"If shedding the fat was as simple as including lemon to warm water, a legend that needs to be busted!" the nutritionist said

Lemon water is no better than consistent water as soon as it concerns weight loss. (Source: pixabay)

Drinking warm water, v a couple of drops of lemon in it, has been amongst the well-known hacks for load loss. We have actually heard numerous friends and relatives recommend it. But does this hack really work?

While that is a good source of vitamin C and aids in digestion, to assume the a mug of warm water is going come melt away all the fat is a myth, celebrity nutritionist Kinita Kadakia Patel mutual in an Instagram video.

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“If shedding the fat was as simple as adding lemon to hot water, a myth that demands to be busted!” the nutritionist captioned the post.

According to Healthline, lemon water is no far better than continuous water as soon as it pertains to weight loss. However, it can be offered as a low-calorie replacement in ar of a high-calorie beverage. This can potentially promote weight loss.

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As because that the other wellness benefits that lemon water, not just does it save you hydrated, it additionally works marvels for the skin. Follow to the outlet, vitamin C in lemons reduce skin wrinkling, dry skin from ageing and damage from the sun. Read more about the services here.