on your way, and if I had waited simply a few more minutes—

Maura: then Tasha would be dead now. You conserved that girl’s life, Jane.

Letting the blonde’s indigenous sink in, mrs bites she lip yet then shakes she head.

Jane: That’s not even the worst part.

Maura: What carry out you mean?

Jane: I’m… i don’t also feel like crying. I recognize I have to be sad or… or angry. I mean, there’s this innocent… being… that just died inside the me due to the fact that I fucked up, however instead of feeling sad, I… or at least some component of me feels… relieved… That’s not exactly how I’m an alleged to feel…

Maura: You were under a many stress… with your decision come raise that kid by yourself… and also the whole situation with Casey… it is only organic to feel relieved… but that doesn’t mean you’re a poor person. It is no your fault, Jane.

Visibly torn, jane fixes she eyes on the Red Sox Onesie, and heavy silence filling the room again — until she bring away a deep breath and points at the drawer.

Jane: What are you gonna execute with all of this?

Maura: i hadn’t made decision yet… i was reasoning of donating it…

Jane: Okay… could I… can I save this? ns mean… who knows… maybe, some day…

Maura: Yes, of course, you deserve to keep it.

Determined, Maura traction Jane into her arms, and for a few moments, castle both uncover comfort in a warm and silent embrace.


Maura: I’m gonna gain you your towel…

Reluctantly, Maura traction away, and also Jane nods quietly. Yet just together the blonde is about to leave the room, Jane’s eyes fall on the gift-filled drawer again.

Jane: Why did you buy all this?

Maura: I’m sorry?

Jane: I know you’ve thought around having her own children at part point, but… you to be so invested in this pregnancy… probably an ext than ns was…

Unassertively, Maura measures closer again and also shrugs.

Maura: I… I assumed it would be nice to have actually some gifts at hand…

Jane hold up among the children’s books.

Jane: This one is for youngsters age 4 and also up. I mean, the type of genius that would certainly pop the end of you would more than likely start analysis this ideal in the maternity ward, yet we’re talking around my spawn here…

Maura: Research suggests that early on parent-child publication reading is valuable for the child’s literacy and later language skills. You can have—

Jane: What’s the real reason, Maura?

Maura: ns don’t understand what you mean.

Jane: Yeah, friend do.

Unable come conceal all the problems flooding she mind when faced with Jane’s piercing eyes, Maura crosses her arms and also sighs.

Maura: i suppose… i thought… if ns was a part of your child’s life, ns wouldn’t shed you.

Frowning in confusion, woman puts far the book and also the Onesie.

Jane: Why execute you think you’d lose me?!

Maura: Well… sooner or later, Casey would have come back. It to be his kid after all. And then you would have forgiven him favor you constantly do. And also then that would have asked friend again to relocate with him, and he would certainly have convinced you the it remained in the ideal interest that the child, and… and—

Jane: Maura, you’re not gonna lose me.

Preventing the blonde from rambling on and also on, Jane closes the distance in between them and also forces Maura come look in ~ her.

Jane: You’re my best friend. Nothing and no one will adjust that, and also you’re not gonna lose me. Okay?

Maura: … okay.

When Maura nods reassuringly, jane relaxes and also plods come the bed.

Jane: And because that the record, I’m no gonna get back together through Casey — he’s one idiot.

Maura: Yes, that is… he let friend go…

Jane: Yeah, well… story of mine life.

With quiet concern, Maura watches together Jane tiredly plops under on the bed, holding her aching abdomen together she arranges part pillows in her ago and provides herself comfortable.

Eventually, Maura measures closer.

Maura: execute you want me come stay…? And… i don’t know, talk around baseball… or no talk at all?

When woman nods, quite insecurely, Maura climbs onto the bed next to her. And for a little while, they simply lie over there in silence.


But as Jane keeps staring in ~ the ceiling, v a certain sadness filling her face, Maura supportively squeezes her hand.

Maura: whatever will get back to normal…

Absentmindedly, jane looks at her hand, at Maura’s ignorance gently to brush over her scarred skin.

Jane: psychic the first time us did this? around four years ago?

Maura: when you to be scared of Hoyt?

Jane: Well, ns wouldn’t say ns was scared. Ns was—

She pauses as soon as she notices Maura knowingly arching her eyebrow.

Jane: Okay, possibly I was a small scared. But… the point is that you were there. And you’re below now, and… ns guess ns don’t phone call you frequently enough, but I really evaluate that… and all the points you’re doing because that Ma and for the remainder of my crazy family…

Maura: You’re no that crazy.

Jane: Oh, please… If ns were you, i would have long operation away and readjusted my name.

They both chuckle quietly, but then Jane transforms to Maura.

Jane: Seriously… thank you for whatever you do.

Maura: You’re welcome.

More than simply gratitude lingers in between them together their eye meet. But the moment is fragile and fleeting. And also it is not yet destined to last.

Inevitably, castle avert your eyes.

Maura: So, how around those Red Sox?

Jane: Well… they’re having a pretty stormy season, too…

Maura: do you think they’ll do it?

Jane: most likely not this year… but who knows… next year, noþeles is possible…

Another quick glance at every other… one more pause of common understanding…

Eventually, as Maura tiredly closes she eyes, mrs softly kisses her on her forehead.

Jane: Night, Maura.

Maura: Good night, Jane.

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And together Jane and Maura progressively drift right into a calm sleep, their fingers stay entwined, and also their hands never ever break from your close embrace.