Jamie revealed that Ruby, who was known as Thomas, is a transgenderCredit: Getty

Who space Jamie Lee Curtis' kids?

Jamie and also her husband Christopher Guest have actually two kids, Annie Guest and also Ruby Guest.

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Jamie revealed the Ruby, who was well-known as Thomas, is a transgender.

Jamie told AARP Magazine that her and her husband “have watched in wonder and also pride together our son became our daughter Ruby.”

Ruby, 25, and also her fiancé are gaining married next year, Jamie said, i beg your pardon she is officiating. 


Both Annie and also Ruby were adoptedCredit: Getty - Contributor

Were Jamie Lee Curtis' kids adopted?

Both Annie and also Ruby were adopted.

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Annie was adopted in December 1986. Ideal after she to be born, Ruby was embraced in 1996.

In referral to adopting Annie, Jamie stated it was “the most profound, non-describable occasion of my life.”

Who is Jamie Lee Curtis' husband?

Jamie has actually not done the parenting thing alone, together her since 1984 has actually been her husband, Christopher Guest, 73.

The two have one that the longest marital relationships in Hollywood, gift married end 37 years as of 2021.

Born Christopher Haden-Guest, he is an American-British screenwriter, composer, musician, director, actor, and comedian.





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On the exhilaration side, Christopher is known for his roles in This Is Spinal Tap, waiting for Guffman, A can Wind, and also Best in Show.

Christopher has actually not acting since 2016 and has preserved a low profile in recent years.