New to Denver and bracing for your an initial winter in ~ 5,280 feet? Richard Wagner,Ph.D., a professor ofmeteorology at urban State college of Denver, provides a primer on what to expect.

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Our winters begin early and end late.

Denver citizens generally first see snowfall in mid-October – earlier than any other major American city – and also are typically still clearing the white inggendergeek.orgient from your front paths in late April. However a slowly warming climate means the snow doesn’t arrive rather as early as it once did, Wagner says.

“Denver"s main records present that for 5 years throughout the ‘90s, we had actually measurable snowfall in September,” he says. “But there has actually now been no September snow due to the fact that 2000.”

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When it snows, it yes, really snows.

Denver gets 57 inches of snow a year, i m sorry sounds relatively modest – specifically when with the 300-plus inches that autumn on the surrounding Rocky Mountains. However when a snow storm does fight town, the drops the kind of huge, special blankets of snow that can easily bury a little dog. And if anything, those storms are cultivation bigger.

“Over the past 20 years, we have seen an ext of these substantial dumps of snowfall hitting Denver – sometimes much more than a foot and a fifty percent in a solitary storm,” states Wagner. “The greatest snows typically arrive early on in the season throughout October, or much later on in march or April. However even the smaller January storms space now acquiring deeper.”

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Still, together every Denverite knows, snow does no stay lengthy in this city. The Colorado sun is so powerful that also a heavy snowfall commonly melts away in a day or two.

With an typical snowfall that 11.4 inches, march is Denver’s snowiest month. Ours snowiest month may surprise you.

Which month look at the most snowfall in Denver? You could guess December, or maybe January. You most likely won’t be reasoning of in march – nearly half of which, after ~ all, is technically spring. And also yet statistically, v an average fall of 11.4 inches, march is Denver’s snowiest month. “Climatologically, the snowiest mainly of the year is the last week of March,” Wagner explains. “And something rather that could surprise people – the 2nd snowiest time the the year is the an initial week the April.”

However, in march snowfall is madness unpgendergeek.orgictable, which method Denverites never quite know what to expect. Part years there is almost too little snow come measure, climate in various other years one or two huge storms will bring a deluge. The document year to be 1944, which observed 32.5 inches – almost three feet of eye – come falling under on the confused population.

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Denver winters space actually rather mild.

If she planning to load a polar face mask and Mount Everest-ready mittens because that a winter expedition to Denver, you might want come re-think her wardrobe. While that can get decidedly chilly sometimes, in its entirety temperatures during the winter months room actually nice moderate. “Even the coldest month, December, has actually an average daily high temperature the 45 degrees, and also days reaching 60 degrees are reasonably common,” Wagner says.

For a realistic snapshot of what Colorado winter weather watch like, simply watch a Denver Broncos home game on TV and check the end the crowd. Even in January, you’ll frequently see the pan wearing just short sleeves or a irradiate jacket. And also that’s because a pretty winter’s day in Denver feels prefer a cool feather day in plenty of other places.

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Denver receives around 57 inch of eye a year, in addition to plenty the sunshine.The ‘300 days of sunshine’ myth.

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It’s Denver’s unofficial slogan and also features in basically all the city’s tourist and also promotional materials. Only thing is, it’s no really true. Denver’s case to “300 work of sunshine” was an initial made in the 1870s by a railroad agency publicist – and also the city has pretty much run through the line ever before since. However the only method to in reality reach that total is by counting a solitary hour’s sunshine in 24 hours as a “sunny day,” which obviously is cheating.

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However, Denver does reap a beautiful climate throughout many of the year the is the envy of plenty of other U.S. Cities. And also if you are thinking that visiting in winter, Wagner has actually a really important item of advice: “Invest in good sunglasses. All those powerful UV rays indigenous our sunny skies bouncing turn off the white eye is not an excellent for her retinas.”