The iphone 7 and the iphone phone 7 Plus are rolling the end this month, and all anybody deserve to talk about is the headphone jack. I mean, the lack of head call jack. That"s right. Apple has nixed the 3.5mm headphone jack iPhone users have involved know and love end the years. Come say there was an outcry end this brand-new development would certainly be one understatement. Apple customers to be upset the they would need to make the move to wireless AirPods, or acquisition a wired headphone adapter to store using your beloved headphones. Yet can friend buy wired headphone adapters because that the iphone 7, or will certainly Apple provide them away because that free?

Well, a tiny of both. Upon purchasing the new iPhone 7 or iphone 7 plus, customers will uncover that there is a Lightning-t0-3.55mm adapter packaged inside the box with the phone. According to The Verge, iPhone customers will be able to plug in wired headphones to the adapter to usage them v their brand-new iPhone 7. Apple emphasize the truth that the dongle will certainly be included for cost-free during it"s presentation that the new iPhone model last week.

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Popular Mechanics listed that the dongle consisted of with the update iPhones isn"t the just option for passionate wired headphone users. The lightning port that comes through the iPhone prevents users indigenous charging your phone and also listening come music with wired headphones simultaneously. This to be not sufficient for some people who were opposed come the headphone-jack-less version of the iPhone. Apple teamed up with accessory making agency Belkin to solve this problem. An additional article indigenous The Verge reported that Belkin developed an adaptor that permits iPhone customers charge and listen to music in ~ the exact same time.

The adaptor is referred to as the Lightning Audio + fee RockStar. The brand-new product has actually two Lightning ports — one for charging your phone and one because that the new EarPods. It"s a bit more facility than simply plugging in your charger or headphones directly into the phone, however, it"s a reasonable compromise between customers" wishes and also Apple"s vision because that the future. Follow to the Belkin site, Lightning Audio + charge RockStar adaptors will price $40 and also will hit stores on October 10.

If you"re worried you may lose one that the countless gadgets that are required for the iphone phone 7 and also 7 Plus, to apologize is giving replacement dongle"s for only $9. Ideally, you won"t need to replace your free dongle. Just in case, though, apologize is make them fairly easy to change for your customers.

The change to a wireless civilization is certainly beginning. Wired headphones, according to Apple, are the very first thing come go.

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It seems, though, that countless iPhone users will it is in holding top top to your headphones for as long as possible. Dongles it is in damned.