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Jackée take care of is living her ideal life. ET"s Deidre Behar speak withthe 64-year-old actress about her new OWN holiday film, A Christmas for Mary, and she also talked about her popularity on Twitter, date someone brand-new and she iconic Sister, Sister role.

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Interestingly enough, Harry called ET the she practically turned down the duty of Lisa Landry ~ above Sister, Sister since she didn"t want to pat a mom. The beloved collection starring twins TiaMowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley lasted 6 seasons before going turn off the air in 1999, and also is now enjoying a revival in popularity thanks to Netflix.

"I had to test for it, i didn"t want to execute it, i didn"t wanna be a mom, ns didn"t," she admitted that the role. "I said, "That"s the finish of my career," due to the fact that in those work .. It to be like, her career is over, i beg your pardon istrue earlier in the day. However I never thought civilization would favor it and the difference being, of course, they were embraced and we were brand-new parents and all that ... But then as we began doing it, ns got really comfortable with it, and now I have the right to be a grandmother, whatever, you need to transition. You can"t simply say, "I"ll perform it since I"m one actor," and then walk home and be like, "I don"t wanna be a grandmother." however I"m a grandma now, and also I"m loving that in real life."

Harry said she and the Sister, Sister actors are certainly up because that doing a reunion or a reboot, i beg your pardon she teased back in 2018.

"Definitely a reboot whereby they have actually their very own kids, it makes sense," she stated of the Tia and Tamera characters. "They"re both so vibrant and I love castle dearly, we"re an extremely close. Ns don"t desire to do something old."

As because that her personal life, Harry said ET that she is currently dating a girlfriend whom she"s actually well-known for years. Harry, who"s to be married three times, mutual what she"s trying to find in a partner.

"Trust, commitment with women and security, meaning you can take care of me if something wake up to me," she said. "Not simply financially, however spiritually and emotionally, and that"s much more important as soon as you"ve accomplished a specific level in her career. Those things end up being tantamount, trust and also loyalty and security, and also women ns think, defense is ours number one."

But she additionally said she will certainly not relocate in with any type of future partners.

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"We absolutely can"t live together," she stated with a laugh. "No, they have the right to live following door or down in their man cavern which is separate from the house. I prefer my alone time too because I"m still working, say thanks to god, punch on wood, and also I require that solitude occasionally to get myself together."

Harry is much more popular than ever these days, many thanks in component to she hilarious Twitter account. Her recent NSFW tweet around the playstations 5 went viral, and also Harry said a younger guy who offered to it is in the chairman of her pan club helps her with her tweets.

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