INDIANAPOLIS — in spite of Indiana’s ongoing rise in COVID-19 cases and also hospitalizations, Gov. Eric Holcomb claims he will certainly not impose a statewide mask mandate.

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According to the Indiana State room of Health, new cases and also hospitalizations was standing at prices Indiana has not seen because February. The state’s COVID-19 positivity rate has actually topped 9% end the previous week.

When we asked Holcomb around the surge Wednesday, he said he is not considering any statewide restrictions.

“We are not going to have a mask mandate statewide,” claimed Gov. Holcomb.

Do challenge masks work? below are 49 scientific studies that define why they do

Holcomb claimed he is focused on making certain Hoosiers have accessibility to the COVID-19 vaccine and the correct information on the virus and vaccinations.

“The goal the the state of Indiana has actually is to make sure they have that access,” Holcomb said. “It’s easy, it’s free. The they have access to the data the should direct them on how to it is in safe.”

Holcomb claimed local communities are welcome come impose their very own safety guidelines.

“We’re no going to mandate world staying inside,” Holcomb said. “We space not going to mandate anyone doing one thing as soon as this is different per community.”

All of Indiana’s 92 counties understood ‘high’ or ‘substantial’ danger for COVID transmission, according to CDC

As the Wednesday, every county in Indiana drops under the CDC’s recommendation that anyone wear a mask in at home public places, regardless of inoculation status.

Even without a mask mandate in effect, medical professionals are quiet urging everyone to follow the guidance.

“It’s fairly clear the masks deserve to still stop it, yet if you’re not masked, there’s a really an excellent chance friend could record it, also through momentary contact,” said Dr. Paul Calkins, associate chief clinical executive for IU Health. “And there is some proof that even civilization who room vaccinated have the right to pass the virus along.”

Congregate life facilities, the Indiana regulation Enforcement Academy and some state federal government facilities have actually stricter guidelines, Holcomb said.

Earlier this year, the Indiana legislature overrode the governor’s veto to happen a regulation requiring regional governing body to approve any local health and wellness orders that room stricter 보다 those native the state.

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