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Is OfferUp better Than Craigslist for marketing Things?

OfferUp is a free smartphone application that permits you to sell things locally from her home, lot like Craigslist. The question is even if it is one is far better than the other.

I've offered Craigslist for several years, selling refinished furniture and other points from around the house. I've also used OfferUp rather a few times as a seller.


Selling things On OfferUp Vs Craigslist

The main advantage of making use of OfferUp together a seller is not having actually to publicly disclose your name, email, or phone call number in her ad. Sales transactions and also communication with the buyer is done anonymously, comparable to conference someone ~ above a dating app.

On Craigslist, you deserve to exclude personal information native your ad too, allowing the the person who lives to simply reply to the advertisement itself, i beg your pardon is excellent anonymously via email, but this device is outdated by today's standards, and also in mine experience, I offer things a lot faster on the site once I administer a phone call number in the ad. A major buyer will nearly always speak to me, at the very least that's to be my experience marketing things over the years.

The biggest trouble with posting a Craigslist advertisement with your phone number is bots harvest the number and you finish up through telemarketing calls. Never article your actual call number digits in the ad. The cheat is to form words rather of numbers, or a mix of the two.

TruYou Verification

OfferUp verifies a profile with a driver's license and also phone number. You can likewise sign increase on the application through Facebook. Verification is typically completed the exact same day at which time a badge is displayed on her profile mirroring the account's to be verified.

While confirmation isn't a requirement, it's a an excellent feature because you can pick only to do business only with verified accounts. This provides using the app feel much much more secure and also trustworthy.

Get prepared for Low sphere Offers

I've sold a many stuff ~ above OfferUp, but similar to Craigslist, the app is invited with people expecting ridiculously short prices, which have the right to be borderline insulting at times. Typically, when you do a counteroffer these people vanish. However there are additionally a lot of human being using the application who space willing to salary a reasonable price for your items. I've sold rather a couple of things top top the app. That is really popular v a big user-base, depending wherein you live. In a large city, your ad will be checked out by a many people, similar to Craigslist.

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Posting Ads

Creating and also posting an advertisement on the application is fast and usually takes much less than 2 minutes. Just snap a snapshot of the item you're selling, upload them to the app, and also write a quick description along with your sale price. Posting an ad on Craigslist bring away longer. Friend can likewise post ads continuously without it being flagged or removed.