Christina Anstead (previously Christina El Moussa) hasn’t even had a complete week due to the fact that announcing her break-up from husband that under 2 years Ant Anstead, but details about her connection have ongoing to unfold in ~ breakneck speed, pour it until it is full in the details about her brief statement. Numerous have wonder what might have gone wrong because that the pair that appeared so in love on she reality show Christina ~ above the Coast,especially due to the fact that they just welcomed baby boy Hudson a year back. However according come a new source, Hudson’s arrival may be precisely what brought about this couple drifting apart. Together anyone who’s ever before had a newborn knows, the sh*t is hard. So, is it any type of surprise that Christina and Ant’s (still relatively early) relationship started to battle with a new baby in the mix?

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Christina and Ant both had youngsters from previous marital relationships when they began seeing each various other — Christina share daughter Taylor Reese and also son Brayden James with ex Tarek El Moussa, if Ant shares daughter Amélie and also son Archie through ex Louise Herbert. Lock welcomed child Hudson in September 2019, around 10 months after their surprise wedding in December 2018.

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Happy 10th date of birth to my sweet , smart, beautiful girl. Taylor you light up my life and difficulty me in every the finest ways. No a work goes by where you nothing tell me just how much friend love me and also hug me tight. Ns