Hawaii is a tropic paradise, and for many, a place to escape the chilly weather. If you’re reasoning of living or retiring in Hawaii or taking prolonged vacation, you must be wondering about the weather and if it ever before snows. Go it eye in Hawaii?Yes, that snows in Hawaii, however only in places elevated above 10,000 feet. They include Haleakala, Mauna Loa, and also Mauna Kea, the three highest volcanic mountains in this sun-kissed state. Other areas, such as Hualalai, Pu’u Kukui, and Kaunu o Kaleihoohie, obtain cold yet do not receive snow.

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Apart from comment the question, ‘Does it snow in Hawaii?’ this article also covers concerns like, ‘How frequently does it eye in Hawaii?’ If she thinking around a certain place, say Maui, and wondering, ‘Does it snow in Maui?’ read on to learn an ext about Hawaii’s historical and also current weather, that is snowy mountains, and places that skilled unprecedented snowfall and also rainfall.


Why walk It snow in Hawaii?

Hawaii experiences a ‘Kona Low,’ a Polynesian expression that means ‘leeward storm.’ In other words, this method Hawaii’s wind direction transforms drastically. If Kona short may happen even during summer seasons, a 2017 examine by the worldwide Pacific Research facility at the college of Hawaii suggested that snowfall ~ above the volcanic mountains can gradually dissipate because of climate change.If you’re reasoning of relocating to Hawaii, that probably finest to pack not simply your summer clothes but a winter jacket (view ~ above Amazon), too. This 100% polyester thermal jacket has insulated quilted sleeves because that comfort and warmth during the winter season.

How frequently Does It snow in Hawaii?

At least once a year. The hill peaks that Haleakala, Mauna Loa, and Mauna Kea get the lion’s share of snow throughout the year, regularly dropping your temperatures below freezing when there’s a snowstorm. During Hawaii’s winter season the runs native December to February, snowfall is much more frequent. The peak of Mauna Kea is recognized to periodically receive snow dusting even during Hawaii’s dry season from might to October. Depending upon the snowstorm’s strength, snow could linger anywhere between 3 and 6 days.

Does Hawaii get Cold?

During the winter season, a far-ranging drop in temperature (below 64°F) in the areas surrounding Hawaii’s snow hills is difficult to ignore. While the rest of Hawaii doesn’t obtain snow, adjacent areas experience the cold downdraft.While Hawaii is generally a tropical travel destination, you’d be surprised the within a couple of miles native one point, one place can feel incredibly cold while one more is tolerable. An instance is mount Waialeale, one of the world wettest spots, which experiences about 1,168 centimeters that rain every year. Move a few miles towards Na Pali-Kona woodland Reserve, and you’d acquire a drastic autumn in rain index to only 25 centimeters.Whether you setup to visit Hawaii or stay there long-term, you will do never know when you might need a trusted pair of winter boots (view top top Amazon). This pair has actually faux shearling eye cuffs that go fine with any kind of wardrobe.

Hawaii’s snow Mountains

Where walk it snow in Hawaii? three volcanic mountains in Hawaii obtain snow. However, snow hardly ever reaches below 9,000-feet and usually dissipates within a few days ~ a snowstorm.


Found in Maui Island, Haleakala stands 10,000 feet tall and hasn’t erupted in the critical 400 years. Through a surname that means ‘house of the sun,’ tourists flock come Haleakala come witness sunrises and sunsets. As the lowest of the 3 volcanic mountains in Hawaii, Haleakala receives much less snow than Mauna Loa and also Mauna Kea. It has, however, a trail toward the mountain top.

Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa is the biggest of Hawaii’s snow mountains and that of the world. V its literal translation ‘Long Mountain,’ the active volcano’s dome steps 75 mile long and 64 mile wide. Above sea level, that stands almost 13,600 feet. Comprising almost half of Hawaii’s landmass, it to be reported in at an early stage 2021 that it could be waking increase after its last eruption in 1984. The key tourism facility of Kailua-Kona is in ~ striking distance of this energetic volcano, and the occupied area the Captain Cook.

