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Latest problems -Metric Units
55°F13°CFeels favor 55°F 12.8°CHumidity 55%Wind SSE 1 MPH Gusts 1
Dew suggest 39°FCeiling N/A
Solar Rad 0 w/m2
Barometer 30.25 in. 768.4 mm - Steady
Report native 2.7 mile W of main Hurricane in ~ 4:47 am Tue, Nov 2, 2021

TueNov 271°F
WedNov 373°F
ThuNov 475°F
FriNov 574°F
Forecast Details
Day: partially cloudy. Highs roughly 71°F. Eastern wind to 6 MPH.
Night: mainly clear. Lows roughly 51°F. South wind to 8 MPH, gusting to 14 MPH.
Wednesday Nov 3
Day: mainly sunny. Highs roughly 73°F. Eastern northeast wind to 8 MPH, gusting to 14 MPH.
Night: Clear. Lows around 51°F. Phibìc northwest wind come 9 MPH.
Thursday Nov 4
Day: Sunny. Highs roughly 75°F. Eastern northeast wind to 8 MPH.
Night: mainly clear. Lows roughly 52°F. West southwest wind come 7 MPH.
Friday Nov 5
Day: mostly sunny. Highs approximately 74°F. East northeast wind to 7 MPH.
Night: greatly clear. Lows about 51°F. West wind to 7 MPH.
Saturday Nov 6
Day: mainly sunny. Highs roughly 75°F. East wind come 7 MPH.
Night: mainly clear. Lows around 51°F. West southwest wind come 7 MPH.
Sunday Nov 7
Day: greatly sunny. Highs approximately 75°F. East wind to 8 MPH, gusting come 14 MPH.
Night: mostly clear. Lows approximately 51°F. Southwest wind come 8 MPH, gusting come 13 MPH.
Monday Nov 8
Day: partly cloudy. Highs around 73°F. East wind to 10 MPH, gusting to 18 MPH.

Sun & MoonMonthly
Morning Twilight7:32 AM
Waning Crescent
Sunrise7:59 AM
Sunset6:34 PM
Evening Twilight7:01 PM

Contiguous United claims Extremes
Mon"s High Temperature: 93 at Zapata Tx
Mon"s low Temperature: 2 listed below ZERO at 13 miles North that White Sulphur Springs Tx and also 35 miles West

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