Just a week after Game of Thrones fans spotted a coffee cup in Season 8, illustration 4, allegations that a new goof have actually surfaced. Back in Season 3, illustration 3, Jaime Lannister lost his appropriate hand in a particularly gruesome scene, but mysteriously may have actually grown it ago just over time for an emotionally reunion.

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*Season 8, illustration 5 spoiler below*

When Jaime was provided his minute with Cersei, one promo shoot reportedly showed actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's genuine right hand instead of the fake gold one the character has actually been sporting because that years. TMZ initially asserted the photo was from a scene in the episode; however, the report has due to the fact that been amended to describe the photo as a promo pic.




As BuzzFeed points out, a cached version of the image was on HBO's website earlier today; however, the picture is no longer among the series of photos. The show's photographer, Helen Sloan, formerly told BuzzFeed that promo images are often caught on set before CGI. Thus, it shows up HBO initially had the photo in the batch and attempted come remove prior to it to be made public, yet someone was able to grab it prior to it to be removed.

When fans noticed the coffee cup in illustration 4, executive, management producer Bernie Caulfield acknowledged the gaff. "Our on-set prop people and decorated space so on it 1,000 percent," she explained. "But, yeah. We're sorry." it wasn't a Starbucks cup, but one from a local coffee shop in northern Ireland, whereby they were shooting in ~ the time. 

Shortly after ~ the episode aired, HBO erased the cup indigenous the scene. Sansa Stark gibbs Sophie Turner jokingly blamed the minute on Emilia Clarke, stating that her co-star "probably drink too lot coffee."

Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss told Entertainment Weekly they plan to be "very drunk and really far indigenous the internet" once the collection ends, and it's becoming clearer why.

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Even though there may not have actually actually been an error involving Jaime's hand, pan still uncovered plenty of moments from "The Bells" to laugh about. And immediately ~ the premiere, HBO exit the first look at the series finale. It's finally time to say goodbye to Westeros, and also it's about to get an extremely messy.