Mauna Kea

Of the snow mountains in Hawaii, Mauna Kea, the highest however dormant peak amongst the 3 (almost 13,800 feet), sometimes becomes blanketed by snow also in summer. Often dubbed ‘White Mountain’ by locals, that is nearly continuous below freezing point temperature renders it a favorite amongst professional skiers. That summit, however, is uninhabitable and dominant in alpine tundra and lava rock. In winter, the typical temperature at Mauna Kea is somewhere between 25- and 40-degree Fahrenheit. During the summer season, the playing between 30 and 60.The Mauna Kea Observatory is at 14,000 feet elevation and is above the cloud line. However, it’s stated that clouds only type above it when a year.Despite the snowcaps on these mountains, you might still normally enjoy staying in Hawaii. Ranking as the happiest and also less-stressed state in the US, you’re always just a few steps away from a beach. Fill your bag, and also make certain to bring sunblock, a beach blanket, and also a beach tent (view ~ above Amazon). A canopy sunlight shelter great for 6 to 8 people, lounge and also breath in the fresh ocean breeze.

Can girlfriend Ski in Hawaii?

The slopes of Mauna Kea have been a ski destination however only for professionals, together it rightfully need to be. Since Mauna Kea is a nationwide Science Reserve, the isn’t maintained as a ski area, according to the Mauna Kea Ski Corporation. The Hawaii Ski Club also adds that there space no lifts however a road to go to the summit. If you’re climbing to watch the famed observatories, a 4-wheel-drive car is a must.

Hawaii’s Record-Breaking Snowfall

On April 6, 1938, mountain Haleakala skilled the first-biggest snow spanning to as lot as 6 inches.In December 2016, citizens near Mauna Kea skilled snowfall once the mountain’s reminder was capped by over 2 feet the snow.In January 2021, Hawaii’s three snow mountains had actually their second-biggest snow covering since the monitoring began in 2000.

Which Island in Hawaii has Snow?

Only the three volcanic hills in Hawaii get snow and also the snowcaps easily melt far days after a snowstorm. Snowstorms in the previous years, however, transformed some summer destinations right into not-very-summery scenes. So, whereby does it snow in Hawaii apart from the hill peaks?

Polipoli State Park

Once a hiker’s heaven, this park in Maui Island, house to 10 acre of the Kula woodland Reserve, came to be Winter Wonderland in February 2019. And it only sits at 6,200-feet elevation!

Wailua Homesteads

Located at the east side that Kauai Island, they didn’t experience snow, however the gale winds precariously danced the dense trees.


Strong winds uprooted some trees.


The nationwide Weather business of Honolulu taped waves approximately 60-feet high.

Hawaii Islands’ Record-Breaking Rainfalls

While snow isn’t a continuous occurrence in Hawaii (except the mountain peaks), a couple of islands recently experienced rainfalls that surpassed historical records.


In January 2021, Hilo registered a maximum everyday rainfall of 5.3 inches, shying its previous record of 4.4 inches in 1996.


Honolulu’s preferably rainfall was once at 2.0 inches in 1961. Also, in January 2021, the island slightly broke that document with 2.8 inch of rain.Potential brand-new records as of January 2021 space Glenwood through 7.82 inches within 24 hours, Kapapala Ranch with 7.33 inches, and also Saddle Quarry through 6.99 inches.

Does it eye in Maui?

Maui it s okay snow, however only every other five years or so, and it remains at the optimal of mountain Haleakala. Although, as soon as Polipoli feather State Recreation Area ended up being covered in snow during a winter storm, it to be unprecedented.

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Conclusion: go It eye in Hawaii?

It does eye in Hawaii. While snow is generally on height of the large Island’s three volcanic mountains, other locations experience small amounts. Hawaii remains amongst the areas to be even if it is you’re booking a brief trip or planning to move. From breathtaking landscapes of lush woodlands to waterfall streaming down the island’s mountainsides, you’d produce memories worth remembering.