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By David Griffin
HBO is known for pushing the envelope once it pertains to sex and violence ~ above TV. The premium network has even gone as far as rental an intimacy coordinator to aid oversee sex scene in the recent Deadwood film, and also upcoming Watchmen series. Most recently, HBO premiered Euphoria, a provocative brand-new teen drama certification Spider-Man: far From Home's Zendaya.

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During the premiere, Cal Jacobs (played by former Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane aka "McSteamy") commits statutory rape on a transgender girl called Jules (portrayed by newcomers Hunter Schafer), who happens to go to college with his son. The scene mirrors Cal's erect penis, which Dane revealed was a prosthetic in one interview v EW. "I’m ready to carry out anything that’s an essential to the story and critical to developing a very real and also truthful feeling to how the story is gonna go down," Dane said. "I just don’t see how you shooting a scene favor that without reflecting nudity. And, you know, it type of matches the stakes. The stakes room so high, you can’t hold anything back, really.""There space going come be parental who are going to be totally f***ing freaked out," Euphoria creator Sam Levinson called THR of the show's teen storylines, which involve sex scenes, a medicine overdose, and also bullying behavior. Levinson said the plot is based upon his own struggles with addiction: "It may seem boundary-pushing, and also the idea of placing on TV may be, but somebody live them."

<br><img decoding=13 reasons Why: We’re the many wild and disturbing teen drama.#EuphoriaHBO: host my beer.

— Ed (
edwebhead) June 17, 2019In solution to Dane's full-frontal scene, one viewer assumed the disclose wasn't the shocking.

i love the folks space tripping over male frontal nudity in #EuphoriaHBO . Pls get over yourselves

— Candice Frederick (
ReelTalker) June 17, 2019Others were impressed with Euphoria's authenticity in its relenten of teenage anxiety and what high institution life have the right to be choose in America.

#EuphoriaHBO is very well done and also I think the society commentary ~ above exposure for the article 9/11 babies is miscellaneous we mainly gendergeek.orgore. In the very first 5 minutes us see photos of course room lockdowns, kids being medicated for ADHD, etc. This generation has been required to deal(1)

— Nefertiti’s edges (
GigiMasria) June 17, 2019What perform you think of Euphoria's graphic scenes? let us understand in the comments. Brand-new episodes the Euphoria premiere Sundays at 10 p.m. On HBO.

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David Griffin still watches DuckTales in his pajamas with grain bowl in hand. He's likewise the TV Editor because that Say hello on Twitter.