Craigslist is one invaluable device for farming your business by allowing you to conveniently find good candidates for the assorted job openings your organization seeks for. Together the world’s best online classified advertisement section, Craigslist now contends least 60 million U.S. Users, 50 billion web page views monthly, and also 50 million day-to-day queries (source).

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Add a job advertisement on Craigslist in 6 steps

Posting ~ above a job on Craigslist is reasonably straightforward - there are six steps, which we take you through below. The more complex part is just how to do your job posting standout. Here"s everything you need to understand to efficiently use Craigslist to rental the ideal candidates, along with common mistakes to avoid.

1. Produce Account

This is as straightforward as it can get. Producing an account ~ above Craigslist is totally free. All you require is merely your email resolve and a password. Remember come verify her email prior to you start listing your jobs.

If you want multiple civilization to login to add jobs and/or receive email notifications around applicants, take into consideration creating a new shared email address. Alternatively, friend can write-up the job through so every the applicants populate in the dashboard.

2. Collection your Location

After you produce an account ~ above Craigslist, you need to collection your location. Make sure that the place is where you desire your hires will be based.

This is a an extremely common mistake - a many hiring managers will article their home/office ar (for example: san Francisco) also though they are hiring because that a keep in one more location (for example: Sacramento). You could get a lot of views for your project posting, however they won’t transform to actual rental if the place is set incorrectly.


3. Choose a Category

To begin listing a task ad, click on create a posting.

Under the form of posting, pick job offered and then pick a classification for your project post. Friend can write-up to multiple project categories to get more views, however you pay because that each classification - normally the price is around $25; some cities, together as mountain Francisco, price $75+ every category.

View the public category for her city to recognize whether you a good fit for the category. Sometimes it payment to write-up in a classification that is indirectly pertained to the role if that group has under postings - you’re an ext likely to was standing out. Because that example, the food/bev/hospitality classification in mountain Francisco receives approximately 100 write-ups every solitary day; the retail category receives about 15. Most civilization don’t scroll past the 2nd page of project postings, for this reason you will certainly get more views in this less inhabited category.

4. Compose a Post

In the project posting, add a description of the role, enticing details around your brand, employment type, required skills/experience, compensation structure and contact details.

5. Use attend to for Map

Next, you’ll desire to add contact info for applicants to apply. If you have a account, you have the right to use the “text-to-apply” functionality and also ask applicants to message you - this is guaranteed to drive an ext applicants to your door. Clock this 2-minute video from Cinnabon because that reference.

If friend don’t have, us recommend using the CL letter relay come avoid getting spammed by recruiters.


Make sure to include your business/store deal with to your contact info and also make certain to select “show ~ above maps.” This is hugely important since many hourly employees search for jobs based on proximity to their home.



Applicants have the right to zoom right into their city to see active job postings in their neighborhoods. If friend forget to examine the “show on maps” box, you’ll gain a portion of potential tourists to the task posting!

6. Review & Publish

Take a few minutes to testimonial your task posting prior to accepting the regards to Use. If every little thing looks good, click the “publish” button in the bottom right. If this is your first job posting, you will do it be asked come verify the project posting via email prior to it go live.

Tips & tip to boost Visibility

Titles that Standout

The location is the many important component of your advertisement because it"s the first thing that task seeker will notice. Usage a catchy project title to entice the fist of your potential applicants. Including details favor “bonus guaranteed” and also “excellent pay” help to get an ext applicants.

Include emojis and also the salary in the title (see examples below). You have the right to copy and also paste emojis right into your title description from Emojipedia. When in doubt, girlfriend can always use a couple of stars ⭐⭐⭐ in the title - it will be difficult to neglect your project posting!

Add a compelling job description with every the vital information about the job and also its requirements.

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Optimal Timings

The best time to article a job is generally early in the morning - civilization tend to scroll online on society platforms when commuting come school/work. Probably you’ll seize the fist of someone who lives close to your business and stuck hates their long commute.

The exemption is if you hiring because that a task with late hours (e.g.