Jake Paul is in the headlines again, this time end speculation that the YouTuber has obtained married... Again.

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The 24-year-old shown his connection with version Julia increased this month after dating on and also off transparent 2020, leaving people wondering whether they were an item.

Now that looks favor the pair might be taking things seriously - so seriously, in fact, the Julia"s taken Jake"s second name on her social media.

Luckily us don"t need to speculate, as the vlogger-turned-boxer has responded come the rumours himself.



After all, people said the same thing about his connection with other internet star Tana Mongeau, that he married in ~ a whirlwind las Vegas wedding in July 2019.

However, after ~ the pair break-up in early 2020, they later shown that the live-stream ceremony had been for the see - their marriage was never ever legally bound on paper.

Shortly after ~ the wedding - when the pair were tho in a relationship - Tana post a YouTube video clip in which she said: "To everybody that"s calling that fake since we rushed right into it, or because I don"t perform things traditionally, since I want to not perform it legally...

But points turned cake after castle split, and also in June this year Tana posted a video clip on tik featuring the words: "When you hope he"ll autumn in love earlier after a fake wedding however doesn"t."

Jake Paul staged a fake wedding to fellow online celebrity Tana Mongeau. Credit: Instagram/Tana Mongeau


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