When that word comes out Jana Dagger was lugged to court by Stephen Wisman, The fans were overjoyed.

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After all, lock waited a far better part the the decade for your eldest daughter, Dagger, come meet and also marry Mr. Wright, and now your patience seemed rewarded.

There was no official announcement, but in the near future all indications showed a wedding bell.

Yana invested Christmas in Nebraska through Wisman, and also you understand how vital Christmas is in the dagger world!

He is successful, he comes from a large family, and also of food he is a Christian.

But now there is factor to think that Yana and also her Nebraska-based boos may have abandoned your relationship.


Yana traveled to Los Angeles critical week I spent time v my sisters Zinger.

Fans conveniently noticed the Stephen to be noticeably absent.

Instead, Yana to be chaperoneized by two of her many brothers.


therefore what does this mean?

Well, Stephen was a license is granted pilot with his own plane, therefore he most likely wouldn’t let this sit for valuable reasons.

And due to the fact that he had never met Yana’s sister, he appears to have been encouraged to make the trip.


Therefore, the reality that he made decision to stay house may be a sign that he and also Yana slowed points down a bit.

Alternatively, Yana’s selectivity started to work-related again, and also she decided to call it quit with Wisman.

This relocate is a little bit surprising, yet it also fits right into Yana’s connection patterns.


together she herself said, Yana opened a courtroom for part men, and every one of them turned the end to it is in in short supply after ~ all.

Unlike she sister, she doesn’t it seems to be ~ to it is in interested in simply settling under to begin a family.

She states that Jana believes that God has actually one special person chosen because that her and also she will not offer up searching until she finds him.


the said, she was the very first person to leave the nest and admit to acquiring married as shortly as possible.

So pan not only jump to the conclusion the Yana broke up through Stephen, but believe that her goal of travel to Los Angeles to be to find a brand-new man.

“Well, i wish she lugged me a chaperone!” One Reddit user commented on Jana’s trip.

“Yes, that’s no the case,” one more person stated of the theory, “Jana and also Zinger have come to be quite intimate in the last few years. Possibly Yana simply wanted to visit Zinger.”

Obviously, that’s the most most likely explanation here, yet it’s not totally unbelievable the Zinger convinces Jana to pertained to Los Angeles and meet several of the city’s eligible Christian singles.

Assuming the rumors about Jana and Laura De Masie aren’t true, Jana is probably still on the sector for qualified young men.

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And at this point, she more than likely agrees with the reality that she’s no going to uncover Mr. Ideal hanging out in a rural inn in Arkansas.

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Jana Duggar Dumped Stephen Wissmann, Sought brand-new Boyfriend In LA (Report) resource link Jana Duggar Dumped Stephen Wissmann, Sought brand-new Boyfriend In LA (Report)

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