Due to winter storm Inga, components of all 50 states got sleet or snow cover top top Wednesday, bring about a weather phenomenon that hasn"t happened because 2010, reports The Weather Channel.

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#Snow and also #sleet spanned the ground in components of all 50 says Wednesday: https://t.co/S2VoJJ57iU pic.twitter.com/ij8qgSJJ6q

— The Weather Channel (

Yes, also Hawaii had snow top top the ground (specifically, on the peak of the large Island"s volcanic peaks).

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Continued cold waiting intrusions right into the central and eastern United says have minimal severe weather this month and also contributed to at the very least some snow or sleet on the ground in every 50 claims this morning. (Webcams from so late yesterday present snow patches on Mauna Kea, HI.)

— NWS Storm Prediction center (

It"s not uncommon for 49 that the 50 says to get snow at part point, but flakes in Florida space odd—the Sunshine State hardly ever receives any type of snowfall. This year to be an exception: Florida has actually checked out snow 3 times this season, many recently on Wednesday.

While winter storms have run their course throughout most of the South, the Midwest, and the Northeast, on Wednesday they got to as far south as Mobile County, Alabama, Atlanta, Georgia, and also Panama City and also Destin, Florida.

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Freezing in the sunshine state! This morning, this cities saw their first 32-degree-or-below temps in YEARS! 😮h/t

Simultaneous eye in every state is rare, however it does happen. The last time was eight year ago, in 2010. Follow to NOAA Climate, meteorologists reported traces of snow in every state—even in the northwest panhandle of Florida.

(h/t The Weather Channel)

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